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Charles Allan Aberhart memorial

Audio from the memorial event to honour Allan Aberhart, on the 60th anniversary of his killing in Hagley Park. The memorial took place in Hagley Park at 7am on 23 January 2024. A special thank you to the Rule Foundation for funding the recording of this significant event, and to the Aberhart whānau for allowing the memorial to be recorded and shared.

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  • 00:01 - Ngāi Tūāhuriri, mana whenua
  • 04:10 - Loren Aberhart
  • 08:24 - Denis Aberhart
  • 22:04 - MP Grant Robertson
  • 26:44 - Kelly Hopkins
  • 28:45 - Amy Carter, Chief Executive - The Christchurch Foundation
  • 31:13 - Loren Aberhart
  • 32:50 - Ngāi Tūāhuriri closing and waiata


The memorial for Charles Allan Aberhart, held in Hagley Park North, Christchurch, on January 23, 2024, marked the 60th anniversary of Aberhart's tragic death. This event featured speakers including family members and notable community figures, reflecting on both Aberhart's life and the broader societal impact of his death.

The memorial began with a welcome from mana whenua and an acknowledgment of the presence of members of parliament, local councilors, and the queer community. Loren Aberhart, the great-niece of Charles Allan Aberhart, opened the proceedings, emphasizing the event's purpose not just to remember the past but to acknowledge the influence of Aberhart's untimely death on New Zealand's social and legal landscape. Loren acknowledged the family members present, many of whom were visiting the site for the first time, as well as special guests including Mayor Phil Mauger, MPs, and councilors.

Denis Aberhart, speaking on behalf of the family, shared personal memories of Allan, portraying him as a quiet, kind, and multi-talented individual, well-loved in his community. He detailed the circumstances of Aberhart's death, a victim of a hate crime, and the subsequent trial that failed to deliver justice. Denis highlighted the societal changes since then, including the expungement of Allan's prior conviction for an act that is no longer illegal, a significant step in acknowledging and correcting past injustices.

MP Grant Robertson spoke about the importance of Allan’s story in the broader context of New Zealand’s queer community. He expressed gratitude to the Aberhart family for sharing Allan's story and acknowledged the role of Allan and others in the progress achieved in LGBTQ+ rights.

Kelly Hopkins, a community member underscored the ongoing challenges faced by the queer community, including their own experience of a hate crime. This testimony highlighted the continued relevance of Allan's story in contemporary struggles for equality and safety.

The event concluded with announcements about initiatives to honor Allan's legacy, including a fund established by the Christchurch Foundation and the Rule Foundation to support the queer community, ensuring that Allan's story continues to inspire positive change.

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Record date:23rd January 2024
Location:Hagley Park North, Christchurch
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