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Gay Radio (4 July 1982)

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[00:00:00] This audio comes from the collections of the lesbian and gay archives of New Zealand. It's been lightly it has a duty copyright restrictions and unedited version is available at the archive. For more information visit it [00:00:20] but Tom Robinson on access guy radio was afternoon I'm talking to Chris from Wellington's gay community center. Chris, why was the gay community center set up, [00:00:32] we set up the community center to to offer an alternative to the status gay scene and Wellington which is dominated perhaps by loud noise and alcohol. We wanted to get away from that to to provide a sort of friendly atmosphere with those who are coming up for the first time could find it easy and relaxing. Also a place where those who've been around for some time could come back to [00:01:01] we found premises in Wellington and set the place up and going from there. [00:01:09] The sort of people who come down here is a real mixture. [00:01:14] Those who are just beginning to come out for the first time, those who the ones who have just realized that that guy [00:01:22] that they want to actually start meeting other gay people that they want to [00:01:31] find what it's like to be in a in a supportive atmosphere. [00:01:38] Gay people faces a lot of pressures from family, from workmates, [00:01:46] just from the whole of the heterosexual society. And the community center functions as an alternative to all of that. [00:01:56] You know, you come down here and the pressures of having to worry about what other people will think, don't exist anymore. [00:02:06] Over the years, will the two years the center has been going [00:02:13] I guess we've seen several hundred people pass through here. Some have just come once [00:02:21] and gone away again. Others have kept coming back. And there's a steady core of people who usually come along each evening. The numbers we get, usually between about 10 and 30. At the moment, the centers open for three nights a week. That's on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. It opens at about eight o'clock and runs through till about 1030 or so. [00:02:51] Information about the center is attainable from the gay switchboard, which can be reached at seven to eight, six hours nine. That's seven to 8609. And the switchboard runs on Wednesday and Saturday nights from seven o'clock to 10 o'clock. [00:03:22] Another track from Tom Robinson on access guy radio. We're talking to Chris from Wellington's gay community center. Chris, how did Gay Pride Week this year compete with gay pride weeks in previous years, [00:03:35] it's been quieter this year than other years. Most of the activities been directed within the gay community. [00:03:44] Other years we've had major public relations exercises like much as [00:03:51] this year for a change. Most of the activity has just simply been one of [00:03:58] ordinary existing gave in us like the community center, extending their hours opening themselves through the week, providing just an extended service and that way, although on international gay solidarity day which was last Monday, we sent the leader leaders of the three main political parties agree incarnation each. This was to remind them of the green carnation, which Oscar Wilde war as a symbol of his gayness. And to remind them of their commitment to providing equal rights for lesbians in gaming and New Zealand. [00:04:40] It's the sort of thing that we find attracts good publicity. [00:04:45] And even if the people concern didn't really were there carnations, [00:04:50] we still think that was a worthwhile exercise. Friday, of course, was blue jeans day. [00:04:58] That's the day of the Gay Pride Week when we advertise that anyone wearing blue jeans is going to be supporting gay rights. [00:05:08] Now, of course, what happens sometimes is that people who have blue jeans who don't support gay rights, and they get to work and they suddenly feel a moment of panic and Tara, when they suddenly get suspected of supporting gay rights, and because they're there and they're blue jeans that [00:05:27] can help get across our case it can, it can make people suddenly realize what it's like to feel that they are being Christian that they are an oppressed minority. [00:06:06] Berkeley woman's music Co Op, gay and proud today is Sunday, the Fourth of July, the last day of Gay Pride Week 1982. Chris, what other events are they coming up? [00:06:17] Well, the the big social event of the year. [00:06:22] And in fact, one of the biggest social events that I can remember happening in Wellington for a long time, is the lesbian gay masquerade ball. This is going to be on Saturday, the 10th of July. [00:06:34] In the overseas passenger terminal. I'll repeat that, again. It's the lesbian gay masquerade ball on Saturday, the 10th of July [00:06:47] to the price of the ticket includes admission to the ball. This includes the band, and a disco, as well as a supper. They'll also be about provided at the bowl. [00:07:02] And we're encouraging all those who come along to take part in the spirit of the occasion by dressing up and something a chance for everyone to come along as their as their favorite fantasy is the person that really like to be perhaps, or maybe as the person that most of all like not to be [00:07:23] tickets for that are obtainable from the gay community center. And further information can be obtained from the gay switchboard, which is 7286094. Repeat that seven to 8609. [00:07:36] That sounds really interesting. Chris, I'd like to find out about other things that are happening in the gay community. One of the information services are there apart from the gay switchboard and Wellington, [00:07:47] New Zealand, there are two national game magazines. One of these is called pink triangle. And that's published monthly from Wellington. That [00:07:59] can contains items of news about what's happening in New Zealand and also overseas as well as comment letters to the editor. [00:08:11] A very lively will put together paper. Also coming from Auckland is the publication called out which is published once every two months. It offers information on the commercial gay scene, and also has some very lively articles in it. Both of these magazines provide information about gay organizations throughout the country. What's on say in Christchurch, where it is winters, how to find out more about it. And they're obtainable from most of the larger news agents around town. [00:08:55] Thanks, Chris. If you'd like a free sample copy of pink triangle, the lesbian and gay community newspaper, right to the lesbian gay media collective at Post Office Box 507 Wellington, that's for a free sample copy of pink triangle, right to the lesbian gay media collective. At Post Office Box 507 Wellington look forward to hearing from you. And don't forget about the lesbian gay masquerade ball. Tickets are available from the gay community center phone seven to 8609 you're listening to access gay radio

This page features computer generated text of the source audio. It is not a transcript, it has not been checked by humans and will contain many errors. However it is useful for searching on keywords and themes.