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Brendan Goudswaard(March 2011)

In this podcast Brendan Goudswaard from New Zealand talks about attending the human rights conference.

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This summary encapsulates a recording from the 16th March 2011, featuring an interview with Brendan Goudswaard conducted by Jim Whitman. The interview was held in Wellington Town Hall and spanned approximately five minutes, focusing on Goudswaard's experiences at a human rights conference.

In the interview, Goudswaard reflects on the cross-cultural learning aspects of the conference, notably concerning youth and education across different parts of the world. The interview delves into Goudswaard's work with youth, highlighting a particular focus on supporting queer teenagers. Goudswaard is involved in organizing weekly social and supportive meetings for this demographic where they engage in discussions, listen to guest speakers, and participate in various activities.

Discussion also turns to the research around the difficulties faced by queer youth in educational settings. Goudswaard acknowledges the findings of both Australian and New Zealand studies, which indicate high levels of homophobia and transphobia encountered by these young individuals in schools. These difficulties range from physical and verbal abuse to educational neglect, where schools fail to properly educate students about identity and diversity.

Moreover, the interview addresses the challenges schools face in dealing with topics like homophobia and transphobia, often due to fears of political repercussions or backlash from parents and the majority student population. Goudswaard suggests that addressing these issues is frequently avoided to prevent controversy or attracting unwanted attention from the local press.

When asked about the personal impact of the conference, Goudswaard admits that any transformative effect on their personal life might be more apparent upon reflective consideration in the days following the event. Despite this, the discussion makes clear that the conference has reinforced Goudswaard's resolve to engage more proactively with high schools, advocating for talks on sexuality and gender identity.

Towards the end of the recording, Goudswaard conveys optimism about the potential positive impact of their work, specifically when entering educational environments to talk directly to students. Highlighting the value of such engagement, Goudswaard believes that this helps students grasp the significance of their language and behaviors towards their peers.

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Record date:16th March 2011
Interviewer:Jim Whitman
Location:Wellington Town Hall, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004146).