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HIV/AIDS panel discussion

Audio from a panel discussion on HIV/AIDS, held at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington on 30 April 2014. On the panel: Ron Irvine (Body Positive Wellington), Vaughan Meneses (New Zealand AIDS Foundation), Jane Bruning (Positive Women Inc.), Marama Pala (INA [Maori, Indigenous and South Pacific] HIV and AIDS Foundation), Dr Nigel Raymond (Infectious Disease Specialist) and Carl Greenwood (chair). A number of comments in this recording relate to film clips that were shown on the evening but are not included in this recording.

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The abstract of the recording titled "HIV/AIDS panel discussion" held at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington underscores a comprehensive and candid conversation among experts and activists involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Panelists included Ron Irvine from Body Positive Wellington, Vaughan Meneses from the New Zealand AIDS Foundation, Jane Bruning from Positive Women Inc., Marama Pala from INA HIV and AIDS Foundation, Dr. Nigel Raymond an Infectious Disease Specialist, and Carl Greenwood, the chair of the event who has extensive experience in HIV/AIDS prevention.

The recording captures a multifaceted discussion, highlighting the history of needle exchange programs in New Zealand which successfully minimized HIV spread among needle users, personal accounts of living with HIV for over two decades from several panelists, and the ongoing challenges of advocacy and stigma.

Throughout the panel, the significance of combating stigma, both within healthcare settings and societal perceptions, remained a focal point. Illustrative cases shared by the participants underscored the harmful effects of stigma on individuals living with HIV, such as receiving subpar healthcare services, being ostracized in educational settings, and facing discrimination in employment.

The panel addressed the shift from a frequently fatal AIDS diagnosis to managing HIV as a chronic health condition, thanks to advancements in treatment. There was a consensus on the necessity of early diagnosis, linking newly diagnosed individuals to appropriate care, and the importance of accessible and empathetic counseling services in managing the virus effectively.

The conversation navigated the complexities of delivering adequate support to people living with HIV, particularly those in remote or rural areas, and acknowledged economic factors as significant barriers to effective healthcare and support.

Looking towards the future, discussed were changes in the language used to discuss HIV/AIDS, with some suggesting a move away from the term 'AIDS' due to its strong association with stigma and mortality, while others emphasized the gravity of AIDS and the ongoing global impact it has, advocating for ongoing education and awareness.

The summary of the event reflects an ongoing commitment to public dialogue, education and the improvement of services for people living with HIV/AIDS. The event concluded with an encouragement for continued discussion in both formal and casual settings, to maintain momentum in the fight against HIV, address stigma and discrimination, and promote better understanding and support for those affected.

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Record date:30th April 2014
Location:New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004300).