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This list of events is generated from a number of different sources: media items on PrideNZ.com, archived pages from GayNZ.com, our rainbow timeline and links to rainbow-related stories on other media sites. There may be some inaccuracies - please let us know if you find anything that needs changing

2 years ago in 2018

  • Thumnail imageAlaska Airlines accused of forcing gay couple to sit apart so straight couple could sit together
    Alaska Airlines is under fire after a man said he and his boyfriend were told to sit apart on a California-bound plane because a straight couple wanted to sit together...
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  • Thumnail imageThe Sex Files: Does Auckland or Wellington have a better gay scene?
    Nobody lives in New Zealand for a vibrant and thriving gay scene like you'd find in Sydney or San Francisco...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Thumnail imageYouth Charity Organisation Celebrated
    A charity devoted to providing protection and support for young people in New Zealand has been selected as a charity partner by an organisation that celebrates the LGBTI community and its allies...
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  • Thumnail image2 x Tickets to Auckland Theatre Company’s Rendered
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  • Thumnail image2 x Tickets to each of Elaine Paige’s NZ Concerts
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  • Thumnail image2 x Tickets to LATE: In Conversation with Helen Clark
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3 years ago in 2017

  • Thumnail imageGareth Farr profile (Wellington)
    A profile interview with New Zealand composer Gareth Farr
    Features: Gareth Farr
  • Thumnail imageTrump fires Scaramucci in massive White House shake-up
    Kathryn Ryan talks to Susan Milligan about the latest moves in Trump's inner circle, Priebus and Scaramucci are out, and Kelly is in...
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  • Thumnail image3 x double passes to The Giltrap Audi season of ATC’s...
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  • Thumnail image4 x double passes to New Zealand Symphony Orchestra’s ‘Damnation of...
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  • Thumnail imageAuckland Live’s Cabaret Season
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  • Thumnail imageGay Men Arrested in Nigeria for Seeking HIV Testing and Counselling
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  • Thumnail imageLGBT+ Tolerated but Not Accepted
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  • Thumnail imageNearly Half of all Aus Gender Diverse Students Sexually Harassed
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  • Thumnail imageScene: Family Bar and Club
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4 years ago in 2016

  • Thumnail imageATC August: Twice as Nice
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  • Thumnail imageBotanica Heritage
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  • Thumnail imageDrag: Behind the Lashes!
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  • Thumnail imageEmbracing the Rainbow with Rialto
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  • Thumnail imageEthereal and Corporeal: The Absurdity of Humanity
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  • Thumnail imageHis Life Is A Carr-Baret!
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  • Thumnail imageHope for ‘End of Aids’ is Disappearing, Experts Warn
    Links: Express
  • Thumnail imageNZAF Optimistic Around Eliminating Spread of HIV in Ten Years
    Links: Express
  • Thumnail imageProud to Play organiser honoured with intl award
    Craig Watson of LGBTI sporting festival Proud to Play has been recognised by the international community for his significant contributions to the global LGBTI community...
    Links: GayNZ.com

5 years ago in 2015

  • Thumnail imageOut and About: The Food Show
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  • Thumnail imageGender neutral - "have we gone mad?"
    Should transgender people expect anything more than acceptance? When cisgender people attempt to placate us by trying to be creative it serves no one...
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6 years ago in 2014

  • Thumnail imageJoel Kefali Aims High with New Katy Perry Video.
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  • Thumnail imageTeen Boy Replicates Celebrity Icons
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  • Thumnail imageRainbow Taranaki is "coming out" tonight
    Taranaki’s lgbti youth support group is being launched tonight...
    Links: GayNZ.com

7 years ago in 2013

  • Thumnail imageWellington conference to look beyond marriage
    ***image1***The Queer Avengers will host a weekend of discussion and action on gender and sexual diversity in October...
    Links: GayNZ.com

8 years ago in 2012

  • Thumnail imageUS: Baker refuses to make cake for gay couple
    A Colorado bakery which is refusing to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple has been inundated with outraged emails and protestors with signs such as “let the gays eat cake”...
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9 years ago in 2011

  • Thumnail imageMrs Tamaki believes lesbians 'hurt by men'
    The first lady of Destiny Church Hannah Tamaki says there's nothing wrong with women who love women: except that their sexuality comes down to being badly treated by men...
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10 years ago in 2010

  • Thumnail imageVictim believed to have frequented gay venues
    Denis Phillips 6...
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11 years ago in 2009

  • Thumnail imageUS troops accused of aiding gay executions
    United States soldiers have aided in the execution of gay Iraqis according to two unnamed gay Iraqi refugees speaking during an American Human Rights Campaign fundraising event...
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12 years ago in 2008

  • Thumnail imageNew rapid syphilis test available from today
    From today, a new rapid syphilis test service being piloted at Auckland's Burnett Centre will assist in the early detection of syphilis...
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13 years ago in 2007

  • Thumnail imageTV doco to tell Kiwi stories of gays and God
    'Don't tell me Jesus loves me until you are ready to love me too' will be a television documentary exploring the relationship between Christian faith and coming out...
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14 years ago in 2006

15 years ago in 2005

  • Thumnail imageNZ couple's Fiji killer released already
    The man who slashed to death a gay New Zealand couple in Fiji in 2001 has been discreetly freed from a psychiatric hospital there...
    Links: GayNZ.com

16 years ago in 2004

  • Thumnail imageReturn of the Drag Kings
    Enough of the drag queens, bring on the drag kings – Wellington's favourite "sons" are back from Australia to tour their new show Return of the Drag Kings in the capital city...
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17 years ago in 2003

  • Thumnail imageDunne in the Dark Ages
    United Future leader Peter Dunne's comments this week that the government is trying to change the way people think by supporting civil union legislation has been rubbished by the executive director of the Institute for Liberal Values...
    Links: GayNZ.com

18 years ago in 2002

  • Thumnail imageGay cop: Turning scandal into success
    From being outed in a "Gay Cop Internet Scandal" to being congratulated by the Prime Minister as an out gay police officer, Auckland Senior Sergeant Mark Richards is at the forefront of changing police attitudes to gays and gays in the force...
    Links: GayNZ.com

19 years ago in 2001

  • Thumnail imageInjecting a bit of masculinity into sex
    Now, it was one of those Internet encounters that you have when you are bored...
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31 years ago in 1989

  • Thumnail imageTelevision news report: a sex worker is being held in hospital after testing positive for HIV (Sydney, Australia)
    Eyewitness news, ref F97199
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision