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Timeline: November

November 1957

  • Politician Georgina Beyer is born (Wellington). Beyer would later become the world's first openly transsexual Mayor and Member of Parliament. Links:, Wikipedia

November 1966

  • Raewyn Petley is found dead in her bed with a deep wound to her neck (New Zealand). Doreen Ellen Davis is charged with her murder

November 1973

  • The group Rotorua Gay Liberation Front is formed (Rotorua)

November 1975

  • Robin Duff stands in the General Election as an openly gay candidate for the Values party (Christchurch)

November 1978

  • Robin Duff and Sandy Gauntlett stand in the General Election (New Zealand). They are both openly gay candidates for the Values Party

November 1980

  • Overnight Wellington City Council buses are covered in stickers promoting the Wellington Lesbian Centre (Wellington)

November 1987

  • Peter Rule dies (New Zealand). After his death, the Rule Foundation was established to advance the health, well-being and visibility of rainbow New Zealanders. Link: Rule Foundation

November 1993

  • Devotion: a lesbian and gay celebration is published (Wellington). It's published by Sprung! Productions and Caspers

November 1994

  • The first HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). Link:

November 2005

  • UP magazine begins

1 November 1982

  • Television: interview with Eileen Swan from HELP about rape in New Zealand (New Zealand). ref: TZP116218. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

1 November 1983

1 November 1997

  • The second Miss Riwaka Beauty Pageant is held (Nelson). The event is held at Braemar Gym, with formal dress (ball gown or suit). Link:

1 November 2002

  • Panels from the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt travel to Australia to be part of an international display at the Sydney Gay Games. (Sydney, Australia). Link: Gay NZ

2 November 1915

  • Composer Douglas Lilburn is born (Whanganui). Link: Te Ara

2 November 1929

  • Harold Mather and Walter Robinson are found not guilty of indecent assault (Wellington). Both were charged with attempted buggery and indecent assault (on each other). The principal witness was Constable W Ritchie who the judge described as a "straightforward, capable witness". Links: Papers Past, Police Gazette

2 November 1976

2 November 2002

  • The Gay Games and Cultural Festival 2002 take place (Sydney, Australia). The festival runs from 2-9 November. Link: Trove

2 November 2018

  • Activist Amanda Ashley dies (New Zealand). Ashley established the Rodney Area Rainbow LGBTQ+ group, campaigned nationally for an end to gay conversion therapy and started a petition which called for KiwiSaver funds to be made available for surgeries that were not publicly funded, such as gender confirmation surgeries. Links:, Facebook

3 November 1802

3 November 1986

3 November 1989

  • A national hui for Maori Lesbians is held (Wellington). The hui takes place at Tapu Te Ranga Marae

4 November 1976

  • National Prime Minister Robert Muldoon accuses Colin Moyle of having been picked up for homosexual activity (New Zealand). Link: Hansard
  • Television: Interview with Colin Moyle and Robert Muldoon (New Zealand). ref: TZP3793. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

4 November 1996

  • Bryan James Gardner murders David Shore in a hotel room (Christchurch). Gardener is sentenced to life imprisonment in May 1997. Link: Sensible Sentencing Trust

5 November 1912

  • Media reported on the death of Thomas Parkes (Dunedin). Parkes had just given birth and was found unconsciousness in their room with the baby nearby. The newspaper headline read "In male attire, sad case at Dunedin.". Links: Papers Past (1), Papers Past (2)

5 November 1984

5 November 1985

  • Parliament debates the petition against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand). Link:
  • Television news report: a review of homosexual law reform after the Select Comittee hearings (New Zealand). Eyewitness news, ref F88700. Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland

5 November 1995

  • Martin Dickson is licensed as a Presbyterian minister (New Zealand). Dickson is the first openly gay man to be licensed in New Zealand by the Presbyterian church. In 1999 the Sunday Star Times reported that despite being licensed as a minister, no congregation wanted him. "One thing I've learnt is people often have quite good intentions, but the last thing they want in their Church is conflict.". Link: Sunday Star Times

5 November 2002

  • Chrissy Witoko dies (Wellington). Witoko owned (among other businesses) the Evergreen Coffee Lounge in Wellington. Links: Friends of Chrissy, Te Papa

5 November 2010

  • Phillip Sanders and David Galloway are found guilty of the manslaughter of Diksy Jones Galloway was [finally] sentenced to nine years imprisonment, and Sanders nine years and six months

6 November 1984

  • The Christchurch Gay Task Force is formed (Christchurch). Link: LAGANZ

6 November 1985

  • The second reading of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill continues in Parliament (New Zealand). Link:

6 November 1987

  • A Death in the Family by Peter Wells screens for a week at the Castro Theatre (San Francisco, United States of America). Link: Bay Area Reporter

6 November 2014

  • Hui Takataapui takes place (Waikato region). The hui is held at Te Papa-o-Rotu Marae, Whatawhata. Link:

