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Royale(August 2012)

In this podcast Royale talks about being young, bisexual and panromantic in 2012.

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This abstract summarizes a podcast titled "Royale - Q12," recorded in New Plymouth, Taranaki, on August 10, 2012. The podcast features an individual named Royale discussing their experiences being young, bisexual, and panromantic during the 2010s. Spanning 14 minutes, the content delves into personal aspects of Royale's life, including work, hobbies, and insights into identity and sexuality.

During the podcast, Royale describes life as a weekend waitress with ample free time during weekdays, enjoying hobbies that blend their parents' interests—hunting and fishing from their father and arts and crafts from their mother. Moreover, Royale expresses a love for dancing, singing, playing guitar, and spending time with friends. When discussing musical preferences, Royale humorously mentions a reluctance to choose a favorite song to avoid neglecting others.

Addressing personal disposition, the conversation reveals that while generally striving to maintain a positive, bubbly attitude, the speaker admits to occasional mood swings. The discussion then shifts to gender identity and sexual orientation, where Royale clarifies identification as female and bisexual, yet differentiates this from pansexuality by noting an inclination toward panromanticism—a romantic, non-sexual attraction to individuals regardless of gender identity, including transgender persons.

Reflecting on the realization of same-gender attraction, Royale recounts the confusion experienced during high school. Surrounded by peers of the same gender, Royale felt an initial need to repress these feelings due to a lack of understanding and fear of judgment within their social circle. However, after finding acceptance among friends, some of whom were also part of the LGBTQ community, Royale embraced the bisexual identity. This profound moment of self-acceptance was meaningful and significant.

Despite being open about sexuality with friends, Royale has not fully disclosed this aspect of identity to family members, expressing particular uncertainty about a parent's awareness and the anticipated reaction of a father who is perceived as viewing Royale as an "angel."

The podcast also delves into Royale's relationship history, primarily with males and one transgender individual, and addresses the challenge of not having dated females despite being attracted to them. Royale points out that this aspect of personal experience, or lack thereof, has been unjustly used by others to question the authenticity of bisexual identity. When discussing the LGBTQ community, Royale highlights the importance of support systems, including a local LGBTQ group, which offers a sense of family and friendship, crucial for personal well-being.

Towards the end of the podcast, the interviewer explores deeper topics such as the concept of virginity and methods of meeting others within the LGBTQ community. Royale shares views on virginity as a symbol of purity and describes meeting new people through friends and by being outgoing and friendly.

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Record date:10th August 2012
Interviewer:Benji Watt
Location:New Plymouth, Taranaki
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004008).