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International AIDS Candlelight Memorial 2018

Audio from the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial, held at the Tararua Tramping Club in Wellington on 21 May 2018. Parts of the service (powerpoint presentation, lighting of candles) have not be included in this recording. A special thank you to the organisers and speakers for allowing us to record and share this memorial service.

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  • 0:00:05 - Waiata - Tiwhanawhana
  • 0:02:11 - Rev. Roger Pym
  • 0:03:36 - Message from the Governor-General of New Zealand (read by Jane Bruning)
  • 0:04:56 - Message from the Labour Party (read by Phil Rogers)
  • 0:08:25 - Message from the National Party (read by Eric Evans)
  • 0:09:27 - Message from the Green Party (read by Kjel Griffiths)
  • 0:11:54 - Heather Sangster-Smith (Positive Speakers Bureau)
  • 0:20:27 - Bruce Kilmister (former CEO of Body Positive)
  • 0:27:02 - Trudie (New Zealand AIDS Foundation)
  • 0:34:20 - Glacer Tormis (youth speaker)
  • 0:36:30 - Karen Ritchie remembers Victor Taurewa Biddle
  • 0:44:17 - Steve McVey (Body Positive)
  • 0:52:57 - Jane Bruning (Positive Women Inc)
  • 0:57:56 - Lee Eklund (New Zealand AIDS Foundation)
  • 1:01:20 - Waiata Whiti ora ki te whei ao - Tiwhanawhana
  • 1:03:04 - Kay'la Riarn
  • 1:11:24 - Rev. Roger Pym


The International AIDS Candlelight Memorial of 2018, held at the Tararua Tramping Club in Wellington, stands as a poignant reminder of the global fight against HIV/AIDS over four significant decades – from the 1980s to the 2010s. The gathering featured influential voices in the HIV/AIDS community, including activists and leaders such as Bruce Kilmister, Eric Evans, Gertrude Agbozo, and others who have been on the frontlines of addressing the epidemic.

The event served as a platform for community mobilization, reflection, and solidarity. It broke down barriers of stigma and discrimination, inspiring new generations with hope. The gathering also emphasized the continued need for leadership from individuals living with HIV and those affected by it, highlighting the significance of education, community support, and social engagement in fighting the disease.

Prominent figures extended their support through written messages advocating for continued conversation around safe behaviors and HIV prevention. The Governor-General of New Zealand, patron of the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, underscored the necessity of remembering and honoring those who lost their lives to AIDS, the activists who demanded research and effective treatment, and medical professionals whose dedication improved the prognosis for those living with HIV/AIDS.

Political parties, such as the Labour Party, the National Party, and the Green Party, offered their support for ongoing HIV/AIDS advocacy, noting the strides made in medication and treatment that have changed the trajectory of the disease. They acknowledged losses, and the gravity of stigma, affirming their commitment to eradicating HIV and ending transmission through education and solidarity.

Speakers at the event highlighted the vital challenge ahead – to reduce new HIV infections and end the epidemic by 2030. This ambitious goal was buoyed by recent approvals of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and improvements in treatment, which have transformed HIV into a manageable condition. The significant advocacy for routine HIV testing, especially for women, became a focal point of discussions, emphasizing the preventable nature of late-stage HIV diagnoses and the unnecessary deaths that continue to occur.

Personal experiences reflected the varied impact of HIV/AIDS over the years. Participants shared their journeys, including intimate partnerships with HIV-positive individuals, pioneering work by women who supported each other during the early years of the epidemic, and the transformation of HIV from a mortal threat to a condition with which one can co-exist.

Support organizations like Body Positive Inc. and Positive Women Inc. were acknowledged for their roles in providing care, guidance, and a voice to those living with HIV/AIDS, emphasizing the need for community unity and the power of peer support in making a difference in people's lives.

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Record date:20th May 2018
Location:Tararua Tramping Club, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004538).