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On This Day: 8th July

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Wed 8 Jul 2020

  • Pam Corkery: Trans Tasman bubble not looking likely
    To Australia where the people of Melbourne have entered their first day of a six week lockdown...
    Links: RNZ
  • UN Expert Calls For Global Ban On Practices Of So-called 'Conversion Therapy'
    Practices known as “conversion therapy” inflict severe pain and suffering on lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and gender-diverse (LGBT) persons, often resulting in long-lasting psychological and physical damage, a UN expert told the Human Rights ...
    Links: Scoop
  • Blenheim’s Hotel d’Urville: Cosmopolitan Accommodation In Marlborough’s Heart
    Links: Express
  • Fast and Furious | The Gran Coupe Has Never Felt Fresher 
    Links: Express
  • Rainbow Words From The Windy City
    Links: Express
  • Russian President Vladimir Putin Mocks Pride Flag Amid Calls to Ban...
    Links: Express

Mon 8 Jul 2019

  • Auckland’s Iconic Rainbow District Of K Road To Host Ed Sheeran...
    Links: Express
  • How Times Have Changed – Our Rainbow History
    Links: Express
  • NIVEA Facing Global Boycott Following Homophobia Allegations
    Links: Express
  • The Fresh Price of Shortland Street
    Links: Express

Sun 8 Jul 2018

  • Celebrating Takatapui this Matariki
    Links: Express

Sat 8 Jul 2017

  • Andrew Garfield says he's gay 'without the physical act'
    LONDON " Andrew Garfield is getting criticized for saying he's gay, but without the "physical act...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Britain's first pregnant man gives birth to a baby girl after conceiving using a sperm donor he met on Facebook
    By Tom Payne of The Daily Mail Britain's first pregnant man has given birth to a girl, the Daily Mail can reveal...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Striving for a more acceptable future
    OPINION -As a young gay man, what was it like to hear the government apologise to men prosecuted for consensual homosexual activity before 1986? Jeremy Brankin shares his thoughts...
    Links: RNZ
  • Mark Latham Claims Not Enough Gay Couples in Australia for Marriage...
    Links: Express

Fri 8 Jul 2016

  • Star Trek's Sulu to be gay in homage to Takei
    One of the Star Trek TV and movie franchise's best-known characters, Hikaru Sulu, will be revealed to be gay in the next movie...

Wed 8 Jul 2015

  • Contentious Constitutional Changes Proposed For GABA AGM
    Links: Express
  • GLBT Japanese File Human Rights Complaint in Bid For Same Sex...
    Links: Express
    Links: Express
  • GABA votes to 'de-gay' its name
    Auckland's glbti business networking group is to adopt a more inclusive version of its name in an effort to attract more, and more diverse, members...

Tue 8 Jul 2014

  • Kiss and Tell – Bathroom Escapades and Gay but Straight?
    Links: Express
  • Saucey Saturdays – POP On Ponsonby
    Links: Express
  • Sydney Convicts Go Professional
    Links: Express
  • Watch: The Sydney Convicts make history
    Picture / Rod Spark Photography The Sydney Convicts have become the first gay rugby team, and only the second gay team in the world, to play at a professional sporting event...

Mon 8 Jul 2013

  • Mugabe spouts fresh homophobic hatred
    Zimbabwe’s gay-hating President Robert Mugabe says he would like to imprison gay and lesbian couples for not being able to have children...

Sun 8 Jul 2012

  • Campbell Gordon - Queen of the Whole Universe
    In this podcast, recorded before he won Queen of the Whole Universe as Ms Spain, Campbell Gordon talks about performing in the beauty pageant.
    Features: Campbell Gordon
  • Turnbull pushes for civil unions as a "bridge"
    High profile Australian Liberal Party MP Malcolm Turnbull has called on parliament to legislate for gay civil unions as a bridge to marriage equality...

Fri 8 Jul 2011

  • PM stays mum on gay adoption issue
    The Prime Minister has made no commitments when pressed on the issue of gay adoption at a conservative Christian conference...

Thu 8 Jul 2010

  • Watch Maori TV's new GLBTI show Wero
    Click here to check out the first episode of Maori TV's new GLBTI programme Wero "Wero, is a magazine lifestyle programme profiling the outrageously flamboyant, socially marginalised, gloriously exuberant, politically shunned, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender and intersex community...

Wed 8 Jul 2009

  • Washington DC recognises gay marriages
    A law recognising same-sex marriages performed in other US states and counties has taken effect in Washington DC, where a councilman says the next step is a Bill which will allow gay-marriage ceremonies in the district...

Tue 8 Jul 2008

  • Welcome to Torchwood
    Captain Jack: Ready for whatever gender comes his way Separate from the government, outside the police, and beyond the United Nations, Torchwood sets its own rules...

Sun 8 Jul 2007

  • Anti-gay riot mars Hungary
    Several hundred skinheads and right-wing activists threw rotten eggs and smoke bombs at people participating in a gay rights parade in Hungary's capital yesterday...

Sat 8 Jul 2006

  • HLR: young and old attend Nostalgia Night
    Celebrations for the 20th anniversary of homosexual law reform kicked off last night with 140 people attending the Nostalgia Night at Auckland's Rydges Hotel...

Fri 8 Jul 2005

  • Public "weary" of childless gay lawmakers
    Last month, she mocked lesbian parents...

Thu 8 Jul 2004

  • The NZ Christian Right and Islamophobia
    I have had enough of the anti-Muslim bigotry directed against Labour Muslim list MP, Ashraf Choudhary...

Tue 8 Jul 2003

  • Dunedin Pride Week becomes fortnight
    Two weeks of LGBT pride celebrations kicked off in Dunedin on Friday night with an art exhibition at the Community Gallery...

Mon 8 Jul 1996

Sun 8 Jul 1990

  • Radio Gala (8 July 1990)
    A rich collection of audio actuality from the 1985-86 period of homosexual law reform in Aotearoa New Zealand
    Features: Glenda Gale

Mon 8 Jul 1985

Thu 8 Jul 1982

  • Television: profile of the Topp Twins as they busk on Queen Street, and at their Auckland home (Auckland, New Zealand)
    ref: TZP358684.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Thu 8 Jul 1943

  • Vice Squad Detective Trevor Morley is born

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