On This Day - 25th August

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This list of events is generated from a number of different sources: media items on PrideNZ.com, archived pages from GayNZ.com, our rainbow timeline and links to rainbow-related stories on other media sites. There may be some inaccuracies - please let us know if you find anything that needs changing. If you would like to see a full list of dates click here


  • Thumnail imageLaunch of the ILGA World Conference 2019 (Wellington)
    Audio from the launch of the ILGA World Conference 2019, held at the National Library of New Zealand on 24 August 2018.
    Features: Andre du Plessis, Elizabeth Kerekere, Georgina Beyer, Helen Kennedy, Kevin Haunui, Tiwhanawhana, Tony Nightingale
  • Thumnail imageChelsea Manning - Traitor or hero?
    Chelsea Manning is an activist, politician, and former US army solider...
    Links: RNZ
  • Thumnail imageLizzie Marvelly - Growing up feminist in Aotearoa
    Lizzie Marvelly is a musician and multi-media writer and producer...
    Links: RNZ


  • Thumnail imageLesbian who invented 15 rapes, sexual assaults jailed for 10 years
    By Victoria Ward A fantasist who invented rape and sexual assault allegations against 15 men to get attention from her girlfriend has been jailed for 10 years...
    Links: NZ Herald


  • Thumnail imageConcepts Matter: A Game of Two Halves in The Absurdity of...
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  • Thumnail imageDiversity a Key Theme at Gay Ski Week QT
    Links: Express
  • Thumnail imageKiwi GLBT Leader in Germany Diagnosed with Cancer
    Links: Express
  • Thumnail imageWikiLeaks outs gay Saudi men, endangering safety
    WikiLeaks has outed gay men in Saudi Arabia - a country in which homosexuality is punishable by death - by publishing government data online...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageExclusive: Fabulous, Famous and a Queen
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  • Thumnail imageFamily Celebrates 10 Years! (Part 2)
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  • Thumnail imageUnited Nations Security Council Holds First Ever Meeting on GLBT Rights
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  • Thumnail imageReleased letters show Turing's "turmoil"
    Alan Turing A family member has allowed the publication of three letters Alan Turing wrote to a friend after he was sentenced to chemical castration...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageFamily Bars 9th Birthday Part One – Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Thumnail imageFamily Bars 9th Birthday Part Two – Family Bar and Club
    Links: Express
  • Thumnail imageLYC Chargers Vying For Top Spot In Mixed Grade Touch Tournament.
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  • Thumnail imageWall to launch Akl Uni's Pride Week
    Louisa Wall with supporters at last night's birthday party for Family Bar Auckland University’s first-ever Pride Week will be launched this afternoon, with Labour MP Louisa Wall as a special guest...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageWilliams: Robertson's sexuality a problem
    Grant Robertson Grant Robertson's homosexuality could work against him in his bid to become the next leader of the Labour party, according to a past president of the party...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageRufus Wainwright gets hitched in New York
    Rufus Wainwright and Jorn Weisbrodt Musician Rufus Wainwright has married his long-time partner Jorn Weisbrodt in Long Island...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageMika's Aroha Mardi Gras set to entertain
    A bit of gay culture will be thrown into the melting pot of entertainment that is on the boil for Mika's Aroha Mardi Gras...
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  • Thumnail imageSoldiers don’t want gay roommates
    General James Conway The top US Marine General James Conway claims most soldiers would prefer not to share a room with a gay colleague...
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  • Thumnail imageWhangai: The Maori Stake in Adoption Reform
    Why shouldn't any reform of the Adoption Act 1955 incorporate Maori values and family structures? We'll have to face this question when the reform takes place, so I thought I'd help shift the discussion forward now...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageSame sex marriage in doubt says Barnett
    The retiring MP who spearheaded the successful campaign to legally acknowledge same sex relationships in New Zealand, via the controversial Civil Unions legislation, has tonight thrown doubt on whether legal same-sex marriage will become available to glbt Kiwis any time soon, or ever...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageSir Ian McKellen's Shortland Street plan
    Out and proud actor Sir Ian McKellen may have a cameo role on Shortland Street, if he doesn't decide to head to bed instead, reports the NZ Herald...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageNew Mika show hits primetime TV
    A new television series hosted by Auckland performer Mika, hits New Zealand primetime television this Sunday evening at 8pm...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageLiving the gay life, Queenstown-style
    When the idea of Gay Ski Week was first mooted in Queenstown, apparently the local police weren't too keen on the idea, or so goes a rumour I heard while I was there...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageThe Dominion Post publishes a Tom Scott cartoon mocking the Enough is Enough march (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The text on the cartoon reads "I know this is not the right place or time, Kev, but you're really hot in those black pants".
    Links: Alexander Turnbull Library
  • Thumnail imageSchool hires hall to TV church
    Students at Wellington High are sickened by their school prostituting itself to Destiny by hiring out its hall to the television church at weekends...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageRise and Shine - The Graeme Kennedy Story
    At 24 years of age, Graeme Kennedy had just experienced the death of his partner after a long illness...
    Links: GayNZ.com


  • Thumnail imageSinger Sue Dunlop performs at the North by Northwest cafe (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Dunlop's performance includes Better than normal.