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On This Day: 27th February

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Thu 27 Feb 2020

  • Dr Hjelmar von Dannevill (Wellington)
    Author and researcher Julie Glamuzina talks about the extraordinary life of Dr Hjelmar von Dannevill
    Features: Julie Glamuzina
  • Memoir gives voice to gay Nigeria
    Chiké Frankie Edozien is a Nigerian-American writer and journalist...
    Links: RNZ
  • Needle exchange helped NZ avoid high rates of HIV
    The introduction of New Zealand's world-first needle exchange programme 30 years ago has helped this country avoid the high rates of HIV found overseas, a study has concluded...
    Links: RNZ
  • Needle exchanges help reduce HIV rates in drug-using New Zealanders, study shows
    Drug users account for just one HIV diagnosis per year thanks to needle exchanges, research shows...
    Links: Stuff

Wed 27 Feb 2019

  • Shock at Minister decision to defer birth certificate change
    Trans community organisations are shocked by Minister Martin’s decision to defer proposals to introduce an administrative process for amending gender markers on birth certificates, that would have brought it in line with New Zealand’s passports policy ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Transgender advocates shocked at delay on gender self-identification on birth certificates
    Advocates say gender self-identification is a human rights issue...
    Links: Stuff
  • Adam Lambert Releases New Song About His Struggle With Mental Health
    Links: Express
  • New Auckland Pride Group Launch Website
    Links: Express

Tue 27 Feb 2018

  • LBGTI+ education forum (St Andrew's on the Terrace, Wellington)
    Audio from the LBGTI+ education forum, held during Wellingtons Pride festival at St Andrews on the Terrace on 27 February 2018
    Features: David Pegram, Grant Jones, Josh Espino, Katy Hodgson, Kirsty Farrant, Neo Kenny, Ri Comer, Richard Arnold, Tabby Besley
  • Will HIV-prevention drug halt record transmissions?
    This week, New Zealand will become one of the first countries in the world to publicly fund the HIV-prevention drug, Pre-Exposure Propylaxis (PrEP)...
    Links: RNZ

Mon 27 Feb 2017

  • Caitlyn Jenner Finally Stands Up to Donald Trump
    Links: Express
  • Openly Gay Cowboy Receives Death Threats Online
    Links: Express
  • Trans Lifeline Website Crashes After Influx of Donations
    Links: Express
  • The Pride Parade Experience
    With the roar of Dykes on Bikes and the cutting of rainbow ribbons the 2017 Auckland Pride parade made its way down Ponsonby Road in a riot of colour, noise and sexualities...

Sat 27 Feb 2016

  • Henry V: Turning Shakespeare Inside Out
    Links: Express
  • WLG Pride kicks off next Saturday with formal opening
    Wellington Pride Festival I Tū whakahīhī e Te Whanganui-ā-Tara kicks off in one weeks time with a formal opening ceremony commemorating 30 years of homosexual law reform...

Fri 27 Feb 2015

  • Civil Unions to Return in Queensland
    Links: Express
  • Film Review: I’m So Excited
    Links: Express
  • Mardi Gras Harbour Party Returns Tomorrow
    Links: Express
  • Meet Our Community – Bradley Harris
    Links: Express
  • Opinion: Visibility.
    Links: Express
  • Urge to have its final party tonight
    New Zealand’s longest-running gay bar will have its final night of operation tonight, before closing the doors for good - after 17 years...

Thu 27 Feb 2014

  • UniQ Roll Call
    It’s O Week! Which means a lot of things … but for those of you who may be leaving home for the first time, or just starting uni, it can be pretty daunting...

Wed 27 Feb 2013

  • Trans marriage equality covered in Bill changes
    The select committee which has considered the marriage equality bill has made changes which would enable transgender people to remain married when they officially change their sex...

Mon 27 Feb 2012

  • [name withheld 4] - Q12
    [name withheld] talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • Jasper - Q12
  • Nicolas - Q12
  • Febfasters make final pleas as end nears
    Febfasters are making a final push for donations as they near the end of their month without alcohol, raising money for charities which include Rainbow Youth...

Sun 27 Feb 2011

  • Surviving HIV.. and now the earthquake
    When Tuesday's devastating 6...

Sat 27 Feb 2010

  • Planeload of Kiwis arrive at Sydney Mardi Gras
    Air New Zealand's annual Pink Flight yesterday took hundreds of Kiwis to Sydney Mardi Gras, one of the world's biggest LGBT events...

Fri 27 Feb 2009

  • Women's gym "thinking about" trans client
    A pre-op male-to-female transgender has filed a Human Rights complaint against the owner of a women-only gym in Ontario, Canada...

Wed 27 Feb 2008

  • Rainbow Youth art prize draws in new talent
    Auckland-based LGBT youth support network Rainbow Youth has cast its net wide to find young up-and-coming artist talent to help design new posters which will advertise its activities...

Tue 27 Feb 2007

  • Tim Barnett in Poland and Russia
    Catching up with local gay activists and senior politicians, Rainbow Labour MP Barnett had a busy and thought-provoking time in Warsaw and Moscow...

Mon 27 Feb 2006

  • Tamihere offended by takataapui poster
    A bold new campaign designed to combat HIV and re-assert the masculinity of gay Maori men, or takataapui, has offended self-labelled "red-blooded heterosexual" and dumped former Labour MP John Tamihere...

Sun 27 Feb 2005

  • Vercoe at gay Anglican crisis meeting
    The man who dreams of "a world without gays", Archbishop Vercoe, is representing New Zealand at an Anglican Church crisis meeting in Ireland to determine the fate of gay clergy...

Fri 27 Feb 2004

  • Television news report: rising rates of HIV in New Zealand (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include Michael Stevens and Rachael Le Mesurier. One news, ref F62141.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • NZ sees highest number of new HIV cases ever
    The NZ AIDS Epidemiology Group today released the figures of the new cases of HIV in 2003 and they are the highest ever in the history of the epidemic in NZ...

Thu 27 Feb 2003

  • Mayor advises Banks to acknowledge gays
    Wellington mayor Kerry Prendegast says her Auckland counterpart John Banks needs to show greater willingness to support his city's gay community...

Thu 27 Feb 1997

  • Labour MP Tim Barnett gives his maiden speech in Parliament (New Zealand)
    Links: Parliament

Mon 27 Feb 1978

Fri 27 Feb 1976

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