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NAGS Nelson

In this podcast Wai Ho talks to Tabby Besley about NAGS in Nelson and an unidentified person talks about a workshop on sexuality and gender.

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This summary provides an overview of an audio recording titled "NAGS Nelson - KAHA Youth Hui 2009," a 5-minute podcast which involves an interview with Tabby Besley conducted by Wai Ho. Recorded at Tapu Te Ranga Marae, Wellington, on January 23rd, 2009, it captures a conversation about the experiences of individuals within the Nawland Alliance of Gays and Straights (NAGS)—a queer alliance group in a college located in Nelson.

In the interview, Besley discusses their involvement with NAGS, starting from when they joined the school 200 years ago. The group enjoys considerable support from both the school staff and students, as illustrated by a recent initiative where they made a new banner filled with signatures from around the school—particularly the juniors. Family support is demonstrated through the active involvement of Besley's younger sibling and mother, who is an employee of the school and contributes to the cause.

The conversation delves into Besley's broader engagement with queer communities, including their attendance at the SS4Q in 2007, and covers a workshop they attended that deals with positive and negative messages surrounding queer youth. Throughout, Besley conveys the notion that despite the potential for negative messages and challenges, the response has been to meet them with laughter or clever retorts, and they have not experienced significant negativity themselves.

Additionally, the unidentified individual who joins the interview discusses a workshop centered on the complexity of sexuality and gender labels. The discussion highlights the difficulties people face due to a lack of understanding or exposure to diverse identities, particularly within the transgender community. There is an emphasis on the wide variance within the trans community, the misconceptions held by people based on limited portrayals in media, and the challenges faced by those who seek to transition amidst rigid public perceptions.

The conversation also addresses gender stereotypes and the pressures of conforming to binary gender roles. The limit these expectations place on individuals is highlighted, alongside the struggle of challenging entrenched norms within society. The workshop session seems to have facilitated a sense of community among diverse trans individuals, emphasizing the importance of such gatherings where individuals can find support and pride in their identities.

The audio recording shared by Out There!—the National Queer Youth Development Project—provides an insight into the growth and support structures for queer youth, the educational discourse on gender, identity, and coming out, as well as the impact of societal expectations on queer individuals. The session ends on a note of gratitude and celebration of the diversity and resilience in the trans community.

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Record date:23rd January 2009
Interviewer:Wai Ho
Location:Tapu te Ranga Marae, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-003828).