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On This Day: 27th June

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Sun 27 Jun 2021

  • Rob McDonald's second novel, The Nancy Business
    The intense bullying of a young boy by schoolmates over his love of My Little Pony motivated expat Kiwi Rob McDonald to write his award winning book The Nancys that took out last year's Ngaio Marsh Best First Novel award...
    Links: RNZ

Sat 27 Jun 2020

  • Busier Than Ever @ G.A.Y Bar | Out and About
    Links: Express
  • Keeping It In The Family!  | Out and About
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  • Watch Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson’s Global Pride Address Here
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Thu 27 Jun 2019

  • Prince William says he'd be 'absolutely fine' with having a gay child
    Britain's Prince William says it would be "absolutely fine" if one of his children came out as gay though he'd worry about how the public would respond...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Transgender student gets backing to stay at all-boys Christ's College as a female
    An elite Christchurch boys' school is praised for its compassion in supporting a student to transition to female...
    Links: Stuff
  • U.S. Study Shows 39% Of LGBTI Youth Considered Suicide In Past...
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Tue 27 Jun 2017

  • Auckland Pride Board Announce July Community Hui
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Mon 27 Jun 2016

  • RY AGM and Offical Centre Opening
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  • RY Elect New Board in Brand New Space
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  • VNZF supports the Intersex Trust of Aotearoa NZ
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  • "Dr Hū" only takataapui finalist at Matariki Awards
    Dr Hūhana Hickey, perhaps best-known as “Dr Hū” was a finalist last night at the Matariki Awards, the annual event presented by Māori Television and Te Puni Kōkiri which celebrates extraordinary Māori talent across a range of fields...
  • Apia march to end indifference and ignorance
    The Samoan Faafafine Association has this morning held a March to End Indifference and Ignorance in the memory of Jeanine Tuivaiki...
  • Over $1k raised at Urge for Orlando and OUTLine
    $1500 was raised at the Urge for Orlando and OUTLine fundraiser on Saturday night With over 160 people turning up to show their support for the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting and the New Zealand LGBTI organisation OUTLine, $1189 was raised on the night by OUTLine volunteers and $300 kindly donated by Paul and Alan from Urge Events...
  • RY officially opens new centre, elects new Board
    RainbowYOUTH held an "emotional" official centre opening ceremony and AGM yesterday at their new premises...
  • Two policemen propose at London Pride parade
    Two Policemen proposed to their partners during the London Pride Parade yesterday, stopping the parade to publicly ask their partners for their hand in marriage...

Sat 27 Jun 2015

  • Australia to step up marriage campaign
    The US Supreme Court’s backing of same-sex marriage is being described as “bittersweet” for Australians...
  • Comment: VMEUSA Day
    The US Supreme Court has struck down all remaining state barriers against marriage equality, enabling it throughout the United States- an historic victory for the US LGBT community...
  • US Supreme Court backs marriage equality
    The US Supreme Court has made the historic ruling that same-sex couple across the nation can marry...
  • Watch: marriage equality comes to the US
    A neat video snapshot of the historic decision from the US Supreme Court in favour of marriage equality...

Fri 27 Jun 2014

  • Basement celebrates 10 years!
    Links: Express
  • Christopher Of England
    Links: Express
  • LGBTI Smoke Free Consultation Hui Postponed
    Links: Express
  • Tamati Coffey 30th on Labour List
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  • #dayofsilence selfies
    Today people throughout the country are taking part in a Day of Silence - pledging to be silent for the day to reflect the silence of many queer and trans people about their identity as a direct result of bullying and discrimination...
  • Brushing with Destiny Pt 1: Making friends
    Jevan Goulter (l) with his friends Hannah and Brian Tamaki...
  • Clinton ridiculed by Ugandan President
    Hillary Clinton says she was ridiculed by Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni when she confronted him about Uganda’s anti-gay legislation...
  • PandR: Bobbing Off in Another Direction?
    RIP: New Zealand Christian Right antigay activity? With only three months until the next election, the Christian Right is strangely quiet and apparently, considerably weakened...
  • Teen forced to wear 'Gaytard' nametag
    US: A South Dakota teenager says he was made to wear a nametag which said ‘gaytard’ while working at a fast food restaurant...
  • The Sultan's outrageous NZ fortune
    The Sultan of Brunei owns BNZ centre at 125 Queen St A day of global protests against the Sultan of Brunei’s ‘stone the gays’ law is being held today...

