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Rainbow elders panel

Audio from the Rainbow elders panel, held during Wellington's Pride festival at 19 Tory Street on 25 February 2018. The event was organised by InsideOUT and hosted by Maggie Shippam and Rosie Leadbitter. A special thank you to InsideOUT and all of the participants for allowing us to record and share this event.

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  • 0:00:05 - Waiata
  • 0:00:30 - Hosts Maggie Shippam and Rosie Leadbitter
  • 0:02:08 - Panel introductions
  • 0:06:00 - Coming out experiences
  • 0:29:14 - Would you consider yourself an elder, or how would you describe yourself
  • 0:39:00 - Talk about a specific campaign you've been involved in
  • 0:52:10 - Who would you consider to be your elders
  • 0:58:35 - What challenges have you faced as you've got older
  • 1:10:00 - Georgina, can you reflect on going into politics
  • 1:23:15 - A humorous experience

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Record date:25th February 2018
Location:17-19 Tory Street, Wellington
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