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Healthy Relationships and Consent launch

Audio from the launch of Healthy Relationships and Consent: through the lens of Rainbow identifying youth. The launch was held on 26 April 2021.

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For many years, community consultation inside the Waikato has highlighted that young people in Rainbow communities wanted support from Waikato Queer Youth (WaQuY) around healthy relationships. WaQuY was successful in applying for funding and approached Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence to co-develop a project designed to support healthy relationships for young people in Rainbow communities.

The resulting research, based on focus groups and a school survey of Rainbow-identified young people, reinforces existing evaluation findings of healthy relationships education in Aotearoa New Zealand. In the current context, healthy relationships and consent education is not meeting the needs of Rainbow young people. The focus group conversations and survey results support one another, with several key themes emerging, but it is worth reading this report in-depth, to truly recognize how clearly our Rainbow young people are telling us what they want and need.

This audio is from the launch of the research, on 26 April 2021. The launch is opened by WaQuY education co-ordinator Slay Way, followed by a youth panel facilitated by researcher Sandra Dickson from Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura – Outing Violence. WaQuY youth mentors Logan Cotter, Jeseka Christieson, Quincy Ngātai and James Prendergast discuss the research recommendations. The honourable Marama Davidson responds to the research findings, and there is a brief question and answer session with researchers Bex Fraser and Sandra Dickson, before the event is closed by Slay Way.

The research can be found here

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Record date:26th April 2021
Audio courtesy of:Hohou Te Rongo Kahukura - Outing Violence
Location:Black Castle, Hamilton
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