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On This Day: 7th January

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Mon 7 Jan 2019

  • India's transgender rights Bill faces 'unanimous opposition' from trans people
    Transgender communities in India are urgently trying to stop the passage of a Bill which purports to protect their rights but they say actually does everything but...
    Links: RNZ
  • LGBTI Rights Put At Risk Just Hours After Brazil’s New Leader...
    Links: Express
  • New Year’s Masquerade @ Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Singer Hayley Kiyoko Told to “Tone Down” Her Sexuality
    Links: Express

Sun 7 Jan 2018

  • Cumming: important to portray gay character in time of Trump
    PASADENA, Calif...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Cumming: important to portray gay character in time of Trump
    PASADENA, Calif...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Warning to Gay Men Using Tinder in Auckland
    Links: Express

Sat 7 Jan 2017

  • UK trans woman takes own life in men's prison
    A transgender woman prisoner in the UK has been found dead in her cell in a remand prison, apparently having taken her own life...

Thu 7 Jan 2016

  • Fijian Prime Minister Labels Marriage Equality “Rubbish”
    Links: Express
  • Nominations open for first ILGA Oceania Board
    Nominations are sought for the Inaugural Board for ILGA Oceania...

Wed 7 Jan 2015

  • Introducing Hari Nef
    Links: Express
  • Vietnam's same-sex union ban ends
    File Photo Same-sex unions are no longer banned in Vietnam, however they won’t actually be legally recognised...

Tue 7 Jan 2014

  • Watch: Stephen Fry's Out There
    Stephen Fry has interviewed homophobes and gay people throughout the world in his confronting new documentary series Out There...

Mon 7 Jan 2013

  • Marriage equality rates high in hopes for 2013
    A ‘straw poll’ of GayNZ...

Sat 7 Jan 2012

  • Wellington helpline ready to ring in new year
    Gay Wellington's helpline received a steady number of calls in 2011, and the volunteers who run the service are planning for the future...

Fri 7 Jan 2011

  • Transwoman makes courtroom history
    Victoria Kolakowski History has been made in a California courtroom, where a trans person has been sworn in as a trial judge for the first time ever in the US...

Thu 7 Jan 2010

  • Otago Uni offers sexuality and gender workshops
    How does questioning sexual and gender identities impact on your friendships, your social life and your confidence? Otago University's Student Support Centre is offering two free workshops exploring common questions about sexuality, gender and identity...

Wed 7 Jan 2009

  • Two Saudi men beheaded for male rape
    Two Saudi Arabian men have been beheaded after being found guilty of raping a man, says the country's interior ministry...

Mon 7 Jan 2008

  • WGN: No gay bar, so FAG nights continue
    Wellington's recent FAG Party - held to 'fill the void' since Imerst nightclub closed - was such a success that organisers are bringing back the event for the next two weekends...

Sun 7 Jan 2007

  • Gay rams no bull, say farmers
    United States research has found 8 per cent of rams are gay, and now local farmers have told the New Zealand Herald that our rams do more than just eye each other up...

Sat 7 Jan 2006

  • Get Real
    Review: GET REAL Dir: Simon Shore UK, 1998, 35mm, 108 mins Currently showing on Sky's Rialto Channel Coming out films...

Fri 7 Jan 2005

  • Television news report: Makgatho Mandela dies from AID related conditions
    One News, ref: F84608.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • Cher, k.d. and Martina: The Holy Trinity guide
    Gay icon Cher, dyke rocker k...

Tue 7 Jan 2003

  • Truscott making progress, say health authorities
    HIV positive gay man Christopher Truscott has made "remarkable progress" with his behaviour despite his escape and recapture at the weekend, health authorities say...

Tue 7 Jan 1986

Wed 7 Jan 1914

  • Rupert Brooke departs for Tahiti onboard RMS Tahiti (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Brooke is in Wellington 5-7 January 1914.
    Links: Wikipedia, Papers Past

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