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Sara(May 2014)

In this podcast Sara talks about being confused about gender identity.

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This podcast was made possible through generous support from the Rule Foundation


In the podcast titled "Sara - South," recorded on May 12, 2014, in Christchurch, Canterbury, the speaker shares personal experiences and thoughts on gender identity confusion and the journey of self-discovery in the context of the 2010s. Over the course of this 24-minute episode, the conversation delves into the speaker's realization of feeling different during a study exchange program, as well as initial attempts to navigate gender identity through an online persona.

The speaker recounts the difficulties faced when trying to establish connections with others and initially portraying oneself as a different gender online to ease social interactions. The exploration of gender identity was sparked by an exchange program and further online experiences, leading to greater comfort when presenting as a male on the internet, contrasting with offline life.

The podcast touches on the broader societal narratives of gender identity and transgender experiences, noting that public perception often expects transgender people to have understood their identity since childhood. Even though the speaker did not experience negative reactions from others upon coming out, there is an acknowledgment of the stereotype that expects every transgender individual’s story to fit this mold, whereas the speaker's journey began later on at around age 20.

Despite connecting with local transgender groups and finding support, the speaker expresses a need for community and belonging. Social media and internet platforms such as Facebook and Tumblr are highlighted as important spaces for building community and finding support among queer and transgender individuals.

The podcast further explores the speaker's challenges, particularly concerning mental health and anxiety, which have been predominant since finishing high school and have complicated their journey. There are also discussions about how perceptions and representations in the media can influence and sometimes stereotype the experiences of transgender and queer people.

The recording concludes with a call for media to diversify its portrayal of queer and transgender lives, urging for recognition that gender identity and sexual orientation are not the same. The speaker stresses the importance of not losing hope and encourages other transgender individuals coming out later in life to believe in their potential for success.

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Record date:12th May 2014
Interviewer:Tabby Besley
Location:Christchurch, Canterbury
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004316).