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Gay Radio

This Gay Radio programme contains an interview with Chris about the Gay Community Centre in Wellington.

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Access Gay Radio was produced by the Lesbian Gay Media Collective and broadcast on Wellington's Access Radio in the early 1980s.

A detailed log of this recording (cassette 0249-A) is available from the LAGANZ website.

The following has been removed from this podcast due to copyright restrictions:

  • Gay Radio theme music
  • Leaping Lesbians, Sue Fink (music)
  • Report from Alan Whicker on homosexuality in California
  • Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, Tom Robinson (music)
  • Can't Keep Away, Tom Robinson (music)
  • Gay and Proud, Berkeley Women's Co-operative (music)


The radio broadcast offers a vivid snapshot of the gay community in Wellington, New Zealand, during the early 1980s. The program features an interview with Chris, a representative from Wellington's Gay Community Centre. This Centre was established as an alternative to the mainstream gay scene, which was perceived as dominated by noise and alcohol. The Centre aimed to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for individuals new to the gay community and a returning space for those already established within it. The interview highlights the diversity of the Centre's attendees, ranging from those newly identifying as gay to long-standing community members.

A significant portion of the discussion revolves around the pressures gay people face from societal norms, particularly from family, workmates, and heterosexual society at large. The Centre serves as a haven from these pressures, offering a space where individuals can be themselves without the fear of judgment. The interview also touches upon the activities and services of the Centre, including its operational hours and how it can be accessed through the gay switchboard.

The broadcast also delves into the observance of Gay Pride Week in 1982. Contrasting with previous years, the week's activities were more internally focused within the gay community rather than involving public relations exercises like marches. Highlights included International Gay Solidarity Day, where political leaders were sent green carnations as a reminder of their commitment to equal rights, and Blue Jeans Day, designed to promote awareness and support for gay rights.

The program also mentions upcoming events like the lesbian gay masquerade ball, a significant social event encouraging participants to express themselves freely. Furthermore, the broadcast discusses information services available to the gay community, including national gay magazines like Pink Triangle and Out, which provide news and information on gay organizations and events across New Zealand.

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Record date:4th July 1982
Audio courtesy of:Lesbian and Gay Archives of New Zealand (LAGANZ)
Location:Wellington Access Radio, Wellington
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