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On This Day: 12th March

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Thu 12 Mar 2020

  • PGA Tour golfer Scott Piercy loses US$2 million in endorsements for homophobic slur
    Titleist and J...
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  • Auckland Loses Gay Bar as Staircase Rebrands
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Tue 12 Mar 2019

  • Coming out as a trans woman 26 years into marriage
    Kyle and Marion Mewburn live in Miller's Flat, Central Otago...
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  • Non-binary Gender Identities and Social Security Systems
    Within the context of the evolving understanding of gender identities and sexuality, the United Nations Association of New Zealand, in collaboration with the San Diego Branch of the United Nations Association of the USA, will be holding an event during ...
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  • King Princess: A New Breed Of Queer Pop Icon
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  • Wellington Pride Parade Biggest Yet with Police, Defence and PM Attending
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Mon 12 Mar 2018

  • Dateline Pacific afternoon edition for 12 March 2018
    Vanuatu takes stock of another destuctive cyclone; New app aims to improve Solomons fishing sector; Using bacteria to eradicate disease-carrying mosquitoes; Those in the region living with HIV still face a lot of stigma; The UN food agency visits drought-hit Marshall Islands; Tongan league side confident of match vs world champions...
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  • Dateline Pacific morning edition for 12 March 2018
    Using bacteria to eradicated disease-carrying mosquitoes; Those in the region living with HIV still face a lot of stigma; It's an idea seemingly from science fiction, but it could help in the fight against climate change; The UN food agency visits drought-hit Marshall Islands; And, celebrity-endorsed ukuleles strike a chord ahead of a Niue festival...
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  • Dying gay man’s blood, tissue donation rejected
    Cherie Etevenaux was shocked to hear at the last minute that her dying son's large organs could be donated, but not his blood or tissue because he was gay...
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  • Family upset by organ donation rejection
    The family of a man who died of a traumatic brain injury have been left distressed after his organs were rejected for donation because he was gay...
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  • Family upset by tissue donation rejection
    Cherie Etevenaux was shocked to hear that although her dying son's organs could be donated, his blood and tissue could not because he was gay...
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  • More support needed for people living with HIV in the Pacific
    People living with human immunodeficiency virus or HIV in the Pacific islands are still experiencing high levels of stigma and discrimination according to a new study...
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  • Ask Agony Uncle Eli
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  • Come Out With Olly
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  • Dunedin Pride Takes Place 7-15 April!
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  • Family Fun Night
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Sun 12 Mar 2017

  • Chch Pride only mildly impacted by wet weather
    Insufficient registration and wet weather has forced the cancellation of one today’s Christchurch Pride events however the majority of festivities will continue rain or shine...

Sat 12 Mar 2016

  • Bob Davis - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Bob Davis talks about the anger and activism of the 1970s which laid the foundations for homosexual law reform in the 1980s.
    Features: Bob Davis
  • Charlie Tredway - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Charlie Tredway, a Community Engagement Officer with the New Zealand AIDS Foundation talks about attending Out in the Park for the first time, the Love Your Condom campaign and the CD4 threshold issue in Aotearoa New Zealand.
    Features: Charlie Tredway
  • Franki - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Franki talks about attending Out in the Park for the first time, gender identity, language and word reclamation.
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Kaleb - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Kaleb talks about Schools Out, OuterSpaces, Tranzform and Naming New Zealand.
    Features: Kaleb
  • Kassie Hartendorp - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Kassie Hartendorp talks about BOX Oceania and visions of the future.
    Features: Kassie Hartendorp
  • Nathan Ross - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Nathan Ross talks about creating safe spaces, bisexual erasure and double lives.
    Features: Nathan Ross
  • Opening of Out in the Park (2016) (Waitangi Park, Wellington)
    Audio from the opening of Out in the Park, held in Waitangi Park, Wellington on Saturday 12 March 2016.
    Features: Adrienne Girling, Des Smith, Elizabeth Kerekere, Fran Wilde, John Jolliff, Justin Lester, Karen Harris, Kassie Hartendorp, Kevin Haunui, Tiwhanawhana
  • Peter and partner - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Peter and partner reflect on life before homosexual law reform, their civil union and attending Out in the Park.
    Features: unidentified voice
  • Phil Rogers and Virginia Parker-Bowles - Out in the Park (2016) (Wellington)
    Phil and Virginia reflect on pre-law reform times and issues still facing rainbow communities.
    Features: Phil Rogers, Virginia Parker-Bowles
  • Wellington Pride Parade (2016) (Wellington)
    Audio from the Wellington Pride Parade, held along Wellingtons waterfront on 12 March 2016.
    Features: Adrienne Girling, Alex Ker, Amanduh la Whore, Bernard Lee, Chris Bishop, Christoph Hackenberg, Des Smith, Grant Robertson, Iria Pene, Jan Logie, John Jolliff, Karen Harris, Mari North, Ness Simons, Tabby Besley
  • The land of birds
    Executive Director of ILGA, Renalto Sabbadini delivered a beautiful speech this week at the opening of the ILGA Oceania Proud Health and Human Rights Conference...

