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Leaving a Legacy

Audio from the Leaving a Legacy workshop held at Thistle Hall, Wellington on 14 September 2016. The workshop looked at creative ways to record and preserve our diverse identities, cultures and world views. It was organised by Tiwhanawhana and the Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ) and facilitated by Elizabeth Kerekere.

The first hour contained presentations from the invited speakers, followed by a workshop where participants were asked: what do we do well in Wellington? and what gaps/concerns are we aware of? A special thank you to the participants for allowing us to record and share this event.

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  • 0:00:05 - Tiwhanawhana - waiata
  • 0:01:57 - Elizabeth Kerekere
  • 0:03:53 - Gareth Watkins, (sound recordings)
  • 0:13:15 - Kevin Haunui, Tiwhanawhana (waiata/performance)
  • 0:22:24 - Linda Evans, LAGANZ / Alexander Turnbull Library (archives/oral history)
  • 0:31:46 - Sian Torrington, Artist Extraordinaire (art installation) [recorded earlier]
  • 0:38:03 - Tabby Besley and Connor Mcleod, InsideOUT (social media)
  • 0:55:44 - [Workshop brainstorming not included]
  • 0:55:46 - Workshop: Elizabeth Kerekere
  • 1:00:55 - [Workshop brainstorming not included]
  • 1:00:56 - Workshop: summaries from each group
Record date:14th September 2016
Location:Thistle Hall, Wellington
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