Thu 27 Jun 2013

  • "She would be so pleased"
    Thea and Edith Edith Windsor is the incredible 83-year-old woman who led the charge against the Defense of Marriage Act after she was slapped with a massive tax bill because the US Government didn’t recognise her marriage to her late wife Thea Spyer...
  • Aussies have "two reasons" to celebrate
    Kevin Rudd has ousted Julia Gillard Australian marriage equality advocates are over-joyed that the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of the reform just hours after Kevin Rudd was elected Labor leader and is set to become the first Australian Prime Minister to support marriage equality...
  • Beyer positive, excited and feeling better
    Georgina Beyer Georgina Beyer says she is doing better, after the frightening revelation she has been diagnosed with chronic kidney failure...
  • DOMA's death: what does it mean for bi-national couples?
    File Photo The dumping of the Defense of Marriage Act has massive ramifications for the estimated 28,500 bi-national gay couples who have been excluded from immigration benefits in the US...
  • Major wins in US as DOMA struck down
    The US Supreme Court has struck down both the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and dismissed an appeal over Proposition 8...
  • NZ's history-makers on an historic day
    Beyer and Wall (File Photo) We caught up with our own marriage equality campaign leader Louisa Wall about the developments in the US and Australia, as she had popped in to check on someone else who has blazed plenty of trails – Georgina Beyer...
  • Obama: I applaud Supreme Court's decision
    Barack Obama US President Barack Obama has hailed the Supreme Court’s decisions to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act...
  • Smooth transition offered to celebrants
    File Photo All of the nation's 120 registered civil union celebrants have been offered the opportunity to also become marriage celebrants ahead of new marriage equality laws coming into force in August...

Wed 27 Jun 2012

  • Aural Pleasure: Danny Noir
    Danny Noir After burning up the floor at Wellington dance party Homolicious 1986, DJ Danny Noir takes us on a tour of the music he loves...
  • Labour pushes for extension of provocation repeal
    Charles Chauvel believes Denis Phillips (pictured) was put on trial in absentia Labour wants changes to the judicial system to include an extension of the provocation repeal, so dead victims can’t be denigrated...
  • Lesbian couple shot in Texas, one killed
    Mollie Judith Olgin, 19, right, and Mary Christine Chapa, 18 Police in the Texas town of Portland are considering whether a lesbian couple may have been targeted because of their relationship, in a shooting which has left one young woman dead and her girlfriend in hospital...
  • Passport process to become more flexible
    Internal Affairs is hoping to introduce a more flexible passport policy for transgender and intersex people in September, and has teamed up with the Human Rights Commission in order to get feedback on the issue...

Mon 27 Jun 2011

  • Aural Pleasure: DJ Marjorie Sinclair
    A resident DJ at Family, Marjorie Sinclair also plays sets at a range of clubs around the city...
  • Coroner: Gay man died of asphyxiation
    Greg Brice A gay Auckland man found dead in the street three years ago died of accidental asphyxiation resulting from alcohol intoxication and a fall, the Coroner has found...
  • Petition puts boot into footballing homophobia
    There is a growing campaign demanding the world's governing football body FIFA take action over homophobia in Nigerian women's football...
  • Rainbow Youth appoints fresh Board
    A new Chair has taken the helm at Auckland-based queer youth support group Rainbow Youth, which voted in four new Board members as it farewelled some hardworking team members...
  • Top or Bottom?
    The crew from the upcoming Auckland dance party Top or Bottom have put together a cheeky little promo to whet your appetite and get you in the mood...
  • Wealth of HLR audio and pictures shared
    David Hindley/NZHistory...

Sun 27 Jun 2010

  • "HIV sufferers should be roasted" says radio host
    David Fane David Fane, an actor, radio host and one of the creators of bro'Town, is being reported as telling a media event that HIV sufferers should be 'roasted'...

