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Day 1 reactions

In this podcast hui participants reflect on the first day of the hui.

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This abstract summarizes a podcast recording titled "Reactions to day 1 of the KAHA 2009 Youth Hui," which took place at Tapu te Ranga Marae in Wellington on January 23, 2009. The session was recorded by Wai Ho, featuring an interview with Mike Bryant and comments from other participants.

The podcast captures the reflections of young participants on the initial day of the hui, specifically their exposure to LGBTQ+ history in New Zealand and its significance. One participant recounts the enlightenment of learning about the gay history of New Zealand, which was a revelatory moment for them. The acceptance of LGBTQ+ individuals in ancient cultures was particularly surprising and refreshing to hear.

A point of interest was raised by an immigrant who discussed the overlapping histories of the United States and New Zealand and made an insightful comparison between their experiences as a Native American and the circumstances surrounding New Zealand's marae, drawing a distinction between their marae experience and life on a reservation.

A discussion on the recent acquisition of LGBTQ+ rights in New Zealand ensued, emphasizing that the rights that some take for granted are quite new in the grand scheme of history. This realization particularly stood out when considering how attitudes drastically altered during events like the Plague, which showcased that historical discrimination against LGBTQ+ individuals is more contemporary than assumed.

The first day of the hui was also praised for the opportunities it presented in meeting new people across the country, allowing participants from diverse regions like Auckland to exchange experiences and cultures. For some, the traditional welcome and staying overnight at the Marae was a first-time experience, provoking both excitement and novelty.

Some of the more social aspects of the hui were touched upon as well, like the playful interaction with roommates and the experience of sharing a room with many other young LGBTQ+ individuals. Despite the prospect of little sleep due to chatty roommates, the mood hinted at an optimistic and communal atmosphere.

The recording also documents the profound experience of engaging with Māori culture. For some, partaking in activities such as hongi was a new and occasionally nerve-wracking experience, but it offered a glimpse into how Māori and queer cultures can be interwoven, creating a unique and educational encounter.

Additionally, the discussions and speakers at the hui presented eye-opening perspectives on same-sex histories, with one participant noting the historical significance of same-sex relationships in Māori culture and the political implications dating back to policies from the time of King Henry VIII.

The recording concludes with the mention of a resident cat named Kitty by an interviewee, encapsulating the warm and lighthearted atmosphere of the event.

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Record date:23rd January 2009
Interviewer:Wai Ho
Location:Tapu te Ranga Marae, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-003825).