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On This Day: 26th June

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Sat 26 Jun 2021

  • The biggest threat to women's sport is not the inclusion of transgender athletes
    OPINION: Hooray! We care about women's rights...
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Fri 26 Jun 2020

  • Christian Siriano designs Stonewall Day shirt to support LGBTQ issues and Black Lives Matter
    June 26 is Stonewall Day! The national day of awareness was created by Pride Live in 2018 to commemorate the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, and this year’s virtual event will support the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as LGBTQ+ issues such as the rise of violence against transgender women, and particularly Black trans women...
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  • Trans And Intersex Communities Call For Law Change And Release Of Working Group’s Report
    Trans, intersex and rainbow community organisations are very disappointed to hear there will be no progress before the election on a Bill that would make it easier for trans and intersex people to amend sex details listed on their birth certificates...
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  • Reese Witherspoon Didn’t Know What Homosexuality Was Until Moving to LA
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Wed 26 Jun 2019

  • Aussie netball great backtracks on 'mesmerising' Maria Folau
    Australia's most capped netballer Liz Ellis has clarified her comments against "mesmerising" Maria Folau, saying her "real beef" is with netball bosses who refused to swiftly condemn homophobia...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • For the first time, Statistics New Zealand has collected information about sexual identity
    People who identify as bisexual are more likely to have worse mental wellbeing than heterosexual Kiwis, according to new data...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Gay Kiwis as satisfied with their lives as straight people, but not so for bisexuals
    Just over half of those identifying as bisexual in New Zealand rate their life satisfaction above 7/10...
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  • Roman Sexuality
    We spend some time in bed with The Romans in the company of University of Canterbury Senior Lecturer in Classics, Dr Gary Morrison, a specialist in Roman social history and find out about the facts and the fabrications around Roman sexuality...
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Tue 26 Jun 2018

  • The Latest: Russia drops charges against LGBT activist
    MOSCOW — The Latest on the World Cup (all times local):2:40 p...
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Sun 26 Jun 2016

  • I Come From a Land Downunder!
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  • URGE ♥︎ Orlando at The Dog’s Bollix
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Fri 26 Jun 2015

  • Auckland Pride to hold community forums
    Auckland Pride Festival is to hold three community forums in the lead-up to next year's event, and is endeavouring to increase its channels for community feedback...
  • Conservatives crumbling as Chair resigns
    The Conservative Party has imploded, with the Chair Brian Dobbs the eighth board member to resign this week...
  • Holding the Man Wgtn dates announced
    The New Zealand International Film Festival’s Wellington line-up includes three screenings of the much-awaited film Holding the Man...
  • Mika marking Matariki with Mix-it shows
    Mika has brought together another batch of up and coming talent for Matariki Mix-it, which is on at Auckland’s Basement Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights...
  • Pride: 2016 dates and new board members
    The dates for the 2016 Auckland Pride Festival have been announced and three new board members have been appointed to the organisation which puts on the annual celebration of glbti life...
  • The Johnnys: A brilliant bolt from the blue
    With the sad news today that Suzi Fray has died, we're sharing our interview with her from earlier in the year so you can read about her rollicking ride with The Johnnys and what the gay community meant to her, in her own words...

Thu 26 Jun 2014

  • AUTs ‘Schools Scorecard’ to Dramatically Improve Circumstances For Diverse Students
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  • Eastern Boys – NZ International Film Festival 2014 Top Picks
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  • Putin on “the so-called issues of sex minorities.”
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  • Slick Launch Party – Revelry
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  • Slick Runway Show – Revelry
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  • Wizard becomes Man of Letters
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  • "Crush gay vermin" says Gambian Pres
    President Yahya Jammeh Gambia has proposed a bill to ban all gay people and charities from the nation, as its President says gay people are “vermin” that should be crushed like mosquitoes...
  • Angel's family: we weren't attention seeking
    Tewhiti holding his sister's hand as she lays in hospital Transgender Auckland woman Anahera "Angel" Rangitaawa’s condition continues to slowly improve, as her family reiterates it was not attention seeking when it expressed fears she had been attacked – but had been misinformed...
  • Police allowed to march in Pride in uniform
    Police marched in Police Association branded t-shirts this year New Police Commissioner Mike Bush has announced police will be able to march in uniform in the Auckland Pride Parade next year...
  • Students to be hushed for Day of Silence
    More than 40 schools have signed up to take part in tomorrow’s Day of Silence, with students pledging to be silent for the day to reflect the silence of many queer and trans people about their identity as a direct result of bullying and discrimination...
  • Victor Rodger - on writing Black Faggot
    Black Faggot was inspired when Victor Rodger was watching Destiny Church’s Enough is Enough march and thought "well at least one of those sons will be gay and will feel stink ...

