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Larger Than Life Stories

Audio from the session: Larger Than Life Stories.

Alison Mau wrote the remarkable story of Liz Roberts, the first New Zealander to undergo full sex-change surgery. Joanne Drayton wrote a New York Times bestselling biography of Anne Perry, a celebrated international crime-writer but notoriously also one of the young women found guilty of murdering her girlfriend's mother in Christchurch in 1954. Julie Glamuzina tells the haunting story of Peter Williams, a woman arrested for marrying another woman in 1945. What do you tell? How do you tell it? And crucially, what gets left on the cutting-room floor?

The session is chaired by Carole Beu.

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  • 0:00:08 - Carole Beu introduction
  • 0:02:11 - Alison Mau
  • 0:10:46 - Joanne Drayton
  • 0:19:33 - Julie Glamuzina
  • 0:28:50 - Panel discussion continues

A special thank you to the organisers and participants for allowing us to record this event.


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Record date:13th February 2016
Location:Auckland University of Technology