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Our Forgotten Epidemic. Part Five - Do we dare to hope?

Our Forgotten Epidemic is a six-part series about Aotearoa New Zealand's response to HIV and AIDS, and some of the many brave individuals who changed the course of history.

In 1995, the New York Times reported that complications from AIDS were the leading cause of death for adults aged 25-44 in the US. Although Aotearoa still had relatively low rates of around 100 cases per year, public perception of HIV and AIDS had shifted. AIDS could no longer be reduced to a "gay disease" or "a disease of the Hs" (homosexuals, heroin users, haemophiliacs, and Haitians). It could affect anyone. Finding effective treatment was a race against the clock, a battle that the world needed to be united in fighting.

Our Forgotten Epidemic is produced by Wavelength Creative in collaboration with Burnett Foundation Aotearoa. Our thanks to them for allowing the series to be shared via

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Audio courtesy of:Burnett Foundation Aotearoa, Auckland
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Location:Aotearoa New Zealand, Oceania