Wed 26 Jun 2013

  • Aus increases discrimination protections
    File Photo Australia has introduced new anti-discrimination protections for older GLBTI people in care...
  • Exodus NZ’s status and future unclear
    Ex-gay groups think we can pray our gay away...
  • Leah McFall from The Voice UK
    Somehow she didn’t win The Voice UK, but Leah McFall has a voice you want to hear...
  • Men's classics
    With the help of readers, we have put together a list of gay/bi male fiction to lose yourself in...
  • Wait nearly over for crucial US decisions
    The long wait is nearly over for GLBT Americans who have been nervously waiting for decisions on two crucial marriage equality cases from the Supreme Court...
  • Wingate Club to re-open this Saturday
    Auckland’s Wingate Club will reopen this Saturday, just over a month after a major fire...

Tue 26 Jun 2012

  • "Historic turning point" in marriage debate hailed
    File photo Australian marriage equality advocates say a cross-party Senate committee recommendation that there be a conscience vote on same-sex marriage is a “historic turning point” in the debate...
  • NZ Sallies reject "gays should die" view
    Major Campbell Roberts The head of New Zealand’s Salvation Army says the idea of any form of physical punishment being meted out to gay people is “abhorrent”...
  • OUTLine: Raising the bar
    OUTLine’s new General Manager Timothy McMichael wants to lift the bar even higher for volunteers, increase training standards and revamp the face-to-face counselling service...
  • Stephen Rainbow becomes new OUTLine Chair
    New OUTLIne Chair Stephen Rainbow Stephen Rainbow has been elected the new Chair of the Board of Auckland-based phone support and glbti advocacy service OUTLine, in what is a period of change for the organisation...

Sun 26 Jun 2011

  • Empire State Bldg celebrates in rainbow colours
    Less than an hour after the same sex marriage bill was passed in New York State's Senate yesterday New York city's most iconic building was celebrating in the colours of the rainbow flag...
  • NZAF hands reins of Wellness Fund to Pos people
    A long-running fund established and administered by the NZ AIDS Foundation to provide last resort financial assistance to HIV positive people has been handed over to an organisation representing people living with the debilitating virus...

Sat 26 Jun 2010

  • Violet - Rainbow Touchstones (Auckland)
    Damian talks about growing up and dealing with depression.
  • In the Navy: The real story?
    The Navy's official policy on homosexual activity within its ranks pre-reform was tough, but it seems a fair few sailors were secretly flouting the rules and getting it on with each other, whether on land or at sea...
  • Taylor Dayne records track for Gay Games
    Taylor Dayne will belt out a new song, created expecially for the Gay Games in Cologne, at the opening ceremony next month...
  • Trans prison volunteer acknowledged
    Gemma Huriwai (HRC) A volunteer who supports and mentors transgender prisoners at Mt Eden and Auckland prisons is being acknowledged as part of Volunteer Week...

Fri 26 Jun 2009

  • USA: 16-year-old's shocking 'gay exorcism'
    "Rip it from his throat...

Thu 26 Jun 2008

  • Out in the Bay (San Francisco)
    Eric Jansen talks about Out in the Bay - a weekly LGBTI rainbow radio show in San Francisco
    Features: Eric Jansen
  • 4,200+ sign petition to bring back Heinz ad
    An online petition for Heinz to reinstate their 'gay kiss' advertisement on UK television has attracted well over 4,200 signatories...
  • Czech Republic: 2 anti-gay rallies banned
    The authorities in Brno, South Moravia, have banned two Saturday protest rallies against a gay pride march through the town...
  • Hamilton: More time for Flat Out Pride radio
    Hamilton's radio show for the LGBT community has been moved to a new afternoon timeslot and doubled its duration to one hour each week...
  • Outtakes: "NZers still keen on queer films"
    The organisers of this year's Outtakes fundraising screenings are pleased with their ticket sales, which they say reconfirms "a strong interest in queer films within the community...
  • Review: Mates and Lovers - A History of Gay New Zealand
    Mates   ...
  • TV2 makes date with bisexual space hero
    TVNZ has scheduled Torchwood - a British science fiction drama starring a bisexual space action hero from the far future - for broadcast late on Wednesday nights beginning next month...

Tue 26 Jun 2007

  • Fired 'Grey
    'Grey's Anatomy' star Isaiah Washington, who was fired after reportedly making a homophobic remark about now openly-gay co-star TR Knight claims he should never have been sacked from the hit show...
  • Gay Bingo
    Due to the huge success of the 'Gay Bingo' night hosted by Miss Hollywood at Heavens Above during Christchurch Pride Week in May, organisers say it will now become a regular fundraiser...
  • NZ soldier beat and abused her lesbian lover
    A female soldier who gave her lesbian lover a prolonged beating on Valentine's Day will not be deployed to Afghanistan as planned...
  • The Outlook will be available On Demand
    The producer of New Zealand's newest LGBT TV show has confirmed episodes will be available on TVNZ's ‘On Demand' web-based service...
  • USA: Yearbook gay kiss censored - apology
    A New Jersey school Superintendent has apologised to a student after a photo of him kissing his boyfriend was struck from all 230 copies produced...

