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On This Day: 7th June

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Sun 7 Jun 2020

  • Violet walk tour - Wellington, New Zealand
    Join the team from Walk Tours NZ for the Violet walk tour in Wellington, New Zealand
    Features: Gareth Watkins, Roger Smith

Fri 7 Jun 2019

  • The Week In Review for week ending Fri May 31 2019
    A review of the week's news including...
    Links: RNZ
  • Biden Says Equality Act Number One Priority Should He Become President
    Links: Express
  • Nick Francis: A Pacific Change Maker
    Links: Express
  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Make History Becoming First British Royals...
    Links: Express

Thu 7 Jun 2018

  • Viewers slam homophobic couple who are 'embarrassed' of their son
    Bride and Prejudice viewers have described the moment a gay groom-to-be's parents told him they only feel comfortable at "normal" weddings as "unbearable" to watch...
    Links: NZ Herald

Wed 7 Jun 2017

  • PPTA calls for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets be introduced into schools
    (New Zealand)
    The Taranaki Daily News reports that in its latest voluntary guidelines, the Post Primary Teachers' Association (PPTA) calls for gender-neutral uniforms and toilets be introduced into schools.
  • 1 x Male and 1 x Female Sex Toy
    Links: Express
  • 2 x double passes to APO’s ‘Manon Lescaut’
    Links: Express
  • 2 x double passes to New Zealand Dance Company’s ‘Kiss The...
    Links: Express
  • Lacey Baker’s Powerful onePULSE Print
    Links: Express
  • Pacific Dance Festival 2017
    Links: Express
  • Putting Asexuality in the Rainbow
    Links: Express

Tue 7 Jun 2016

  • Kiwi Icons Get Camp with Dragons: Cold Snap!
    Links: Express
  • Roz Ward returns to La Trobe Uni
    Roz Ward of Safe Schools Australia has returned to work, fist clenched in the air as she walked through a guard of honour...

Sun 7 Jun 2015

  • Foodie Bites: Cook The Books
    Links: Express
  • Foodie Bites: Greek Mammas
    Links: Express
  • Lights, Camera, Action at Family Bar
    Links: Express
  • NZAF Responds to Criticism It isn’t Doing Enough to Combat HIV
    Links: Express
  • Pride Parade in Kiev Ends in Violence as Protestors Attack Ukraine’s...
    Links: Express
  • Station urged to can 'trans for a day' stunt
    Agender is urging radio station The Edge not to go ahead with a “tacky” plan to make host Dom Harvey a “woman for a day Harvey is the same host who walked in the Auckland Pride Parade in underwear as a “Queen for a Day” when he lost a bet...

Sat 7 Jun 2014

  • Foodie Bites: Blue Breeze Pride
    Links: Express
  • She Chose Purple!
    Links: Express
  • Trans 'sisters' unveil Carmen's headstone
    Two and half years after the death of Carmen Rupe, her headstone has been unveiled at Sydney's Rookwood Cemetery...

Fri 7 Jun 2013

  • Watch: What R U Having?
    "Couples are used to preparing their world so their children have all the opportunities they had...

Thu 7 Jun 2012

  • Young women most likely to back marriage equality
    File photo A new poll shows women aged between 18 and 34, who are not religious and vote for the Green Party, are most likely to back marriage equality...

Tue 7 Jun 2011

  • Miss Drag Waikato: Summer Salt
    The fabulous Summer Salt has won the title of Miss Drag Waikato...

Mon 7 Jun 2010

  • Nikita wins Miss Drag Wellington
    Nikita van der Kamp A former Aucklander has stolen the show at Wellington's Next Top Drag Queen...

Sun 7 Jun 2009

  • Gay 'wife swap' for TV home makeover
    Would you trade your spouse for a better house? One Auckland gay couple leapt at the chance...

Sat 7 Jun 2008

  • Stats NZ: No gay question in 2011 Census
    Statistics New Zealand has announced that no new topics will be introduced into New Zealand's next Census in 2011, so the possibility of gaining more quantitative information on the country's LGBT communities a slim one...

Thu 7 Jun 2007

  • Out Takes WGN: Intersex films to re-screen
    By popular demand, a second screening is planned for a selection of intersex-related short films at Wellington's Out Takes Film Festival – this Saturday evening...

Wed 7 Jun 2006

  • Rainbow Labour launches Fiji petitions
    Rainbow Labour, the LGBT branch of the New Zealand Labour Party, has waded into the controversy surrounding the Out Takes Reel Queer Film Festival prize offer of a trip to Fiji – a country that still retains anti-gay legislation on its books...

Tue 7 Jun 2005

  • Newspaper columnist mocks lesbian parents
    Columnist Rosemary McLeod has delivered a stinging backhander to same-sex parenting couples and politically-minded lesbians...

Mon 7 Jun 2004

  • Standing ovations for Beyer at Stilettoes
    In a night of glamour, muscle and laughter the cream of Auckland's Drag divas were honoured at the annual Golden Stilettoes awards last night...

Sat 7 Jun 2003

  • Charlotte Yates returns with "direct" album
    Wellington singer/songwriter Charlotte Yates has just released her fourth album, Plainsong, which some critics are calling her most lyrically direct album to date, due to its frank portrayals of girl/girl relationships...

Fri 7 Jun 1985

  • Television news report: a women against pornography vigil is held at Parliament
    (Wellington, New Zealand)
    ref: TZP14596.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Mon 7 Jun 1954

  • Computer scientist and mathematician Alan Turing dies
    (United Kingdom)
    An inquest determined Turing had committed suicide. However Turing's mother believed that the cyanide poisoning was accidental, resulting from her son's careless storage of laboratory chemicals.

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