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On This Day: 22nd November

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Fri 22 Nov 2019

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  • Decriminalising Homosexuality Law Hangs in the Balance for the Cook Islands
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Thu 22 Nov 2018

  • Australian celebrity radio jock sues station claiming he was 'discriminated for being gay'
    A top rating Australian radio show has been named in a lawsuit against media group ARN alleging homophobic discrimination...
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  • Bill on transgender birth certificates creates big issues
    Transgender issues have developed momentum quickly...
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  • Rejected by family, gay athlete thankful for other support
    BUFFALO, N...
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  • Time to come out: Hi, I’m Sarah, and I’m intersex
    OPINION: So *deep breath* I’m coming out...
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  • PAPA Speak Out About Auckland Pride Parade
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Wed 22 Nov 2017

  • Nearly 21M People Now Have Access to HIV Treatment
    21 November 2017 – About 20...
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  • Robert Webb: How Not to Be A Boy.
    Actor and comedian Robert Webb is best known for his role in the sitcom Peep Show...
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  • Surrogate ordered to hand baby over after she changed her mind
    A surrogate mother has lost custody of her child after a court ruled he would be better placed with the gay couple who arranged for her to have the baby...
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  • Trans Tasman's Political Pulse - 22 November 2017
    AgResearch Science group leader Dr Jolon Dyer, whose team is working on adding value to food exports...
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Tue 22 Nov 2016

  • Dr Peter Saxton Educates on AIDS
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  • The Surrogacy Option: An express Investigation
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  • Transprisoner Put Into Solitary
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  • NPIP protesters arrested, charged with trespass
    Four No Pride In Prisons protesters who occupied the Hamilton office of the Department of Corrections this morning were this afternoon arrested and have been released on bail...

Sun 22 Nov 2015

  • Pro GLBT Goff Announces Mayoral Candidacy, John Banks Still Undecided
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  • Twist Bar’s Launch Party
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  • “Vote with your feet, don’t support these artists”
    With Beenie Man heading to our shores in February, OUTline’s Trevor Easton says the LGBTI community needs to make our voices heard...

Sat 22 Nov 2014

  • Former Leader of US ‘Gay Cure’ Group Marries Male Partner in...
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  • Victorian State Election 2014: Labor Party Makes Pledge to GLBT Community
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  • Welsh rugby to stand against homophobia
    Welsh rugby will make a stand against homophobia at tomorrow morning’s test against the All Blacks...

Fri 22 Nov 2013

  • Wellington to bid farewell to Ambassador
    McWaine and Huebner The capital’s glbti community will get its chance to farewell US Ambassador David Huebner and his partner Duane McWaine at a Rainbow Wellington event next month...

Thu 22 Nov 2012

  • Reflections on Church and State (Auckland) - Marriage Equality (St Matthew-in-the-City, Auckland)
    Audio from a marriage equality discussion held at St-Matthew-in-the-City, Auckland
    Features: Boris Dittrich, Clay Nelson, Louisa Wall
  • Your submissions: Christians for Marriage Equality
    Christians for Marriage Equality - 22nd November 2012    ...

Tue 22 Nov 2011

  • Immigration to allow partners with HIV into NZ
    An inconsistently applied government immigration policy which has frequently seen New Zealand gay and bi men separated from their overseas partners has been amended, in a move which is welcomed by people with HIV...

Mon 22 Nov 2010

  • Television news report: Pope Benedict XVI suggests condoms can be a means of preventing HIV transmission (worldwide)
    Interviewees include Austen Ivereigh and Jason Warriner. TV3 news, ref F203361. One News, ref F203085.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • Pope's condom comments "long overdue"
    The New Zealand AIDS Foundation is welcoming the Vatican's shift in its previously hard-line stance on condom use and sexuality...

Sun 22 Nov 2009

  • Queenstown's first gay bar closes
    Queenstown's first-ever gay bar lasted only eight months – it's now closed and new owners plan to rebrand and reopen it soon as a mainstream venue...

Sat 22 Nov 2008

  • Nelson's gay group makes Christmas plans
    Nelson's Spectrum gay men's group not only has plans for a gathering on Christmas Day, but will also take a picnic trip to Rabbit Island beach on Boxing Day...

Thu 22 Nov 2007

  • Should gay men be allowed to give blood?
    Here's a question for our male readers: Have you had sex with another man sometime in the last ten years? If the answer to this question is YES, then under current New Zealand Blood Service (NZBS) regulations, your blood cannot be taken to help save lives in a blood bank...

Wed 22 Nov 2006

  • NZ study: Educated gays come out later
    Data from a New Zealand study suggests that ‘coming out to yourself' happens later for more educated people...

Tue 22 Nov 2005

  • School discourages same-sex hugs
    Pupils at Fergusson Intermediate, Upper Hutt, are upset after being told by their principal that hugging between girls was not "appropriate behaviour", and threatened with detention if caught...

Mon 22 Nov 2004

  • Gays worthy of death says 12-year-old
    The Civil Union Bill supporters ad has begun to pick up media coverage, with opponent lobbyists – including children – coming out of the woodwork...

Sat 22 Nov 2003

  • Sturm guilty of sexual violation
    Auckland restauranteur Philip David Sturm has been found guilty on ten of twelve charges relating to sexually violation of four young men...

Thu 22 Nov 2001

  • The State of the HIV Nation
    Early in the HIV pandemic the New Zealand AIDS Foundation grew from a gay community determination to come to terms with the presence of a new, frightening, ill-defined illness amongst us...

Mon 22 Nov 1993

  • The Look Out! Gaze In exhibition of gay men's art opens (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The exhibition was held in a Wellington City Council building in Civic Square next to the present Public Relations Office. The exhibition was part of the Devotion festival.
    Links: National Library

Thu 22 Nov 1984

  • Television: Close Up profile on Adrienne Clark, who identifies as a transsexual (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP9067.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Tue 22 Nov 1983

Sat 22 Nov 1975

  • Carmen Rupe interviewed by David Mahoney (1975) (Wellington)
    Carmen Rupe interviewed in 1975 by 2ZM host David Mahoney
    Features: Carmen Rupe

Thu 22 Nov 1945

  • Two women appear in court after being found to be married and living as husband and wife (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The court orders both women to submit themselves to psychiatric treatment.
    Links: Papers Past

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