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On This Day: 6th June

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Sat 6 Jun 2020

  • Worlds of Music Episode 182 6 June 2020 featuring The Blind Boys of Alabama
    On Worlds of Music Trevor Reekie hosts a weekly music programme celebrating an eclectic mix of trans global music, fusion, and folk roots...
    Links: RNZ

Thu 6 Jun 2019

  • 50 Years of Freedom: Events Commemorating The Stonewall Riots
    Links: Express
  • Government Announces Rainbow Wellbeing Legacy Fund
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Wed 6 Jun 2018

  • Griffin envisions a gay president while accepting LGBT honor
    LOS ANGELES — Kathy Griffin says she is eagerly awaiting the day when a gay person is elected president of the United States...
    Links: NZ Herald
  • Top US court backs baker's gay cake snub
    The US Supreme Court has ruled in favour of a baker in Colorado who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple...
    Links: RNZ
  • Auckland Pride Membership is Now Free For All!
    Links: Express
  • LGBTI Football World Cup Fans Remain Cautious Following More Violent Threats...
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Tue 6 Jun 2017

  • Grindr Conversations Used For Campaign To Highlight HIV Stigma
    Links: Express
  • Instagram Celebrates #Pride2017 Month
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  • Oceania Pride Aotearoa Fundraiser
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  • Watch: An Australian Drag Queen’s Sexual Health Adventure
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Mon 6 Jun 2016

  • Queen of all Queens at Family Bar!
    Links: Express
  • Wentworth vs. OITNB at Lick Auckland
    Links: Express
  • QB honours for two glbti community stalwarts
    Cissy Rock Two stalwarts of Auckland's lgbti community, Cissy Rock and Lexie Matheson, have been recognised in today's Queen's Birthday Honours...

Sat 6 Jun 2015

  • Foodie Bites: Muck, Floral and General Store
    Links: Express
  • UKIP Banned From London Pride
    Links: Express

Fri 6 Jun 2014

  • Book review: Curse of Babylon
    Links: Express
  • Coming of Age
    Links: Express
  • GALS ‘Made in New Zealand’ – Freeman’s Bay Community Centre
    Links: Express
  • Tuesdays with Morrie Premiere Lures Henare
    Links: Express
  • Trinity K. Bonet's quick-fire QandA
    It’s just a week until Trinity K...

Thu 6 Jun 2013

  • Tamati Coffey to return for NZ’s Got Talent
    Tamati Coffey Tamati Coffey will return from six months travelling the globe to host New Zealand’s Got Talent 2013...

Wed 6 Jun 2012

  • Seinfeld actor apologises for denigrating gays
    Jason Alexander Seinfeld actor Jason Alexander has apologised for insulting gay people by saying the sport of cricket was "gay" because it had effete characteristics...

Mon 6 Jun 2011

  • Toiling for greener pastures
    (Left to right) Jan Logie, Kevin Hague and Brooklynne Kennedy As the Green Party's AGM broke for lunch, we spoke to three of its queer members...

Sun 6 Jun 2010

  • Rocky Horror creator's plea to return to NZ
    Richard O'Brien The creator of the The Rocky Horror Show wants to be allowed to return to New Zealand to retire...

Sat 6 Jun 2009

  • The '80's! I had the time of my life...
    Get those leg warmers out and switch on that ghetto blaster! GayNZ...

Fri 6 Jun 2008

  • WGN: Relocated Checkmate Sauna opens
    Wellington's Checkmate Sauna crew has now moved into and reopened the old Club Wakefield venue on Tory Street...

Wed 6 Jun 2007

  • USA: 'Hate-speech' teacher suspended
    A Nashville middle school teacher who equated calling something "gay" with the use of the N word has been suspended for three days without pay...

Tue 6 Jun 2006

  • Petra scoops Auckland
    Auckland's Queen of Queens contest was held on Saturday night at Family Bar, with diva Petra taking out top honours before an enormous crowd of around 1100 revellers, say organisers...

Mon 6 Jun 2005

  • Gay's the (insulting) word
    Since when did "gay" become a bad word? Kids are using it all the time and now adults are using it too...

Sun 6 Jun 2004

  • You'll Get Over It
    YOU'LL GET OVER IT Dir: Fabrice Cazeneuve, France, 2002, Beta SP, 90 mins French with English subtitles The coming out story is probably the most well-worn in gay and lesbian cinema, and You'll Get Over It makes no effort to break new ground...

Fri 6 Jun 2003

  • Should we be Afraid of the Families Commission?
    The emerging Commission for the Families could be a political minefield for GLBT folk, but openly gay MP Tim Barnett finds reassurance in the politics which have ushered it into existence...

Wed 6 Jun 2001

  • Composer Douglas Lilburn dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Lilburn, described as the "grandfather of New Zealand music," dies peacefully at his home in Wellington. Lilburn was a composer, teacher, philanthropist and advocate for social justice.
    Links: Te Ara

Thu 6 Jun 1991

  • Television news report: the first 10 years of AIDS (New Zealand)
    Interviewees include Dr Rod Ellis-Pegler and Darren Horn. TV3 news, ref F104658.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

Thu 6 Jun 1985

Mon 6 Jun 1977

Thu 6 Jun 1974

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