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On This Day: 27th June

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Sat 27 Jun 2020

  • Busier Than Ever @ G.A.Y Bar | Out and About
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  • Keeping It In The Family!  | Out and About
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  • Watch Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson’s Global Pride Address Here
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Thu 27 Jun 2019

  • Prince William says he'd be 'absolutely fine' with having a gay child
    Britain's Prince William says it would be "absolutely fine" if one of his children came out as gay though he'd worry about how the public would respond...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Transgender student gets backing to stay at all-boys Christ's College as a female
    An elite Christchurch boys' school is praised for its compassion in supporting a student to transition to female...
    Links: Stuff
  • U.S. Study Shows 39% Of LGBTI Youth Considered Suicide In Past...
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Tue 27 Jun 2017

  • Auckland Pride Board Announce July Community Hui
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Mon 27 Jun 2016

  • RY AGM and Offical Centre Opening
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  • RY Elect New Board in Brand New Space
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  • VNZF supports the Intersex Trust of Aotearoa NZ
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  • Two policemen propose at London Pride parade
    Two Policemen proposed to their partners during the London Pride Parade yesterday, stopping the parade to publicly ask their partners for their hand in marriage...

Sat 27 Jun 2015

  • Watch: marriage equality comes to the US
    A neat video snapshot of the historic decision from the US Supreme Court in favour of marriage equality...

Fri 27 Jun 2014

  • Basement celebrates 10 years!
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  • Christopher Of England
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  • LGBTI Smoke Free Consultation Hui Postponed
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  • Tamati Coffey 30th on Labour List
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  • The Sultan's outrageous NZ fortune
    The Sultan of Brunei owns BNZ centre at 125 Queen St A day of global protests against the Sultan of Brunei’s ‘stone the gays’ law is being held today...

Thu 27 Jun 2013

  • Smooth transition offered to celebrants
    File Photo All of the nation's 120 registered civil union celebrants have been offered the opportunity to also become marriage celebrants ahead of new marriage equality laws coming into force in August...

Wed 27 Jun 2012

  • Passport process to become more flexible
    Internal Affairs is hoping to introduce a more flexible passport policy for transgender and intersex people in September, and has teamed up with the Human Rights Commission in order to get feedback on the issue...

Mon 27 Jun 2011

  • Wealth of HLR audio and pictures shared
    David Hindley/NZHistory...

Sun 27 Jun 2010

  • "HIV sufferers should be roasted" says radio host
    David Fane David Fane, an actor, radio host and one of the creators of bro'Town, is being reported as telling a media event that HIV sufferers should be 'roasted'...

Sat 27 Jun 2009

  • Miss Oz 'Barby Prawne' wins QWU crown

Fri 27 Jun 2008

  • Changing Face of the Castro (San Francisco)
    Jan de Gier from the Inn on Castro talks about the changing face of the Castro neighbourhood in San Francisco.
    Features: Jan de Gier
  • No parole for child molester Graham Capill
    Disgraced anti-gay Christian 'morals' campaigner Graham Capill has been denied early release from prison and told to participate in a programme for child sex offenders...

Wed 27 Jun 2007

  • When Lone Strangers Whine...
    Garnet Milne At present, it seems that I am forced to review the ghastly Garnet Milne, currently pontificating about the demon smut on his lone website… There's nothing more pathetic than ex-CHP cast-offs, bereft of a political vehicle...

Tue 27 Jun 2006

  • Syphilis outbreak hits gay Wellington
    An outbreak of syphilis has hit Wellington, according the region's top sexual health practitioner, who has issued a broad call to gay and bisexual men to get tested now...

Mon 27 Jun 2005

  • Pacific Island nations facing urgent HIV crisis
    Pacific Island nations are facing a same-sex and heterosexual HIV/AIDS epidemic which may be more urgent and destructive that global warming...

Sun 27 Jun 2004

  • Students celebrate first CU victory
    A group of students who organised a picnic at Parliament in support of Thursday's Civil Union bill vote are celebrating the victory, but condemning the remarks of some MPs...

Fri 27 Jun 2003

  • Hague resigns from AIDS Foundation
    Kevin Hague, the Executive Director of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, has resigned...

Sun 27 Jun 1982

  • Gay Radio (27 June 1982) (Wellington)
    One of the first (if not the first) gay produced (by, for and about) radio programme broadcast in New Zealand
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Gay Pride Week takes place (New Zealand)
    The week runs until 3 July.

Mon 27 Jun 1927

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