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On This Day: 21st June

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Sun 21 Jun 2020

  • Transgender Group Calls For Action On Human Rights Commission Prism Report
    Transgender group call for action on Human Rights Commission Report on Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics Agender NZ, a New Zealand trans group, welcomed Saturday’s release of the Human Rights Commission (HRC) Prism ...
    Links: Scoop

Fri 21 Jun 2019

  • A gay first lady? Yes, there's already been one, and here are her love letters.
    In the summer of 1910, Evangeline Simpson Whipple told the caretaker of her home not to move anything in her absence...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Dateline Pacific for 21 June 2019
    The highest number of people in Samoa for five years put their names into the hat for this year's ballot to get an opportunity to live and work in New Zealand; A Pacific climate change specialist from SPREP says there is a groundswell of support for the region's stance at the latest global talks he's attending in Germany; Last week the Frank Bainimarama-led government delivered its budget for the coming year on the back of growth it described as the "Bainimarama boom"...
    Links: RNZ
  • Global Fund seeking billions to continue health aid
    For the past 17 years the Global Fund has provided billions of dollars around the world to help overcome HIV, malaria and tuberculosis...
    Links: RNZ
  • The US once had a gay first lady, the truth revealed in her love letters to a woman
    When wealthy US widow Evangeline Whipple died she was buried next to the love her life, former first lady Rose Cleveland...
    Links: Stuff
  • Israel Folau Sets up GoFundMe for Legal Case Against Rugby Australia
    Links: Express

Thu 21 Jun 2018

  • Lately with Karyn Hay
    Drop in HIV diagnoses...
    Links: RNZ

Wed 21 Jun 2017

  • Authors Release Gay Fairytale ‘Promised Land’ in Te Reo Māori
    Links: Express
  • Grey Lynn Author Wins Gold
    Links: Express
  • Xbox Update Introduces Gender-Neutral Clothing Options For Avatars
    Links: Express

Tue 21 Jun 2016

  • European Union Unanimously Backs GLBT Rights
    Links: Express
  • Rainbow Auckland Gala Extravaganza Commemorates HLR30
    Links: Express
  • Town Hall to be Doused in Colour to Celebrate HLR30
    Links: Express
  • Turkey: Tear gas, plastic bullets break up parade
    Turkish police broke up a gay pride parade with tear gas and plastic bullets at the weekend after the marchers defied a government ban...

Sun 21 Jun 2015

  • Tighe Instone - homosexual law reform (Wellington)
    Tighe Instone talks about being part of various groups that rallied in support of homosexual law reform.
    Features: Tighe Instone
  • 300,000 Gather in Rome to Rally Against Same Sex Civil Unions
    Links: Express
  • Todd Emerson’s Gritty New Role
    Links: Express
  • Becoming mums: A sense of community
    Working for an organisation like GayNZ...

Sat 21 Jun 2014

  • Close Encounters – Legend Bar and Nightclub
    Links: Express
  • Flirty Fridays – Eagle Bar
    Links: Express
  • Sexy Solstice – Family Bar
    Links: Express
  • Watch: hilarious flight attendant
    Here's an in-flight safety speech unlike any you would have heard before! GayNZ...

Fri 21 Jun 2013

  • Artist Meg Torwl dies
    Links: North Shore News,
  • The Pitchfork Disney: Marvellously warped
    The Pitchfork Disney The Loft at Q, Auckland 20 June 2013 - Reviewed by Jacqui Stanford The Pitchfork Disney is brilliantly sick, stunningly acted and has a set that will have you entranced from the moment you step into The Loft at Auckland’s Q Theatre...

Thu 21 Jun 2012

  • US: Gay conservative group endorses Romney
    Mitt Romney A group of gay American conservatives say they will endorse likely Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney...

Mon 21 Jun 2010

  • Strategic plan delay about "getting it right"
    NZAF Trust Board Chair Alastair Cameron The New Zealand Aids Foundation's strategic plan for the next five years has been delayed, which the Trust Board Chair says is simply because the board wants to get it right...

Sun 21 Jun 2009

  • Trial for Brown killing starts tomorrow
    Hungarian tourist Ferdinand Ambach will appear before the Auckland high court tomorrow on the first day of his trial for the alleged murder of elderly gay Onehunga man Ronald Brown...

Sat 21 Jun 2008

  • Tasmania: Greens to push gay marriage bill
    Tasmania has picked up the baton of same-sex marriage, with the Greens to introduce an enabling bill into the state's parliament, reports the AAP...

Thu 21 Jun 2007

  • Time flies with Ak's Gay and Lesbian Singers
    Since Heather McDowell joined Auckland's Gay and Lesbian Singers, from the schmaltzy to the serious, from the camp to the cute, from the frivolous to the fun, she's sung it all...

Tue 21 Jun 2005

  • Just who is Pope Benedict XVI?
    The short answer is Pope Benedict XVI (aka Joseph Ratzinger) is a strident social conservative authoritarian, with a negative history of statements and actions against lesbians and gay men...

Mon 21 Jun 2004

  • Herald a stealthy mouthpiece for moral right
    Concerns have been raised that the NZ Herald is turning into a stealthy mouthpiece for the moral right in the lead-up to the first vote in Parliament on civil unions...

Sat 21 Jun 2003

  • Last minute fight to stop Barnett's prostitute bill
    Opponents are mounting a final campaign to stop the decriminalisation of prostitution, detailed in a new parliamentary bill sponsored by Labour MP Tim Barnett...

Wed 21 Jun 1995

  • The Dunedin Pride festival is held (Dunedin, New Zealand)
    The festival runs from 21 June - 15 July 1995.

Thu 21 Jun 1984

Sun 21 Jun 1981

  • Gay Pride Week takes place (New Zealand)
    A poster has the text "After thousands of years in hiding, we are moving into the light. Our right to live, our right to love". The week runs until 28 June.
    Links: Te Papa

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