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Sam Orchard and co

In this podcast Sam Orchard, Joey MacDonald and Nick McMillan from New Zealand talk about attending the human rights conference.

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In a recorded conversation at Wellington Town Hall on March 16, 2011, Sam Orchard, Joey MacDonald, and Nick McMillan discuss their experiences attending a human rights conference and the state of transgender support and issues in New Zealand and the wider Asia Pacific region. The interviewer, Gareth Watkins, facilitates a conversation that revolves around activism, identity, inclusivity, and the challenges faced by the transgender community.

Orchard, a youth worker and comic book writer who identifies as a transgender man, showcases passion for the event, explaining that it provides a vital space for learning and sharing best practices in queer and trans youth support. MacDonald, a master's student in gender studies, shares their academic interest in transmasculinity and storytelling, and expresses a keenness to engage with the experiences of others as part of their personal and educational growth. McMillan, introduced as a facilitator for Forge, a Christchurch-based trans youth support group, expresses an intention to establish connections with other trans individuals and support networks throughout New Zealand and the broader region.

The trio touches on the diversity within the trans community, noting variations in experiences among different ethnicities, social classes, and generations. The concept of "trans" is unpacked as both an umbrella term and a deeply individual identity, representative of a wide spectrum of people. They reflect on the particular cultural and emotional resonance the term holds within various groups, emphasizing the need for a collective sense of 'family' while also recognizing unique experiences. This point is vividly illustrated by an Asia Pacific flavor event attended during the conference that highlighted the multifaceted nature of trans experiences in different regions.

Furthermore, the interviewees discuss the palpable isolation some trans people feel in parts of New Zealand due to factors like geographical remoteness and societal attitudes, with McMillan remarking on the particular challenges faced by the trans community in Christchurch. They delve into the concerns of generational divides, specifically the worry among older lesbian women about diminishing community numbers as some lesbian women transition to becoming trans men. Through discourse, they stress the importance of intergenerational links and the continuity of diverse identities, rather than a binary transition from one generation to the next.

Throughout the interview, the guests reflect on the significance of the human rights conference in facilitating connections and dialogues that might not otherwise occur. They discuss how being present in a diverse and inclusive environment can challenge individual perspectives, inciting growth through vulnerability and empathy. They juxtapose the uplifting feeling of unity and shared experiences with the sobering realities some community members face, including legal issues and healthcare disparities.

In closing, the interviewees are asked to contemplate what they hope to take away from the conference. MacDonald states a desire for deeper knowledge and actionable inspiration, while McMillan aims for network expansion and practical information to address challenges in the workplace. Lastly, the interviewees address future audiences, expressing hope that the struggles and advancements of the past will be remembered and will continue to fuel progress and advocacy within the trans and wider LGBTQ+ communities.

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Record date:16th March 2011
Interviewer:Gareth Watkins
Location:Wellington Town Hall, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004190).