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Grant Robertson(March 2011)

In this podcast MP Grant Robertson talks about attending the human rights conference.

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This summary reflects the content of a recorded interview with Member of Parliament Grant Robertson, which took place at the Wellington Town Hall. Conducted by Jim Whitman, the interview spanned approximately two minutes and delved into a discussion regarding the progression of LGBTQIA+ rights and the optimism for their future in New Zealand.

Throughout the interview, the parliamentarian expresses a belief in the kindness and fairness inherent to New Zealand’s populace but emphasizes the importance of continuous effort and vigilance in the advancement of rights for the LGBTQIA+ community. Various legislative changes that had been implemented, such as civil unions and modifications to relationship laws, are touched upon as incremental steps towards equality. Conversely, adoption laws are pointed out as a sphere necessitating thorough revision. It's highlighted that New Zealand's Adoption Act of 1957 is outdated, showing a stark contrast with contemporary practices where adoptions are open—a change that is not currently reflected in the law. The MP points out that the laws need updating to represent the diverse cultural and relationship practices in modern-day New Zealand, including provisions for same-sex couples.

The representative also stresses that policies should prioritize the well-being of children, asserting that the suitability of potential parents to provide a loving and stable environment should not be contingent on their sexuality. Discussion of adoption law reveals the prime minister's stance in favor of granting adoption rights to gay couples, despite the lack of action to effect such a change. It is suggested that a complete overhaul of the adoption legislation is required to bring it in line with contemporary society and to inclusively accommodate same-sex couples.

When asked about personal aspirations, the interviewee discloses a focus on re-election in the Wellington Central constituency, with a broader goal of influencing change from a governmental position. This answer underscores the belief that ministerial roles significantly contribute to societal advancement.

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Record date:16th March 2011
Interviewer:Jim Whitman
Location:Wellington Town Hall, Wellington
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Archive:The master recording is archived at the Alexander Turnbull Library (OHDL-004179).