Sat 27 Jun 2009

  • Ambach to police: 'maybe I pushed him'
    Ambach trial Day 5 Interviewed by police just hours after the deadly assault on elderly gay man Ronald Brown, Ferdinand Ambach suggested that he may have pushed Brown, and that the elderly man fell over, perhaps down the stairs...
  • Gay couple too chicken to win radio race
    Auckland gay couple Steven Oates and Stephen Ross were eliminated from The Edge FM's Incredible Chicken Race yesterday after one of them proved once and for all that chickens can't fly...
  • Increased demand for NZAF HIV tests
    The NZ AIDS Foundation has seen a significant increase in the demand for its HIV tests since the lifting of name suppression for Glenn Mills, an Auckland man charged with knowingly exposing people to HIV, but will not be making any details public...
  • Miss Oz 'Barby Prawne' wins QWU crown

Fri 27 Jun 2008

  • Changing Face of the Castro (San Francisco)
    Jan de Gier from the Inn on Castro talks about the changing face of the Castro neighbourhood in San Francisco.
    Features: Jan de Gier
  • 3,000 march in Jerusalem Gay Pride
    Some 3,000 people turned out yesterday to take part in the Jerusalem Gay Pride parade, which as in previous years had sparked an outcry from the ultra-Orthodox community...
  • Introducing
    "I'm an out gay man who listens to fucked-up music in clubs...
  • K' Rd's Kiss: New sound system, new ideas
    Kiss bar at 309 K' Road - which hosts gay nights Fluffy and Ultra each weekend - has upgraded its sound system, and will soon host a newly rebranded 'polysexual' dance party...
  • No parole for child molester Graham Capill
    Disgraced anti-gay Christian 'morals' campaigner Graham Capill has been denied early release from prison and told to participate in a programme for child sex offenders...

Wed 27 Jun 2007

  • GABA plans night with Sir Ian McKellen
    The Gay Auckland Business Association has announced their next celebrity event – ‘A Night With A Knight' – will be an evening with visiting actor Sir Ian McKellen...
  • London
    With a poll showing that only one in five Londoners claim to be doing anything to tackle climate change, 'The Environment Agency' will join this Saturday's Pride events to encourage the LGBT community to help save the environment...
  • New Express newspaper editor announced
    At the launch of TV2's new LGBT programme ‘The Outlook' last night, Owen Allison announced his new role as Express newspaper's Managing Editor...
  • When Lone Strangers Whine...
    Garnet Milne At present, it seems that I am forced to review the ghastly Garnet Milne, currently pontificating about the demon smut on his lone website… There's nothing more pathetic than ex-CHP cast-offs, bereft of a political vehicle...

Tue 27 Jun 2006

  • Law Reform exhibition: What Are You Afraid Of?
    The campaign for homosexual law reform was an arduous and acrimonious two-and-a-half year battle for the hearts and minds of everyday New Zealanders...
  • NZ bear takes Australasia Bear title
    New Zealand bear titleholder, Damian Calleja, has walked off with the Australasian crown, becoming just the second Kiwi to do so...
  • Syphilis outbreak hits gay Wellington
    An outbreak of syphilis has hit Wellington, according the region's top sexual health practitioner, who has issued a broad call to gay and bisexual men to get tested now...

Mon 27 Jun 2005

  • Brash's future: gays not included
    Gays and lesbians are "clearly not" a part of mainstream New Zealand, says National leader Don Brash...
  • Gay Nat: Civil Unions could harm marriage
    National's first openly gay male election candidate thinks marriage is only for heterosexuals, that gay rights have "never been an issue", and fears same-sex civil unions could harm heterosexual marriage...
  • Pacific Island nations facing urgent HIV crisis
    Pacific Island nations are facing a same-sex and heterosexual HIV/AIDS epidemic which may be more urgent and destructive that global warming...

Sun 27 Jun 2004

  • Gay NZ short selected for Montreal
    A gay-themed NZ short film has been selected for screening at the prestigious Montreal International Film Festival, surprising and delighting its first-time writer...
  • Students celebrate first CU victory
    A group of students who organised a picnic at Parliament in support of Thursday's Civil Union bill vote are celebrating the victory, but condemning the remarks of some MPs...

Fri 27 Jun 2003

  • Hague resigns from AIDS Foundation
    Kevin Hague, the Executive Director of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, has resigned...

Sun 27 Jun 1982

  • Gay Radio (27 June 1982) (Wellington Access Radio)
    One of the first (if not the first) gay produced (by, for and about) radio programme broadcast in New Zealand
    Features: unidentified voice(s)
  • Gay Pride Week takes place (New Zealand)
    The week runs until 3 July.

Mon 27 Jun 1927

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