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On This Day: 27th April

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Mon 27 Apr 2020

  • Opinion: The Importance of Civil Unions and Political Compromise
    Links: Express

Fri 27 Apr 2018

  • LGBT advocates express opposition to Kansas adoption bill
    TOPEKA, Kan...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Health Ministry Admits to Failing Trans People
    Links: Express

Thu 27 Apr 2017

  • Fighting Strong For Boxing Title
    Links: Express
  • Husband Of Gay Police Officer Delivers Heartfelt Eulogy
    Links: Express
  • The German Spring
    It's odd that Germany receives little political scrutiny from New Zealand political commentators, given the fact that New Zealand's current MMP political system is based on theirs...

Wed 27 Apr 2016

  • Acceptance, Diversity, and Conservation with Malcolm Clarke and Tu Meke Tūī!
    Links: Express
  • Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Responsibility for Murder of GLBT Editor in Bangladesh
    Links: Express
  • All Rise for the Acid Tongue Prince!
    Links: Express
  • Isle of Man Passes Same Sex Marriage
    Links: Express
  • Judgements on Injustice: To Kill a Mockingbird
    Links: Express
  • Leaving Space to Dream
    Links: Express
  • May: Ask Agony Uncle Eli
    Links: Express
  • Police Advise Caution to Grindr Users Following Violent Robberies
    Links: Express
  • Pride Board Member Zakk d’Larté Prepares to Meet the Greats in...
    Links: Express
  • Preview: Inside the Chinese Closet
    The documentary follows the story of a Shanghai gay man and lesbian woman who attend a fake marriage fair in the hopes of finding someone of the opposite sex to marry in order to subdue the increasing pressure put on them by their parents...

Mon 27 Apr 2015

  • Cathie - Butch on Butch (Wellington)
    Cathie describes what it is like being queer in the legal profession and doing stand-up comedy.
    Features: unidentified voice
  • An Urban Legend
    Links: Express
  • Competing With History’s Greatest Tenors
    Links: Express
  • Cumming on Strong
    Links: Express
  • Ushering in change for people with HIV - Pt 1
    Just as the HIV epidemic has changed markedly in the last decade or so, with new treatments, fewer deaths, less fear and a greater number of predominantly gay and bi men living with the virus, there are changes afoot within the organisation charged with promoting the interests of the HIV-positive men amongst us...

Sun 27 Apr 2014

  • Out Takes: Docos
    A feature of this year's Out Takes film fest is a strong documentary programme, including Codebreaker - a film about the tragic end to the life of British genius Alan Turing...

Sat 27 Apr 2013

  • Gay Ski Week organisers hoping for weddings
    Sally and Mandy Whitewoods Gay Ski Week organisers are expecting an influx of couples wanting to get hitched in picturesque Queenstown during the annual event...

Fri 27 Apr 2012

  • Hot? We think not ...
    The TV ad with Dai Henwood on a wall and two uncomfortable 'lesbians' on a couch, has us scratching our heads about what advertisers are trying to achieve and whether any will ever hit the mark in portraying us...

Wed 27 Apr 2011

  • The Topp Twins' new ad
    YouTube - 27th April 2011...

Tue 27 Apr 2010

  • Wide-ranging topics at HIV Update meeting
    A wide range of issues relating to treating people with HIV will feature at this Friday's National HIV Update meeting to which clinicians from around the country have been invited to hear from experts in various fields of HIV risk and treatments...

Mon 27 Apr 2009

  • Young gay composer earns big cash award
    Auckland-based 27-year old gay composer and music teacher Samuel Holloway has won a prestigious developmental award worth $12,000...

Sun 27 Apr 2008

  • Wellington's NZAF open for discussions
    The NZ AIDS Foundation's volunteers, users, supporters and all interested people in Wellington are welcome to join in discussions this Wednesday evening at the Awhina Centre's Community Forum...

Fri 27 Apr 2007

  • USA: Civil Unions for New Hampshire
    New Hampshire lawmakers voted yesterday to authorise civil unions – and sent the measure to Gov...

Thu 27 Apr 2006

  • MP Georgina Beyer's extended family
    Labour MP Georgina Beyer has paid homage to the drag and transgendered communities in a candid interview with David Herkt of Jack magazine...

Wed 27 Apr 2005

  • Nats using gay issues to divide
    National cannot make civil unions into an election issue, despite its attempts to "mobilise grumpy rednecks", scapegoat minorities, and play "the Muldoon card", says Progressive MP Matt Robson...

Tue 27 Apr 2004

  • Television news report: two performers in the US porn industry test positive for HIV (New Zealand)
    One news, ref F80908.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • GLBT stories sought for radio drama series
    Radio New Zealand is preparing a series of community access drama programmes and believes there are GLBT stories “out there” which might find a place in the series...

Mon 27 Apr 1998

  • Anti-homosexual stickers are distributed across Victoria University campus (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Salient magazine reports that at least a dozen commercially produced stickers which describe homosexuality as shameful and unnatural have been distributed across campus, one targeting Shane Town who had recently completed his PhD research on the difficulties faced by young gay men in New Zealand's secondary schools.

Fri 27 Apr 1984

Tue 27 Apr 1909

  • Amy Bock pleads guilty to forgery charges (Dunedin, New Zealand)
    Links: Papers Past, Te Ara

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