On This Day - 14th August

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This list of events is generated from a number of different sources: media items on PrideNZ.com, archived pages from GayNZ.com, our rainbow timeline and links to rainbow-related stories on other media sites. There may be some inaccuracies - please let us know if you find anything that needs changing

2 years ago in 2018

  • Thumnail imageGay Man Sentenced To Death For Fear That He Would “Enjoy”...
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  • Thumnail imageNew Zealand’s First Gay Anglican Priest
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  • Thumnail imageUniformed Lesbians Have Never Been Funnier
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3 years ago in 2017

  • Thumnail image'Mum tried to cure me from being bisexual'
    GAY conversion therapy goes under the radar, but it still happens in Australia...
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  • Thumnail imageAus High Court to Hear Challenge to Marriage Survey
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4 years ago in 2016

  • Thumnail imageAugust Lick Party at Neck of the Woods!
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5 years ago in 2015

  • Thumnail imageOutgames Lead Organiser Slams Outgoing Board “They Have Acted Quite Immaturely”
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  • Thumnail imageSyphilis on The Rise in Christchurch
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  • Thumnail imageWall and Whaitiri lead NZ to Diggeress Cup
    Rainbow Labour MPs Louisa Wall and Meka Whaitiri have led New Zealand's Parliamentary Netball Team to victory against Australia's Federal Parliament in Sydney...
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6 years ago in 2014

  • Thumnail imageAuckland Parody of Iggy’s Fancy – ‘In Pon-son-by’
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  • Thumnail imageMeet our GLBT parliamentary candidates: Rachael Goldsmith
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  • Thumnail imageMeet our GLBT parliamentary candidates: Tamati Coffey.
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  • Thumnail imageWedding competition is 'foolish' - Wall
    Louisa Wall led the charge for same-sex marriage in New Zealand...
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7 years ago in 2013

  • Thumnail imageYouthLaw can help with school ball issues
    File Photo High school students who feel like their school is discriminating against their wish to take a same-sex partner to the ball have an advice-ready advocate ready to help out...
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8 years ago in 2012

  • Thumnail imageSame-Sex Marriage Bans: Pathological Traces
    Which nation-states have prohibited same-sex marriage, and why have they done so? None of these nations are shining paragons of liberal democracy, human rights and civil liberties, and many have long histories of religious intolerance, misogyny, ethnic turmoil, military coups, endemic urban criminality, political and judicial corruption and authoritarian leadership...
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9 years ago in 2011

  • Thumnail imageTopps to help show 'real' NZ to Cup visitors
    New Zealand's favourite crossdressing lesbian twin entertainers will take a starring role in a promotion designed to entertain Rugby World Cup visitors a sample of traditional rural New Zealand...
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10 years ago in 2010

  • Thumnail imageOrganisers pleased with Hamilton Pride
    Stitch and Butch at Hamilton Pride Organisers of Hamilton Pride believe they nailed it this year, providing a diverse mix of community-run events which atttracted solid crowds...
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11 years ago in 2009

  • Thumnail imageRelationship Equality: Australian Intransigence
    Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said no once again to repeal of discriminatory federal legislation against same sex marriage proper in his country...
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12 years ago in 2008

  • Thumnail imageTransgender contestant for Next Top Model
    One of the 14 girls who will compete on the new season of reality TV hit America's Next Top Model is transgender, reports US Weekly...
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13 years ago in 2007

  • Thumnail imageMarked Men, dark lives
    Marked Men, by David Lyndon Brown Titus Books It was perhaps appropriate that this book came our way through the good graces of one of inner-city Auckland's more over the top creatures of the night, Miss K...
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14 years ago in 2006

  • Thumnail imageNZAF: Adapting to the second wave of HIV
    As the number of HIV infections amongst men who have sex with men continues to soar, some might take comfort in the fact that we are no worse off than other, affluent, western nations with a primarily gay epidemic, such as Australia, Canada, the USA and the UK...
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15 years ago in 2005

  • Thumnail imageMore kids know what "gay" means
    An increase in gay characters on mainstream television programmes and all the publicity around civil unions is seeing tricky questions about same-sex relationships being asked in classrooms around New Zealand...
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16 years ago in 2004

  • Thumnail imageVictim
    VICTIM UK, 1961, 1hr 40mins Dir: Basil Dearden Starring Dirk Bogarde, Sylvia Sims I think it's a testament to the complacent era of gay rights we're living in that the audience at the recent screening of Victim I attended seemed to find it funny...
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17 years ago in 2003

  • Thumnail imageMarshall website censured by lawyers
    Less than 24 hours after its launch, the operators of the Being Jonathan Marshall website have received a cease and desist order from his lawyers...
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18 years ago in 2002

  • Thumnail imageNo cocks in frocks in class!
    In 1993 the Justice and Law Reform Select Committee was considering the Human Rights Bill which was subsequently passed conferring equal protection in law on all people regardless of, amongst other things, gender, sexuality, health status and disability...
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35 years ago in 1985