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On This Day: 9th June

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Tue 9 Jun 2020

  • All Blacks, Hurricanes half back TJ Perenara supports BLM
    All Blacks and Hurricanes halfback TJ Perenara has spoken out about his support for the Black Lives Matter movement...
    Links: RNZ
  • We Need to Talk About JK Rowling
    Links: Express
  • Widespread Criticism of EU Commission’s Response to Poland’s LGBTQ-Free Zones
    Links: Express
  • Youth Sector Rainbow Collective question government’s 2020 Budget
    Links: Express

Sat 9 Jun 2018

  • Sacked HIV teacher: Boss says they had to tell parents her medical details because of 'danger' and 'fear'
    An early childhood education company told parents of children the daycare manager was HIV-positive to dispel any "fear" they might have over possible "danger" to their children...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • All EU Nations Ordered to Give Equal Residency Rights to LGBT+...
    Links: Express

Fri 9 Jun 2017

  • Aussie Horror Monster Becomes Unlikely Queer Icon
    Links: Express

Thu 9 Jun 2016

  • RY reaffirms dedication to rural community
    RainbowYOUTH are dedicated to reaching out to rural communities around the country and are asking for support continue to do so...

Tue 9 Jun 2015

  • Bill Logan - homosexual law reform (Wellington)
    Bill Logan talks about being part of various groups that rallied in support of homosexual law reform.
    Features: Bill Logan
  • Gambia Rejects US Criticism on GLBT Rights Record, Expels EU Ambassador
    Links: Express
  • Iggy Azalea Forced to Cancel Pittsburgh Pride Performance Amid Allegations of...
    Links: Express
  • Participants Sought For Groundbreaking New Research on GLBT Relationships
    Links: Express
  • Police and Protestors Face Off at Site of Sydney Transphobic Attack
    Links: Express
  • Want to join a glbt/queer writing group?
    Auckland based writer/editor Lynne Jamneck is interested in establishing a GLBT/Queer writing group with a particular focus on genre writers...

Mon 9 Jun 2014

  • Book Review: Two Boys Kissing
    Links: Express
  • Changing Times
    Links: Express
  • FOODIE BITES: Best of The Best
    Links: Express
  • Penny Dreadful coming to pay TV channel
    Reeve Carney and Josh Hartnett get it on in Penny Dreadful A new horror series featuring monsters and 19th century fiction characters, including Oscar Wilde creation Dorian Gray, is coming to Sky’s Soho Channel later this month...

Sun 9 Jun 2013

  • Bruce Kilmister profile (Auckland)
    Bruce Kilmister talks about his childhood, the early years of HIV in New Zealand, the NZ AIDS Foundation, Hero and his work with Body Positive.
    Features: Bruce Kilmister
  • Watch: Kiss this!
    Two male students were met with cheers of support when they started making out next to a homophobic preacher at a California university...

Sat 9 Jun 2012

  • Wall to take on Colin Craig in marriage debate
    Louisa Wall Lesbian Labour MP Louisa Wall is hoping for a 'reasoned and rational debate' when she comes up against Conservative Party leader Colin Craig on Q+A on Sunday morning...

Thu 9 Jun 2011

  • Wellington Outgames net a good surplus
    Hopkins-Burns and Hindley The highly-successful Outgames held in Wellington in March have brought in a financial surplus which community groups will be able to apply for...

Wed 9 Jun 2010

  • Waka ama's golden girl
    Eve Tregerthan You wouldn't know Eve Tregerthan was 61...

Tue 9 Jun 2009

  • Sydney: Fake model scout makes teen strip
    A 'chubby' Sydney man in his 50's is in trouble with New South Wales police for posing as a model scout and convincing a 19-year-old man to take his clothes off...

Mon 9 Jun 2008

  • USA: Gay bishop gets civil unioned
    The openly gay US Episcopal bishop at the centre of the Anglican church's global battle over homosexuality has entered into a civil union with his long-term partner at a private ceremony...

Sat 9 Jun 2007

  • Plans for NZ lesbian rest home network
    A New Zealand network of Elders Villages for lesbians is currently in discussion and planning stages, and interested people are invited to get in touch with their thoughts...

Fri 9 Jun 2006

  • Out Takes explains motivation for petition
    Last Thursday the Out Takes Reel Queer Film Festival launched two petitions in conjunction with Rainbow Labour to address the mounting concern surrounding their prize trip to Fiji, where gay men are liable to be arrested for consensual sex...

Thu 9 Jun 2005

  • Who's filtering you? A quick and easy research project
    If you have legitimate access to the internet facilities of a publicly funded or operated institution such as a government agency, school, college or university we'd like you to search glbt-related words to see what's being blocked (or let through) by moral watchdogs...

Wed 9 Jun 2004

  • Readers disgusted with Herald over Vercoe
    The NZ Herald is in hot water with its readers over Saturday's screaming "World Without Gays" front page headline...

Mon 9 Jun 2003

  • Ellis "astounded" at support for petition
    Peter Ellis is "absolutely astounded" at the support high profile NZers and members of the public have given for the petition that hopes to force a Royal Commision of Inquiry into his 1993 convictions...

Fri 9 Jun 1989

Mon 9 Jun 1980

  • Television: performance of excerpts from play "The Case of Katherine Mansfield" (New Zealand)
    ref: TZP1048916.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Fri 9 Jun 1933

  • Te Ahurangi Matene (a.k.a. Rosanna Laihae) appears in court charged with falsely representing himself to be a woman (Auckland, New Zealand)
    Matene's lawyer submits that Matene had every intention of paying money owing, and so therefore a fraud charge could not stand. The case is dismissed.
    Links: Papers Past

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