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Snapshot 2000 - Regis(January 2000)

In this podcast Regis talks about coming out and first sexual experience.

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This summary encapsulates the reflections of an individual named Regis on their journey of self-discovery, acceptance, and the societal challenges experienced during the 1960s in France, as revealed in a recording titled "Snapshot 2000 - Regis." The podcast, lasting 13 minutes, was recorded on January 17, 2000, in France and delves into Regis's experiences coming out and their first sexual encounter.

Regis acknowledged from an early age that there was a difference between them and their peers; this was first observed in the composition of their friendships, leaning heavily towards girls rather than boys. The disparity became more noticeable in their teenage years when their acquaintances would discuss their attraction to girls, whereas Regis found themselves attracted to boys. This internal conflict was heightened by the fact that at the time, in rural France, homosexuality was rarely discussed and often misrepresented in media, making it harder for Regis to find relatable role models or identify openly with their homosexuality.

However, the situation began to change when Regis moved to Paris for studies. This move provided them with the opportunity to live independently and develop a stronger sense of self. They described overcoming the fear of living with other individuals, especially in communal sleeping arrangements, and eventually undertaking compulsory military service without significant issues.

The recorded narrative touches on the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s, labeled as a "homosexual disease," which, despite the negative connotation, opened up discussions about homosexuality for the first time in a broader context. During this era, Regis explored Mini, a precursor to the internet, which facilitated anonymous communication with others across France. This technology allowed Regis to connect with others who shared similar feelings and experiences. Regis found these connections mostly fulfilling but also encountered individuals who struggled deeply with their sexuality, evidenced by instances of depression and attempted suicides.

Coming out was a complex and personal journey for Regis, one still not fully realized with their parents due to anticipated non-acceptance stemming from their parents' view of homosexuality as a disease. While the parents remain unaware, Regis's sibling is informed, and their relationship has not been affected negatively. The significance and impact of such revelations are emphasized by Regis's interactions with their partner's accepting family and the impending move to the French Riviera with their partner, which might necessitate a conversation with their parents.

On the topic of sharing one's sexuality with family, Regis believes there is no one-size-fits-all approach, suggesting that while it can be liberating to be open with loved ones, it is also valid to turn to understanding friends when disclosure to family isn’t a viable option.

Regis candidly shares the details of their initial sexual encounter, which did not match their expectation that love and sex are interconnected. The experience was dissociative, leaving them questioning if sex was meaningful outside the context of love—a stance that still resonates with them.

The podcast offers valuable insights into the personal and societal dynamics experienced by individuals coming to terms with their sexuality against a backdrop of changing norms and attitudes in France. It opens a window into the struggles and internal conflicts on a deeply personal level, providing perspective on the evolution of society's understanding and acceptance of homosexuality.

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Record date:17th January 2000
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins
Location:France, Europe
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004098).