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On This Day: 20th June

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Thu 20 Jun 2019

  • Drama series Pose boasts the largest number of trans actors in a TV show
    Trans actor Dominique Jackson talks ballroom culture in the early 90s...
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  • Wife Swap NZ: A gay couple switch lives with a Christian family
    There are two staged scenes in each household where the producers have really, really tried to get that drama to come out on screen...
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  • World-Renowned LGBT Expert Coming to Auckland And Wellington
    The Holocaust Centre of New Zealand (HCNZ) is excited to welcome Professor William Spurlin, an international expert in LGBT culture and literature, including the treatment of gays and lesbians during the Holocaust, to speak at its second forum for discussion ...
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Wed 20 Jun 2018

  • Lately With Karyn Hay for Wednesday 20 June
    Tonight on the show :A new report shows that for the first time since 2011, the number of annual HIV diagnoses in New Zealand has fallen...
    Links: RNZ
  • Major reduction in numbers of people diagnosed with HIV
    Associate Health Minister Julie Anne Genter is pleased that new results show a significant drop in the number of people diagnosed with HIV after increases for the previous five years...
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  • New Zealand HIV Diagnoses Dropping
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  • Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey gets with Avan Jogia in New Series
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Tue 20 Jun 2017

  • Athlete Blake Skjellerup says leading sporting bodies still aren't doing enough to counteract homophobia (New Zealand)
    Stuff reports Skjellerup saying "I still think within the professional sporting environment in New Zealand there is a fear by administration and athletes to step outside of the status quo, and to go against what has always been done, or in this case, not be done."
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  • Celebrate Pride Month with Your Very Own Rainbow Dong!
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Mon 20 Jun 2016

  • Drag for Orlando Benefit at Family Bar
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  • Flash on BDSM with Antony Kitchener
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  • Frisky Friday at Eagle Bar
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  • Sexy Bugs: Disco Bloodbath at Whammy Bar!
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  • Teargas at Turkish Trans Pride Rally
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  • The Samoa Observer's apology - word for word
    The following is the full text of the explanation and apology printed in this morning's Samoa Observer in response to growing national and international outrage over its publishing on the front page of the Sunday Samoan edition a picture of dead transwoman Jeanine Tuivaiki in the state she was found after what is increasingly being regarded as her suicide...

Sat 20 Jun 2015

  • NZ rates of HIV-associated TB are low
    A new study has found New Zealand continues to have a low incidence of HIV-associated TB...

Fri 20 Jun 2014

  • Any Day Now Wellington
    Links: Express
  • LYC Tours Christchurch
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  • Ru Paul’s Adore Delano to Grace the Stage at Auckland’ Legend...
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  • On 100% OK: Toni Duder
    Toni's 100% OK selfie Rainbow Youth’s Toni Duder hopes the 100% OK campaign will help make an impact on things like being able to go to the doctor without it being assumed she is straight and needs condoms...

Thu 20 Jun 2013

  • Positive marriage moves coming from Sth Aus
    File Photo Marriage equality advocates have welcomed majority support in the South Australian Upper House for a motion congratulating New Zealand’s Parliament on achieving marriage equality...

Wed 20 Jun 2012

  • John Raines - audio preservation
    John Raines talks about preserving audio/visual material for the GLBT Historical Society in San Francisco.
    Features: John Raines
  • The health of younger lesbians
    A PhD researcher is looking for lesbians aged 18-24 to take part in a study about their health and wellbeing, hoping to address a gap in understanding and hopefully contribute to policy to meet their needs...

Mon 20 Jun 2011

  • Reshuffles continue on Auckland's night scene
    The changes on K' Rd are dizzying After buying Lolabar on Ponsonby Rd, gay bar owner Wayne Clark is expanding once again - but this time it's just next door...

Sun 20 Jun 2010

  • The 'Real' L Word
    Anyone who was a fan of lesbian series The L Word (and managed to stick with it from the good times right through to its painfully bizarre final season) will be intrigued to hear its creators have made a reality series...

Sat 20 Jun 2009

  • Rainbow Youth: New Board to meet urgently
    Just minutes after Rainbow Youth's new Executive Board and officeholders were voted in, plans were in place to meet urgently on Monday to discuss the LGBT youth support organisation's agenda for the next 12 months - its 20th anniversary year...

Fri 20 Jun 2008

  • What's ahead in MP Louisa Wall's diary?
    Rainbow Labour crewmember Louisa Wall Rainbow Labour's newest MP checks her e-mail inbox and finds invites to LGBT community events she'll attend over the next few months...

Wed 20 Jun 2007

  • UK: Prison after teacher
    A 30-year-old Dorset teacher has been sentenced to one year in prison after being found guilty of conducting a six-month sexual affair with a 15-year-old pupil...

Mon 20 Jun 2005

  • Sizzling lesbian drama for TV1 Sundays
    New Zealand fans of lesbian literary idol Sarah Waters can snuggle up for the BBC adaptation of her acclaimed historical novel Fingersmith this month...

Sun 20 Jun 2004

  • Wilde remembers death threats
    Former MP Fran Wilde can't understand why there is such a fuss over civil unions, despite being witness to Nazi-style demonstrations in 1985 when she sponsored the Homosexual Law Reform Bill...

Fri 20 Jun 2003

  • I'll never plead guilty again, says Hill
    Convicted dangerous dog owner Brian Hill now regrets pleading guilty in the Carolina Anderson mauling case, saying that he is still convinced that his dog was not responsible...

Thu 20 Jun 2002

  • Vote For Me, I'm Honest!
    We are now on the election roller-coaster ride until the 27th of July...

Mon 20 Jun 1983

  • Television: Meetings between a massage parlour owner and his accountant bugged by tax inspectors (Auckland, New Zealand)
    ref: TZP107574. An official Inland Revenue Department inquiry into why Aucklander and massage parlour owner Ronald Kingnsnorth's meetings had been bugged by tax inspectors.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Fri 20 Jun 1980

  • MP Warren Freer stops working on a Bill that would have adapted the law relating to sexual acts between consenting males (New Zealand)
    Links: Hansard

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