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Artificial Intelligence and PrideNZ

Since 2009, PrideNZ has been on a journey to document, and make Takatāpui LGBTI Rainbow content as accessible to communities now and into the future. Part of that journey is using Artificial intelligence and Gen AI to make the collections more discoverable and accessible. This may be through the creation of AI transcriptions of the audio, creating summaries and articles, or having conversations with the collection using the customised Queery PrideNZ GPT.

In November 2023 we issued a media release and short video demonstration titled Artificial Intelligence for Good.

Queery PrideNZ GPT

In early 2024, ChatGPT began offering the possibility of creating customised ChatGPT's - and so we did. The Queery PrideNZ GPT allows you interact with the full PrideNZ collection in a deep, conversational way. From 30 May 2024, ChatGPT has made access to all customised GPT's free (you still have to create a free account).

Click here for Queery PrideNZ

PrideNZ's Data Journey

  • 2009 - Website went online
  • 2013 - Added subject tagging
  • 2016 - Added high quality downloadable mp3 files
  • 2018 - Added voice tagging
  • 2020 - Created our first AI transcriptions of the audio collection
  • 2022 - Made available the media dataset for download
  • 2022 - Other datasets made available, including locations
  • 2022 - Introduced metadata pages
  • Sep 2023 - Created new AI transcriptions of the entire audio collection
  • Nov 2023 - The text and tags datasets were made available
  • Nov 2023 - Plain text pages were introduced
  • Dec 2023 - Introduced Generative AI summaries for each audio item
  • Jan 2024 - Introduced Generative AI information pages
  • Jan 2024 - Launched PrideNZ's first API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Jan 2024 - Launched Queery - our first customised GPT