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Snapshot 2000 - Scott(January 2000)

In this podcast Scott talks about coming out and first sexual experience.

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In the podcast "Snapshot 2000 - Scott (b)", recorded on January 23, 2000, in Sydney, Australia, the speaker recounts their personal journey of self-discovery and the challenges faced while coming to terms with their sexual identity during the 1970s. The speaker knew about their sexual orientation from a young age but struggled with societal expectations and personal turmoil for many years before embracing their truth.

Originally engaged to be married, the speaker found themselves grappling with immense pressure and doubt, which eventually led to the dissolution of their engagement and a subsequent period of heavy drinking and drug use. The move to Sydney—a city renowned for its sizable LGBTQ+ community—provided a semblance of solace and the opportunity for the speaker to find acceptance within themselves and among peers. At the age of 24, the speaker decided to come out, spurred by the visible relief and happiness in friends who had done the same.

The process of coming out was met with mixed reactions, especially within the speaker's family. Their mother, who has been aware of their child's sexual orientation for four years, still struggles to accept it. The speaker chose to respect their mother's wishes by not disclosing their sexual orientation to their father, leading to a familial dynamic marked by secrecy and a lack of complete openness. Despite this challenging circumstance, the speaker expresses the liberating sensation of no longer living a double life and the profound relief experienced after coming out to their family. They recall the outstanding sense of peace that followed the disclosure, which allowed for the best night's sleep they'd had in years.

The speaker also discusses the experience of coming out in a professional setting, specifically within the military, which had only recently legalized homosexuality. Colleagues in the Royal Australian Navy were supportive, marking a significant step in the speaker's personal acceptance and the broader journey towards inclusivity within such institutions.

On the topic of first sexual experiences, the speaker's was fraught with disappointment and emotional turmoil. A night that began with the thrill of a new encounter led to a morning filled with regret and self-reproach. It took the speaker years and a relationship with someone kind and caring to finally adjust to and accept their sexual experiences. They also offer advice to others who might be apprehensive about coming out, emphasizing the importance of supportive friends and the need for balance between haste and undue delay.

The recording, which spans four minutes, is reflective of the speaker's experiences in a period when homosexuality faced significant stigma, and the LGBTQ+ community had to fight for acceptance and rights. The speaker's narrative sheds light on the complexities of their journey—dealing with individual and societal expectations, the often arduous path towards self-acceptance, and the importance of community support.

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Record date:23rd January 2000
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins
Location:Sydney, Australia
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004105).