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On This Day: 13th September

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Fri 13 Sep 2019

  • Scout Barbour-Evans takes second shot at Dunedin mayoralty
    A lot has changed for transgender person Scout Barbour-Evans since standing for the Dunedin mayoralty at the last election...
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  • Bird is the Word
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  • Drag: September to Remember
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Thu 13 Sep 2018

  • House race will mean state's first black or gay congressman
    DOVER, N...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Kyle MacDonald: Kiwi feminists discriminating against our transgender community
    There is little question biological sex is one of the bedrocks of our identity...
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  • An Ally for Life
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  • Hottie: Andrea Orani
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  • Hottie: Marcelo Lozardo
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  • Subdividing: Easier than you Think
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Wed 13 Sep 2017

  • Australian rugby star Israel Folau slammed over anti gay marriage tweet
    Wallabies superstar Israel Folau has sparked a Twitter backlash by revealing he will not support the push for same-sex marriage...
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  • Bang : post bang discussion
    Following the final of Melody Thomas' series on sex and sexuality - Bang, a discussion with Melody, Bryan and sex therapist, Mary Hodson...
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  • Edith Windsor, who helped end gay marriage ban, dies at 88
    Edith Windsor, a gay rights pioneer whose landmark Supreme Court case struck down parts of a federal anti-gay-marriage law and paved a path toward legalising same-sex nuptials nationwide, died...
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  • Circus and Classical Music Come Together for A Unique Experience!
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  • Greens Pledge $5 Million for LGBTI+ School Support
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  • Mika’s Mana Wahine Day in Response to Suicide Inaction
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  • Trans Model Munroe Bergdorf Hired for New Diversity Campaign
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Tue 13 Sep 2016

  • Kevin Hague profile
    On the eve of his departure from Parliament, MP Kevin Hague reflects on his time in politics as well as earlier activism around apartheid, racism, homosexual law reform, public health and HIV AIDS.
    Features: Kevin Hague
  • Eat, Pray, Love your way to happiness
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  • No Pride for Prisons releases Abolitionist Demands manifesto
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  • Whoopi Goldberg explains why asking about a transperson’s junk is not...
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  • Review: Brian Lewis Wolfenden's Witnesses
    Review: Brian Lewis: Wolfenden's Witnesses: Homosexuality in Postwar Britain: London: Palgrave Macmillan: 2016   Every ten years or so, since 1967, British LGBT communities commemorate the passage of the Sexual Offences Act 1967, which inaugurated the first, hesitant beginnings of decriminalisation of male homosexuality in England and Wales...

Sun 13 Sep 2015

  • Hamilton Pride Opening Party
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Sat 13 Sep 2014

  • Casual Encounters – Poof Bar
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  • Changes Afoot – Family Bar and Club
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  • Seducing the Wrong Sex?
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  • Wind Down – Eagle Bar
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  • Comment: (Not Sweet At All) Charity
    As sometimes happens, the New Zealand Supreme Court has overturned a string of decisions at lower jurisdictions; in this case, related to Greenpeace and its exclusion from the Charities Act 2004, which governs access to registered charitable group status in New Zealand...

Fri 13 Sep 2013

  • Whitney and Mara are married at last
    Mara Milano and Whitney Keller exchange their vows before registrar Jessica Woodcock, In a simple registry office ceremony conducted this afternoon two trans-Tasman lesbians upgraded their relationship from a Civil Union to a marriage...

Thu 13 Sep 2012

  • Beth - Q12
    Beth talks about being young and lesbian in 2012
  • Danny - Q12
    Danny talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • Emma - Q12
    Emma talks about being young and bisexual in 2012
  • Submissions open on marriage equality bill
    Submissions have opened on Louisa Wall’s bill which would allow same-sex couples to marry, and a number of initiatives have been set up to help the GLBTI community have its say...

Tue 13 Sep 2011

  • Weekend: Beyond the one night stand
    Still by Quinnford and Scout At Auckland’s gay film night this month, Number 8 Films presents the award-winning UK film Weekend, about a one-night stand that becomes something more...

Mon 13 Sep 2010

  • Suspicious fire in Family toilets investigated

Sun 13 Sep 2009

  • Who will be Welly's new best Fag Hag?
    Wellington will again crown its best girl-who-hangs-around-gays-too-much in its 2nd annual Miss Fag Hag competition hosted by Club Ivy soon...

Sat 13 Sep 2008

  • Lennon was hot for McCartney, says book
    A new book by renowned biographer Philip Norman has claimed that John Lennon wanted to have a gay relationship with Beatle bandmate Paul McCartney...

Thu 13 Sep 2007

  • Sean Penn to play murdered gay politician
    Sean Penn has been lined up to play gay 1970s San Francisco politician Harvey Milk - the first prominent American political figure to be out of the closet - and Matt Damon will play his assassin...

Wed 13 Sep 2006

  • Tonga's new king an 'eccentric bachelor'
    Tonga's Crown Prince Tupouto'a, the poverty stricken nation's new king, is an eccentric bachelor who collects toy soldiers, studied at an exclusive British military academy and has a penchant for wearing self-awarded medals...

Tue 13 Sep 2005

  • Propaganda could hijack a CU referendum
    Moves to initiate binding referenda to "solve" issues like civil unions are not the simple solution they might seem, says Labour's Napier MP Russell Fairbrother...

Mon 13 Sep 2004

  • Snakes and ladders - LGBT tactical voting
    As the latest Colmar Brunton poll shows a dead-heat amongst both major parties, what should we do in terms of tactical voting? I am assuming a politically pluralist LGBT community here...

Sat 13 Sep 2003

  • Taking a risk to tell the truth
    William Taylor is one of New Zealand's most popular authors of books for children and young adults...

Fri 13 Sep 1985

  • A march in support of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill takes place
    (Wellington, New Zealand)
    People assemble in Bunny Street at 6.30pm. They then walk along Lambton Quay. Some scuffles break out between marchers and anti-reform protesters.
    Links: Te Papa
  • Television news report: scuffles with pro-homosexual law reform marchers in Wellington
    (New Zealand)
    Eyewitness news, ref F86286.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland

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