Thu 12 Mar 2015

  • AFL to Host First Pride Match
    Links: Express
  • Comedy Festival Profile: Eli Matthewson
    Links: Express
  • Madonna: “Gay Rights Are Way More Advanced Than Women’s Rights.”
    Links: Express
  • US University Bans Bake Sale For Homeless GLBT Youth
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  • NZDF hosts special and historic wedding
    Bren Dyer Photography The New Zealand Defence Force’s lgbti support group Overwatch has congratulated one of its founding members on his historic wedding over the weekend...

Wed 12 Mar 2014

  • Thrones actor elated to tell world he's gay
    "I’ve been waiting for someone to ask," Nairn says...

Tue 12 Mar 2013

  • Vatican buys building which houses gay sauna
    As the papal conclave looms, it’s been revealed the Holy See has bought multi-million dollar share of a Rome apartment block that is home to Europe’s biggest gay sauna...

Mon 12 Mar 2012

  • Paul Diamond - Creating Our Stories
    Paul Diamond talks about researching queer-related subjects
    Features: Paul Diamond
  • Mills "extremely anxious" prior to his death
    Glenn Mills A Coroner’s Inquest has heard the man accused of purposely infecting a string of sex partners with HIV was extremely anxious about the publicity surrounding his case, and threats from other inmates, prior to his death in his Auckland prison cell...

Sat 12 Mar 2011

  • 2nd AsiaPacific Outgames is held in Wellington
    The games ran for a week and included sports and cultural events plus a human rights conference
  • Queen of the Whole Universe (a slightly queer beauty pageant) takes place at the Opera House (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Links: Scoop
  • Tsunami: Japanese yet to check in

Fri 12 Mar 2010

  • School cancels prom after lesbian controversy
    Mississippi student Constance McMillen was told she couldn't go to her High School prom dance with her girlfriend – and now the school has cancelled the prom altogether after several students spoke out in protest...

Thu 12 Mar 2009

  • Young gay men and eating disorders
    Are young straight women the only ones at risk from eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia and related conditions? No...

Wed 12 Mar 2008

  • Which Wigs will be on the Waterfront this Sunday?
    Miss Gloriousole's pretty face points out where Wigs will be on Sunday...

Mon 12 Mar 2007

  • USA: More new
    Television's lesbian drama The L Word will be back for a fifth season in 2008, Amercian cable network Showtime has revealed...

Sun 12 Mar 2006

  • Performance artist Kneel Halt, aka DeeZaStar
    DeeZaStar Pushing the boundaries of design and performance, this compelling performer has been a fixture on New Zealand's gay stages and streets for over a decade...

Sat 12 Mar 2005

  • The 20th Gay and Lesbian Fair takes place at Newton School (Wellington, New Zealand)
    The fair includes the cutting of a civil union cake, celebrating the upcoming passing into law (next week) of the Relationships (Statutory References) Act 2005. This year the fair was organised by the Gay Association of Professionals (GAP).
  • Internal Affairs okays Peron bookstore
    An unforgettably horrifying week for Winston Peters smear victim and GayNZ...

Fri 12 Mar 2004

  • The pros and cons of Civil Unions
    A National Radio documentary broadcast on Sunday 7 March took a comprehensive look at progress towards equitable Civil Unions legislation...

Wed 12 Mar 2003

  • An advert from Wellington City Council supports the annual Gay and Lesbian Fair (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Published in Capital Times, the text reads "Wellington City Council is proud to support the Gay and Lesbian Fair. Best Wishes Kerry [Prendergast, Mayor of Wellington]."
  • HIV "sugar pill" distributors face jail term
    Distributors claiming a sugar pill can help people with HIV will be prosecuted and may face a jail sentence...

Tue 12 Mar 2002

  • Candidates and Pink Slips
    In the early 1950s I had my first introduction to politics and politicians...

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