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Lesbian Visibility Day panel

Audio from the InsideOUT intergenerational, online panel discussion to celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day on 26 April 2020. The panel featured Creek, Sophie, Karen, Summer, Aria and Neo. A special thank you to the participants and organisers for allowing this to be recorded and shared.

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This summary is based on a recorded online panel discussion to celebrate Lesbian Visibility Day on April 26, 2020. The panel was hosted by InsideOUT and featured multiple voices, including Aria Oliver, Creek, Karen Harris, Neo Kenny, Sophie Standfield, and Summer Edwards, who spoke about their experiences and perspectives as lesbians or people who identify with the lesbian community. The recording is 52 minutes long, and while the duration doesn't reflect the length of the whole event, it provides significant content on the theme of lesbian visibility in the 2020s.

The panel began with introductions where participants mentioned their pronouns, how they identify, and shared additional personal details such as age and place of residence. Various identities within the lesbian spectrum were mentioned, including but not limited to, non-binary and demisexual individuals. Discussions delved into personal journeys in claiming the term 'lesbian', the importance and intricacies of lesbian visibility, and the day-to-day realities and challenges of being lesbian in various cultural contexts.

Participants tackled various societal issues concerning lesbian stereotypes and representation. They expressed concerns over the limited and sometimes harmful portrayals of lesbians in the media and the necessity of more diverse and positive representations. They discussed how narrow conceptions of lesbian identities can cause discomfort and exclusion for those who do not fit within certain prescribed roles or stereotypes. Conversation also touched on symbols such as the rainbow flag, lesbian flag, the labrys, and historical references to literary figures such as Sappho that resonate with their identities.

As the discussion progressed, participants shared examples of positive representations of lesbians in media and culture, mentioning historical figures, contemporary television shows, musicians, and literary works. While members acknowledged that there is room for improvement, they celebrated the strides in visibility and inclusivity within the media landscape. The conversation concluded with the sharing of recommendations on books and other media that provide insights into queer identities and experiences.

This summary is created using Generative AI. Although it is based on the recording's transcription, it may contain errors or omissions. Click here to learn more about how this summary was created.

Record date:26th April 2020
Audio courtesy of:InsideOUT Kōaro, Wellington
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Location:Online event
Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004587).