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On This Day: 25th January

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Fri 25 Jan 2019

  • NZ Herald Columnist Compares ‘Blackface’ Couple to Trans Women
    Links: Express
  • Our Biggest Gay Out EVER!
    Links: Express
  • Supreme Court Rules Transgender People Must Get Sterilised to Legally Change...
    Links: Express

Thu 25 Jan 2018

  • Can we ever truly wipe the slate clean?
    On the 6th July in New Zealand and 31st January 2017 in the UK, gay men were posthumously pardoned, but is it that easy? Is this what these men deserve? In this roller-coaster political comedy, the real question to be asked is, can the slate ever truly be wiped ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Call Me By Your Name Gets Oscar Nomination For Best Picture
    Links: Express
  • Rainbow Auckland Summer BBQ!
    Links: Express

Wed 25 Jan 2017

  • Don’t Miss TropOut New Caledonia
    Links: Express
  • Having the Chat: Stella Callisto
    Links: Express
  • Judge Calls for Overhaul of “Inhumane” Court Process for Trans Teens...
    Links: Express
  • Moonlight Sweeps Oscar Nominations
    Links: Express
  • The Best (and Worst) European Countries for LGBT+ Workers
    Links: Express
  • Supporting LGBTI male sexual abuse survivors
    Ahead of tomorrow’s survivors of sexual violence community hui in Wellington, we chat to Richard Jeffery, the Co-Ordinator of hosting organisation Mosaic about the importance of sharing the stories of male survivors and supporting queer, takatāpui and gender diverse men...

Mon 25 Jan 2016

  • ‘Looking’ Director to Produce Alexander McQueen Biopic
    Links: Express
  • Anglican Communion Cuts Voting Powers of US Episcopal Church Over Marriage...
    Links: Express
  • Hundreds of Thousands of Italians Rally For Civil Unions
    Links: Express
  • Welcome Home: Return of the Staircase
    Links: Express
  • UK will recognise s/s marriages in overseas deaths
    The British Government has taken action after Australia failed to recognise the marriage of a British man who’s husband died during their honeymoon in the country...

Sun 25 Jan 2015

  • Short Film Sunday: Trevor
    This award-winning flick from 1994 follows the growing pains of teenage Trevor who is struggling to fit in at school and whose homophobic parents seem incapable of understanding his troubled soul...

Sat 25 Jan 2014

  • Nigerian woman publicly disowns 'gay' cat
    A picture which accompanies the story on a Nigerian website A Nigerian newspaper is reporting a woman has publicly disowned her cat because she thinks he is gay...

Fri 25 Jan 2013

  • Parents out daughter to push anti-gay sentiment
    The Christian parents make their case The deeply conservative Christian parents of a lesbian woman have outed her and her troubled life experiences at the select committee hearings into the marriage equality bill held in Auckland this week...

Wed 25 Jan 2012

  • Zowie and Manthyng to electrify Big Gay Out
    Zowie and Manthyng will knock your socks off with their performances A double dose of electro-pop will lead the stage line-up at the 2012 Big Gay Out, with Zowie and Manthyng headlining the annual gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender gathering at Auckland's Coyle Park on Sunday 12 February...

Tue 25 Jan 2011

  • Original crew to mark 20 years since Hero 1
    The 1991 Hero Party The original organising committee is getting together in Auckland this weekend to mark 20 years since the first ever Hero Party...

Mon 25 Jan 2010

  • The trouble with Nigeria
    While Uganda has been the subject of international LGBT opprobrium over its proposed Anti-Homosexuality Bill, Nigeria also has an ignominious LGBT rights record...

Sun 25 Jan 2009

  • Reactions to day 3 of the KAHA 2009 Youth Hui
    (Tapu te Ranga Marae, Wellington)
    Participants at the KAHA hui reflect on the third day
    Features: Carl Greenwood
  • Wednesdays are Random again at Caluzzi
    K' Road's Caluzzi drag cabaret bar's Random Club Wednesdays return this week for 2009...

Fri 25 Jan 2008

  • Sydney: Campaigning for a safer gay street
    Homophobic violence along Sydney's Oxford Street - the home of many of its gay venues - is looming as the major issue for many of the contenders in the City of Sydney council elections later this year, with the Greens and Liberals calling for new thinking on the issue...

Thu 25 Jan 2007

  • UK: PM
    The Independent newspaper is reporting that the Prime Minister's wife Cherie is responsible for the row in cabinet over the delay in the introduction of gay rights legislation...

Wed 25 Jan 2006

  • Sodom and Rwanda?
    When the Christian Right uses the myth of Sodom and Gomorrah to attack us, why are they blind to its genocidal overtones? Think about it...

Tue 25 Jan 2005

  • Spice Up Your Sex Life
    Remember the old phrase, sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me? The world of leather sex and S  ...

Thu 25 Jan 1996

  • Composer Jonathan Larson dies
    (New York, United States of America)
    Larson's musical Rent was just days away from opening on Broadway when he passed away.
    Links: New York Times

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