Mon 26 Jun 2006

  • Before Law Reform: "Do you see the cops?"
    Before Law reform: Contributor John Stone recalls a little of what life was like back then...
  • Music: GALS Food and Wine concert
    GALS Food and Wine concert Centennial Theatre On Friday night a large and loving audience gobbled up a food and wine theme concert given by GALS, the Gay and Lesbian Singers, relishing a smorgasbord of sounds, some tasty, some creamy and some downright saucy (well, I never knew that's what Shirley Temple meant by 'landing on a chocolate bar'!)...
  • NZ Bear takes out Australasian title
    New Zealand Bear titleholder, Damian Calleja, has walked off with the Australasian crown, becoming just the second Kiwi to do so...
  • Philip Patston on
    Many readers will be familiar with who I am from my other writing and my performing persona, but for those of you to who don't know me – or who may want to know more about me – let me belatedly introduce myself...
  • Revisiting old haunts: AKL nostalgia night
    An Auckland nostalgia night is being held to reminisce about the popular pre-law reform haunts, including The Great Northern, The Alex and The Empire...

Sun 26 Jun 2005

  • Civil Unions slow to catch on
    Five weeks since couples have been legally able to be joined in a civil union, figures show that the legislation has not taken off with as much of a roar as its passionate and loud controversy had imagined...
  • MP: Labour lesbians seek to destroy family
    Radical lesbian and feminist factions within the Labour Party are seeking to destroy the New Zealand family, according to ACT MP Muriel Newman...
  • NZAF Board member paid to write PR
    There is "nothing sinister" about an external PR company being paid to write AIDS Foundation board press releases, says NZAF deputy chair Simon Robb, even though a board member is an employee of the company in question...
  • Rationing or regulation? Pharmac and protease inhibitors
    HIV+ activists have drawn attention to the slow pace of new protease inhibitor approval and access...
  • Tamaki DVD given 'M' rating
    Brian Tamaki-produced film New Zealand, A Nation Under Siege has been given an 'M' rating, suitable for audiences 16 years of age and over due to explicit anti-gay and political content...

Sat 26 Jun 2004

  • Census figures questioned
    Concerns have been raised following the use of questionable Census statistics in Parliament relating to same-sex couples...
  • Labour MP - Gays hijacked CU bill
    Gay MPs have hijacked the civil union bill, according to a Labour MP who abstained from voting in Parliament on Thursday...

Thu 26 Jun 2003

  • $100,000 reward offered for Ellis information
    The publisher of the National Business Review is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can come forward with new information on the Peter Ellis case that can force a Royal Commission of Inquiry...
  • Barnett bill passes by one vote
    Tim Barnett's Prostitution Reform Bill was passed into law last night by Parliament, but only by a single vote...
  • The Christian Right and Prostitution Law Reform
    Although it was a one-vote margin, New Zealand joined New South Wales across the Tasman and enacted the Prostitution Law Reform Act on Wednesday evening...

Wed 26 Jun 1991

  • Cleve Jones - NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt (San Francisco)
    Cleve Jones, founder of the NAMES Project, talks to Ian Kember in 1991 about the quilt
    Features: Cleve Jones
  • Michele Cinq-Mars - NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt (San Francisco)
    Michele Cinq-Mars, Director of Communications for the NAMES Project, talks to Ian Kember about the AIDS Memorial Quilt
    Features: Michele Cinq-Mars
  • Man to Man publication begins (New Zealand)
    It starts out as a 4-page pamphlet but by mid 1995 it has grown into a fully-fledged newspaper called Express. In 2014 Express changes to a monthly magazine format with accompanying website.
    Links: National Library, Gay Express

Thu 26 Jun 1986

  • Television news report: an international AIDS conference takes place (New Zealand)
    6.30 news, ref F91925.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Tue 26 Jun 1979

  • As part of Gay Pride Week a radio interview is broadcast featuring members of the Nelson Gay Welfare Group (Nelson, New Zealand)
    The interview is broadcast on 2ZN. A copy of the interview is available at the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand.
    Links: LAGANZ

Mon 26 Jun 1967

  • St Peters church service (1967) (St Peter's church)
    The Reverend Godfrey Wilson introduces a 1967 church service reflecting on homosexuality
    Features: Godfrey Wilson
  • Radio: Rev Godfrey Wilson broadcasts a nationwide sermon reflecting on homosexuality (New Zealand)
    The Reverend broadcasts from St Peter's Anglican church in Willis Street, Wellington. The anti-discrimination sermon is possibly the first of its kind to be heard in New Zealand.

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