Robert Gant(November 2010)

In this podcast John Sullivan talks about the photography of Robert Gant.

Robert Gant was born in England in 1854(?) and came to New Zealand in 1876. He lived in Wellington and was apprenticed to a chemist. He joined the local theatre where he specialised in female roles. In the 1880s Gant moved over to the Wairarapa where he continued his career as a chemist as well as acting in, and directing, local theatrical groups. The images date from the 1880s/1890s. More of Robert's images can be viewed at DigitalNZ

Obituary - The Evening Post, died 5 July 1936
PA1-q-962-05-4: Three men in a sitting room.
PA1-q-962-06-2:  Four unidentified young men posing as mashers.
PA1-q-962-09-1: Head portrait of an unidentified young man.
PA1-q-962-13-1: Unidentified boy seated at a breakfast table.
PA1-q-962-16-2: Room interior with young man in a rocking chair.
PA1-q-962-61: Unidentified men embracing and kissing.
PA1-q-963-04-08: Head and shoulders portrait of an unidentified young man.
PA1-q-963-11-5: Head portrait of an unidentified young man.
PA1-q-963-16-5: Boy dressed as a sailor holding a pair of shoes.
PA1-q-963-28: Strada Santa Lucia, Valletta, Malta.
PA1-q-963-33-3: Three unidentified boys. Two sit on a fence.

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Record date:November 2010
Photographer:Robert Gant
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