7 November 1945

  • Garth Gilmour is arrested for breaking and entering (Dunedin). Gilmour is arrested dressed in female clothing. In a police statement Gilmour said it gave him a certain amount of satisfaction to dress in girl's clothes and he liked "flitting about from house to house.". Link: Papers Past

7 November 1985

8 November 1934

  • Effie Pollen dies (aged 55) (Christchurch). Pollen is buried at Karori Cemetery in Wellington. Link: Probate

8 November 1968

  • Parliament's Petitions Committee reports back on the Homosexual Law Reform petition (New Zealand). Link: Hansard
  • Television news report: Parliament's Petitions Committee reports back on the Homosexual Law Reform petition (New Zealand). The Petitions Committee has no recommendation to make on the petition when it is returned to the House. MPs, by way of a voice vote, accept the committee's report. NZBC news, ref TZP86826. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive. Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision (1), Nga Taonga Sound & Vision (2)

8 November 1984

  • Television: David Hartnell promoting his book David Hartnell's Guide to Beauty (Wellington). ref: TZP12718. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

8 November 2000

  • Morals campaigner Patricia Bartlett dies (Wellington region). Link: Wikipedia
  • The first reading of the Prostitution Reform Bill takes place (New Zealand). Link: Parliament

8 November 2018

  • The first Government and Partners Rainbow Conference is held (Auckland). Co-organiser Theresa Peters said that "the audience is mostly staff and government agencies. The Rainbow community will be presenting to us; it's about how we review our practices and policies to do better for Rainbow communities."

9 November 1795

  • (James) Miranda Steuart Barry is born (Ireland). Link: Wikipedia

9 November 1976

  • Television: Minister of Police Mick Connelly questioned about Moyle Affair (New Zealand). ref: TZP3790. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

9 November 1979

9 November 1982

9 November 1987

9 November 1991

  • Heather McPherson launches Other World Relations at Unity Books (Wellington)
  • The short fiction book Dangerous Desires by Peter Wells is launched (Auckland). The book would later win the Reed Fiction Award for 1991. Link: National Library

9 November 2018

  • The Board of Auckland Pride confirm their position that the New Zealand Police will not be marching in uniform in the 2019 Auckland Pride Parade (Auckland). The Board said that community feedback "indicated that whilst there is goodwill towards the NZ Police, as an institution they do not currently meet the degree of safety and awareness of intersectionality required by our rainbow communities.". Link: Auckland Pride

10 November 1983

10 November 1984

  • The Auckland Gay Task Force is reformed to campaign for homosexual law reform (Auckland). The main spokesperson for the group is Peter Wall. Links: LAGANZ (1), LAGANZ (2)

10 November 1997

  • Richard Leonard is found guilty of killing Stephen Dempsey with a crossbow in 1994 (Sydney, Australia). Leonard claimed it was an act of self-defence after Dempsey propositioned him. Leonard was also found guilty of murdering a taxi driver. He was sentenced to life in prison. Link: Forensic Investigators

10 November 2013

  • The first Gay wedding expo takes place in New Zealand (Auckland). The expo at the Ellerslie Event Centre showcases over 150 wedding professionals. Link: Gay Wedding show

11 November 1950

  • The first meeting of the Mattachine Society is held (Los Angeles, United States of America). The Mattachine Society is one of the earliest homophile organisations in the USA. Links: Wikipedia, LAGANZ

11 November 2021

12 November 1985

12 November 1986

  • A national conference on AIDS is held (New Zealand). Link: Gay BC

12 November 1995

  • Lesbian's on the Land takes place (Tasman region). The event is held over a weekend at Felicity's farm in Golden Bay with workshops on alternative housing and energy, and natural/holistic health. The group grew out of the second National Lesbian Studies Conference held in May 1995. Link: QNA

12 November 1997

  • The Rev. David Bromell, an openly gay man, is ordained in the Methodist Church (New Zealand)

12 November 2009

  • The Vintner's Luck has its New Zealand premiere. (New Zealand). Based on Elizabeth Knox's novel. Link: Wikipedia

12 November 2021

  • Stats NZ survey shows 1 in 20 adults identify as LGBT+ (New Zealand). The Household Economic Survey (HES) for the year ended June 2020 was the first HES to reflect inclusive questions on gender and sexual identity. Of the total adult population, 0.8 percent identified as transgender or another gender/non-binary and 3.7 percent reported being a sexual identity other than heterosexual (gay or lesbian, bisexual, or another sexual identity). Link: Stats NZ

13 November 1981

13 November 1986

  • The lesbian festival Celebrating Ourselves is held (Auckland)

14 November 1996

  • A complaint against the Sexual Healing? documentary is upheld by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (New Zealand). The documentary featured former homosexual Noel Mosen, and broadcast on TV One on 16 May 1996. Link: BSA

14 November 2005

  • Television news reports: a British man who is HIV+ has been told he no longer has the virus (New Zealand). Interviewees include Andrew Stimson, Patrick Dixon and Genevieve Clark. One news, ref F89597 and TV3 news, ref F89599

