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Harry Dynes valedictorian speech

Harry Dynes delivers his valedictorian speech as head boy of Blue Mountain College in 2023. During the speech Dynes talks about his sexuality, coming out publicly as gay for the first time. A special thanks to Harry and family for allowing this recording to shared.

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Harry Dynes' valedictorian speech at Blue Mountain College in 2023 is a profound narrative of personal growth and self-discovery. Dynes begins by expressing gratitude towards their family and influential school figures for their unwavering support. They delve into the struggles with anxiety, illustrating this with a personal anecdote about a fear of opening gates, a seemingly minor issue that symbolized their larger battles. The role of head boy, they explain, compelled them to confront these anxieties and step outside their comfort zone.

A pivotal moment in the speech is Dynes' public acknowledgment of their gay identity, a secret they had guarded since childhood. This revelation marks a significant step in their journey towards authenticity and self-acceptance. Dynes emphasizes the importance of being surrounded by a supportive community, highlighting how this environment enabled them to reveal their true self. The speech is not just a personal narrative but also a testament to the power of a nurturing community in fostering individual growth and self-acceptance.

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Record date:12th December 2023
Audio courtesy of:Harry Dynes
Location:Blue Mountain College, Tapanui
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