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Reactions to day 3

In this podcast hui participants reflect on the third day of the hui.

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In this podcast, participants of the KAHA 2009 Youth Hui reflect on the third day of the event, which is hosted at Tapu te Ranga Marae in Wellington, New Zealand. The interviews are conducted by Wai Ho, featuring Carl Greenwood among others, and delve into various aspects of the hui, from food preparation to performances and organizational efforts.

The summary begins with a focus on the food served at the event. Carl Greenwood mentions the hard work of the culinary team, which catered to about 130-150 people per meal. The team secured a good deal on food supplies, with significant support from local businesses like Pack and Save and Kilburn. Carl expresses gratitude for the positive experience of feeding the attendees and the sense of satisfaction from serving such a cooperative group.

The conversation then shifts to highlights from the event, specifically noting the performances from the previous night. One participant from Christchurch talks about the variety show, mentioning the impression made by the talent of queer youth at the hui. The interviews highlight a strong sense of community and enjoyment of expressive acts like drag shows, with performers investing significant effort into their appearance and presentations to entertain the crowd.

Larissa, a member of the Out There crew - the organizing group behind the National Queer Youth Development Project - is also interviewed. With the hui reaching its last day, Larissa discusses the success of the weekend, the good energy among participants, and the satisfactory execution of their plans. They mention that the young people will be leaving with additional support, as Out There is preparing to launch a new website, Curious, which will serve as a resource for information on sexuality and gender. In the interim, a text service is available where individuals can send questions and receive answers, and there's the option to sign up for queer youth updates.

The discussion turns reflective as Elizabeth speaks on the hui's conclusion and considering what comes next for the attendees as they return to their everyday lives. They consider the support network that the event has fostered and how it can continue to provide help and resources for queer youth across the country.

In closing, Elizabeth extends thanks to the team that made the hui possible, including Hanna, Carl, Larissa, the facilitators, group leaders, and the volunteers from Wellington. The overall sentiment is one of pride and gratitude for a successful gathering that brought together young people and created a strong sense of community.

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Record date:25th January 2009
Interviewer:Wai Ho
Location:Tapu te Ranga Marae, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-003832).