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Lois(March 2012)

In this podcast Lois talks about what it's like to be an older lesbian in 2012.

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This summary covers the podcast where Lois, from Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand, shares insights into the experience of being an older lesbian as of the year 2012. In the podcast recorded on March 22nd, 2012, Lois reflects on reaching the age of 70, expressing astonishment at this milestone and contemplates the dissonance between their personal perception of age and societal expectations.

Lois candidly discusses the challenges of aging, including the physical "mechanical failures" like arthritis, but distinguishes these from overall health, which they describe as good. There's an acknowledgment of the increasing number of funerals attended, a normal part of aging, and the impact of losing friends, which is not unique to the lesbian experience but seems amplified within their community.

A segment of the conversation turns to the quality of friendships, highlighting a likelihood for older lesbians to cultivate deeper relationships, including with ex-partners, as compared to their heterosexual counterparts. They suggest that their community may have an advantage in the realm of companionship and support, especially for those without children.

The discussion then delves into family dynamics. Lois values their independence and the life built in Wellington and does not wish to relocate closer to their children in Auckland. They recognize that close friendships and the community in Wellington play a significant role in their decision to stay, underscoring the importance of a support system consisting of both friends and family.

The narrative transitions to Lois's personal interests and activities, including walking, piano lessons, and travel. Retirement has offered them opportunities to explore passions and enjoy life, although they recognize that financial limitations can impact the extent to which some activities are enjoyed.

Lois also reflects on past political involvement, noting a decreased level of political engagement currently. There's an interesting tangent on their effort to declutter, including an encounter with LILAC (Lesbian Information, Library and Archives Centre), which indicates a past period of greater activism and community involvement.

Towards the end, Lois expresses a sense of obligation to revisit and rework a previous compilation of oral histories, considering its potential significance to the understanding of lesbian communities and histories. Despite modesty about their current political activities, they still demonstrate deep political interests, particularly regarding environmental and governmental issues.

This abstract reflects the multifaceted nature of aging within the lesbian community as shared by Lois, emphasizing the significance of health, community support, personal satisfaction through hobbies and interests, changes in family dynamics, shifts in political and social engagement, and the enduring importance of legacy.

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Record date:22nd March 2012
Interviewer:Prue Hyman
Location:Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-003953).