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Auckland Community Church(February 2013)

In this podcast Vaughan Shepherd, chairperson of Auckland Community Church, talks about its history and what the church and faith communities can offer.

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This summary provides an encapsulation of an interview held on February 10, 2013, where Vaughan Shepherd, the chairperson of Auckland Community Church, located at St Matthew-in-the-City in Auckland, New Zealand, discusses the church's role in the LGBTQ+ community and its history. Auckland Community Church serves as an inclusive space where individuals from various faith backgrounds and sexual orientations come together, averaging a turnout of about 40 to 50 attendees for evening services.

The church distinguishes itself by practicing non-denominational Christianity, welcoming all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation, and advocating for a deeper understanding of God's love as inclusive and unconditional. Auckland Community Church stands on the premise that spiritual exclusion of LGBTQ+ individuals is contrary to the teachings of Christ, who emphasized love and acceptance for all. This approach contrasts with more traditional religious institutions that have historically marginalized LGBTQ+ communities.

Despite operating within the same building as St Matthew-in-the-City, an Anglican church, Auckland Community Church operates autonomously, though both share progressive views on LGBTQ+ issues within the context of faith. Leadership from Auckland Community Church is involved in advocating for the acceptance of LGBTQ+ ministers and supporting their community's spiritual needs.

The church's origins trace back to a time before significant legislative changes in relation to LGBTQ+ rights, with St Matthew recognizing a need within the LGBTQ+ community for a tailored faith service. This led to the creation of what eventually blossomed into Auckland Community Church.

Globally, Auckland Community Church has connections to the Metropolitan Community Church, a larger network of gay-friendly churches, indicating a possibility of future collaboration between both entities in Auckland. While the Church does not dictate St Matthew's public engagements, such as billboards, it does endorse their intent to foster dialogue around LGBTQ+ inclusion within the faith community, despite differing opinions among members.

During the interview, Shepherd shares a personal journey from a closeted individual who found sanctuary within the church to becoming a figure leading the congregation. This transformation underlines the Church's impact on individual lives by providing a space for reflection, acceptance, and the fostering of spirituality.

Shepherd also elaborates on the various outreach initiatives the church is involved in, including supporting incarcerated individuals and advocating for marriage equality, showcasing the Church's engagement beyond its walls.

The church's diverse demographic—from young individuals seeking refuge from condemnation in other religious environments to elderly members exploring their spirituality—reflects its embracing ethos. Shepherd emphasizes the importance of hope, love, and the expression of one's true self, which forms the cornerstone of both personal belief and the Church's overarching message.

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Record date:10th February 2013
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins
Location:St Matthew-in-the-City, Auckland
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004224).