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On This Day: 19th September

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Sat 19 Sep 2020

  • Nadia Bokody: Simple trick to increase female sex drive
    COMMENT: A few years ago, I wrote a story about coming out of my marriage breakdown and rediscovering my sexuality...
    Links: NZ Herald

Thu 19 Sep 2019

  • National Council of Women votes to include all genders
    Inclusion for trans women/men and non-binary peoples has today been announced as the cornerstone of a new resolution for the National Council of Women New Zealand (NCWNZ)...
    Links: Scoop
  • Rugby: Former Wales captain Gareth Thomas claims newspaper blackmailed him about HIV diagnosis
    Former Welsh rugby captain Gareth Thomas says he was forced to go public with his HIV diagnosis by a tabloid newspaper...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Carmen Rupe Portrait to Joins National Gallery Collection
    Links: Express
  • National Council of Women Moves to Become Trans and Non Binary...
    Links: Express
  • Transgender Conversion Therapy Greatly Increases Suicide
    Links: Express

Wed 19 Sep 2018

  • 25 Famous Women Immortalised in Online Dictionary
    Launched today, 25 new entries to the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography celebrate some of New Zealand’s most influential women...
    Links: Scoop
  • 'Danger Music' by Eddie Ayres: a transgender musician on depression, love and terrorism
    Eddie Ayres struggled with depression and identity for years until realising in his 30s that he was a transgender man...
    Links: RNZ
  • 'Sesame Street' wants to clarify: Bert and Ernie aren't gay
    NEW YORK — The producers of "Sesame Street" want you to know that Bert and Ernie are not, in fact, gay...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Bert and Ernie just good friends
    The organisation behind Sesame Street has denied co-habiting duo Bert and Ernie are gay, following comments by one of the show's writers...
    Links: RNZ
  • Sesame St denies Bert and Ernie are gay
    The organisation behind US children's television series Sesame Street has denied that two of the show's characters Bert and Ernie are gay, after one of the show's writers said they were a couple...
    Links: Stuff

Mon 19 Sep 2016

  • Artists of Outrage
    Links: Express
  • Cover Star Patric Seng Walks in New York Fashion Week
    Links: Express
  • Queer Cabaret with a Side of Quirk
    Links: Express
  • Wellington East Girls hosts first Pride Week
    Wellington East Girls College has held it’s first ever Queer Pride Week with great success...

Sat 19 Sep 2015

  • Reprised: Gay guide to the Rugby World Cup
    It's back! You loved it the first time, so we have updated our unofficial, unreliable, uncensored and probably offensive gay guide to the Rugby World Cup...

Fri 19 Sep 2014

  • Australia: Legislation Introduced to Expunge Historic Homosexual Convictions
    Links: Express
  • Don Giovanni Opens
    Links: Express
  • Gay Rapper Cazwell Releases New Single featuring Bianca Del Rio
    Links: Express
  • Satire: Meet the McCardles
    Need a laugh? Check out this video of a ‘straight couple’ who have been totally ‘cured’ of being gay...

Wed 19 Sep 2012

  • Ed Jenner - Older Gay Men (Auckland)
    Ed Jenner talks about what its like to be an older gay man in 2012.
    Features: Ed Jenner
  • Horowai - Q12
    Horowai talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • Mike - Q12
    Mike talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • NZ, where equality must mean equality
    Sitting in Parliament's public gallery for the first reading of Louisa Wall's Marriage Equality bill, more formally the Marriage Amendment Bill, focussed my mind on what it's all about...

Mon 19 Sep 2011

  • Police fine dozens at gay party in Mumbai
    Indian police have fined more than 130 guests at a gay party in Mumbai, including a leading Bollywood actor...

Sun 19 Sep 2010

  • Walkies
    Are you one of those people who think that if we were supposed to run they'd serve cocktails in sipper bottles? (mmm, not a bad idea actually) but really would like to start increasing your fitness or decreasing your fatness? What about Walkies then? Walking is not just limited to dykes with overly large canines; walking allows you to increase your fitness without having to think about equipment AND if you stick to the footpath you can still sip your Singapore Sling without spilling any down the front of your well thought out training outfit! As long as you get a bit ‘puffed' when doing it you are burning fat and decreasing your chances of heart attacks, a less than pert bottom and other such lifestyle inhibiting conditions...

Sat 19 Sep 2009

  • Rachael's story: A minority within a minority
    A change in gender identity can mean a loss of sexual identity, even total invisibility...

Fri 19 Sep 2008

  • Brokeback author sick of 'pornish' fan fiction
    Brokeback Mountain author Anne Proulx says she's tired of fans sending her sexy rewrites of her cowboy love story...

Wed 19 Sep 2007

  • WGN:
    Theatregoers in Wellington will have an opportunity to donate to the NZ AIDS Foundation's Awhina Centre during the run of the AIDS-themed play “Angels In America”, which begins in its run at the Downstage Theatre next week...

Tue 19 Sep 2006

  • Theatre: Four Sides to a Story
    Alleluya Bar and Café, Sunday, 17 September In the Shape of a Square is a new, experimental theatre company, whose work is largely to be GLBT-themed...

Sun 19 Sep 2004

  • Quality of CU submissions questioned
    Questions have been raised about the quality and context of submissions made against the Civil Union Bill to the parliamentary select committee, following a press release by United Future which claims 95 per cent of the submissions have been against...

Fri 19 Sep 2003

  • No Faggs in Ponsonby
    Faggs Coffee may have to face an inquiry from the Advertising Standards Authority over their latest advertising campaign, which uses homophobic humour to distinguish the brand from other “pretentious” brands...

Thu 19 Sep 2002

  • Auckland wrong not to support Hero Parade
    South Australia's tourism minister says Auckland`s political leaders should realise the money-making capabilities of a gay and lesbian festival in the region...

Fri 19 Sep 1986

  • Television news report: US scientists expected to announce the expanded use of an HIV drug (United States of America)
    Eyewitness news, ref F58151.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Thu 19 Sep 1985

Thu 19 Sep 1974

  • Television news report: an interview with a visiting moral educationalist (New Zealand)
    Teaching morals and sex to school children. Nationwide, ref: TZP123086.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Sun 19 Sep 1971

  • Ngahuia Te Awekotuku leads women's liberation in a Suffrage Day of Mourning (New Zealand)

Tue 19 Sep 1893

  • New Zealand becomes the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote in parliamentary elections (New Zealand)
    Links: NZ History, Papers Past

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