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On This Day: 16th August

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Fri 16 Aug 2019

  • Halsey's boyfriend Yungblud is 'very fluid' about sexuality
    It's about connection for the 22-year-old singer...
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Thu 16 Aug 2018

  • First transgender nominee for governor picked in US
    A former energy executive in Vermont has taken a major step towards becoming the first transgender governor of a US state...
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  • First US transgender governor nominee picked
    Christine Hallquist defeated three other candidates, including a 14-year-old boy, to win the Democratic Party nomination...
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  • Kyle MacDonald: Why gay conversion therapy should be banned
    COMMENT: Last week two petitions with a total of over 20,000 signatures were presented to the Government calling for "gay conversion therapy" to be made illegal...
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  • The naked truth about Shortland Street's new gay doctor
    Alex Tarrant won't forget his Shortland Street debut anytime soon...
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  • Free HIV testing in Queenstown for Winter Pride
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Wed 16 Aug 2017

  • Lee Suckling: Nine questions you shouldn't ask a gay person
    Whenever somebody asks about my "partner", I have no idea what they're talking about...
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  • Police investigating NZ preacher who said gay people should be shot
    The West Auckland pastor who posted a sermon clip online calling for gay people to be shot is being investigated by police...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Rachel Smalley: Anti-gay preacher is inciting violence - he must be referred to police
    You may have read the story about the pastor in West Auckland who's taken aim at the gay community and Jacinda Ardern as a woman leader...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Day of Silence to Raise Noise About LGBT+ Bullying
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Tue 16 Aug 2016

  • Kiwi Call for Action Against Transphobia in the Media
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  • Open Day at Rainbow Tick Certified University
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  • Untold stories of war, pt2
    In the second part of our interview with filmmaker Welby Ings, he talks about his unique process of film-making, evident in his new project Sparrow...

Sun 16 Aug 2015

  • Miss Ribena Exposed
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  • Review: Not Psycho
    Links: Express
  • Rugby League Star Keegan Hirst Becomes First British Player to Come...
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  • Bringing slasher to the stage
    After his all-male Titus and time-jumped The Importance of Being Earnest, gay Auckland director Benjamin Henson is taking his boundary-bashing work into the slasher genre with new show Not Psycho...

Sat 16 Aug 2014

  • Kamp Queens – Family Bar and Club
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  • Live Bands on Thursdays – Poof Bar
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  • Rock ‘n’ Roll – Eagle Bar
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  • Shower Power w/ Miss Ivy League – Legend Bar and Club
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  • Mr Gay NZ 2014 to be farewelled in Akl
    Mr Gay New Zealand Troy Williams will be given a toga-style send-off tonight, in a farewell event which will also raise cash for Body Positive...

Fri 16 Aug 2013

  • Uptake slow but steady for marriage directory
    File Photo Creators of a new Same Sex Wedding Directory say uptake has been slow; leading them to believe that while the law may be changing soon, attitudes will take longer...

Thu 16 Aug 2012

  • [name withheld 8] - Q12
    [name withheld] talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • Amber - Q12
    Amber talks about being young, straight and in a relationship with a transgender person
  • Dan - Q12
    Dan talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • David - Q12
    David talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • Jamie - Q12
    Jamie talks about being young and gay in 2012
  • Jayden - Q12
    Jayden talks about being young, straight and transgender in 2012
  • Mahs - Q12
    Mahs talks about being young, demisexual and panromantic in 2012
  • Review: Love is the Cure
    Love is the Cure (on Life, Loss and the End of AIDS) Sir Elton John Hachette RRP: $39...

Tue 16 Aug 2011

  • Six Months In: on a personal note
    Shaun Robinson is enjoying the role New Zealand AIDS Foundation Executive Director Shaun Robinson has passed the six month mark in a role leading an organisation which is crucial for the health of the gay community...

Mon 16 Aug 2010

  • O'Brien granted New Zealand residency
    Richard O'Brien Richard O'Brien has been granted New Zealand residency...

Sun 16 Aug 2009

  • Provocation and Hallucination
    How might the classic work of Sigmund Freud bring some light to the provocation defence abolition debate?   Sigmund Freud When I read Freud's classic paper on "The Uncanny," I realised that there was some applicability to our current political debates...

Sat 16 Aug 2008

  • Questions and answers for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Youth
    The world can be a tough place for a teenager...

Thu 16 Aug 2007

  • Online access boosts HIV survey numbers
    Responses generated online have increased the number of participants in a survey of HIV positive people...

Wed 16 Aug 2006

  • JACK mag nominated for design award
    Gay magazine ‘JACK', in its second year of publication, has been nominated as a finalist for a prestigious design award...

Tue 16 Aug 2005

  • Paul Adams: the MP God ignored
    The list MP who fasted in the hope God would stop the Civil Union Bill is quitting the party that put him in power...

Mon 16 Aug 2004

  • Edwards 'admitted burglary' at judge's house
    David McNee's killer was involved in the violent burglary of a judge two years ago that was hushed up, according to TV3's 20/20 programme...

Sat 16 Aug 2003

  • Being Gay and Catholic
    Representatives of the Catholic Church, particularly recently, have been very vocal in the media with their condemnation of same-sex marriage, same-sex families, and human rights legislation that protects gays and lesbians - at least internationally...

Fri 16 Aug 2002

  • Gay gains are safe, says Tim Barnett
    The seemingly unholy alliance between the Labour government and United Future, which seems to be awash with conservative Christians, is sounding warning bells in gay minds...

Thu 16 Aug 1979

Sat 16 Aug 1919

  • A youth is arrested in female attire
    (Auckland, New Zealand)
    The Evening Post reports that Norman (last name not published) had been arrested in well-made female attire. The probation officer told the court that the youth who went by the name Ada Reeve "exercised a disturbing influence over other inmates in the probation home".
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