14 November 2018

  • Choreographer and dancer Douglas Wright dies (Auckland). Link:

15 November 2000

16 November 1928

  • A court decides the book The Well of Loneliness by Radclyffe Hall is obscene (United Kingdom). The judge orders the book to be destroyed. Link: Wikipedia

16 November 1954

  • AIDS activist and educator Bruce Burnett is born (Auckland). Link:

16 November 1984

  • Television news report: the government introduces greater screening measures for blood donors (New Zealand). 6.30 news Top Half, ref F57512. Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
  • Television news report: the government introduces greater screening measures for blood donors (New Zealand). Eyewitness news, ref F59007. Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland
  • Television: blood donors will be screened more carefully in order to prevent AIDS transmission (New Zealand). ref: TZP15865. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: Doctor Graeme Woodfield interviewed about AIDS and blood transfusions at the Auckland Blood Transfusion Centre (Auckland). ref: TZP115570. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: Nobel Peace Prize winner Patrick McLauchlan interviewed about his peace work and homosexuality (New Zealand). ref: TZP7892. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

16 November 2005

  • MP Maryan Street makes her maiden speech in Parliament (New Zealand). Street is New Zealand's first openly out lesbian elected to Parliament (Marilyn Waring was outed by the Truth newspaper in August 1976). Link: Hansard

17 November 1972

  • Television news report: the group Knowhow is committed to educating young people about sex (New Zealand). This Day, ref TZP88072. Link: TVNZ

17 November 1984

18 November 1984

18 November 1986

  • Television news report: the New Zealand AIDS Foundation says the AIDS death toll may now be more than 20 (New Zealand). Eyewitness news, ref F132286. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

18 November 1987

  • Television news report: a Wellington surgeon says he has the right to refuse to treat a patient suspected of having AIDS (Wellington). Draft guidelines have been earlier sent out 5,000 doctors around the country. Eyewitness news, ref F90570. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

19 November 1987

  • National MP Norman Jones dies (New Zealand). Jones had been a vehement opponent of homosexual law reform. He dies of a brain tumor

19 November 2011

  • Piri Norris and Justin Elder have the first civil union at Parliament

19 November 2021

  • The first community case of COVID-19 Delta variant was confirmed in the Capital (Wellington). The confirmation of the positive result in Wellington signalled the end to COVID-19 free life in the capital city. Auckland was the first place in New Zealand to have community transmission of the COVID-19 Delta variant (since August 2021). Link: NZ Herald

20 November 1975

  • Television current affairs: an interview with Vanessa (New Zealand). Vanessa talks about sexual reassignment surgeries and current employment hardships. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive.Speakeasy, ref TZP2286. Link: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

20 November 1985

  • The Committee of the Whole House (Parliament) considers the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand). Link:

20 November 1993

  • Devotion Dance Party is held (Wellington)
  • Devotion street parade is held (Wellington). The parade occurs in central Wellington (a picture from the time shows the parade by Lambton Quay and Molesworth Street)
  • Eve van Grafhorst dies from AIDS-related complications (Hastings). Link: Wikipedia

20 November 2017

  • Transgender Day of Remembrance is commemorated around New Zealand (New Zealand)

21 November 1957

  • Historian Gavin McLean is born (Otago region)

21 November 1992

  • The second Devotion dance party is held (Wellington). The party is held at Shed 26 on the waterfront and includes a merry-go-round. Link:

22 November 1945

  • Two women appear in court after being found to be married and living as husband and wife (Auckland). The court orders both women to submit themselves to psychiatric treatment. Link: Papers Past

22 November 1983

22 November 1984

  • Television: Close Up profile on Adrienne Clark, who identifies as a transsexual (New Zealand). ref: TZP9067. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

22 November 1993

  • The Look Out! Gaze In exhibition of gay men's art opens (Wellington). The exhibition was held in a Wellington City Council building in Civic Square next to the present Public Relations Office. The exhibition was part of the Devotion festival. Link: National Library

22 November 2010

  • Television news report: Pope Benedict XVI suggests condoms can be a means of preventing HIV transmission (worldwide). Interviewees include Austen Ivereigh and Jason Warriner. TV3 news, ref F203361. One News, ref F203085. Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

23 November 1983

23 November 1984

  • Television: The AIDS crisis has lead to an upsurge of blood donors in Christchurch (Christchurch). ref: TZP127987. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

23 November 1996

  • The third annual HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). The Walk leaves from Victoria Park. Broadcaster Anita McNaught announces the start of the walk. Link:

24 November 1983

  • Television: Australasian physician conference goers in Dunedin preparing for AIDS arrival (New Zealand). ref: TZP137997. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: Australian Professor thinks that AIDS will not spread as quickly in New Zealand as it has elsewhere (New Zealand). ref: TZP137991. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: Concert goers turn out for David Bowie at Athletic Park (Wellington). ref: TZP17410. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: David Bowie visits a Porirua marae (Wellington region). ref: TZP17517. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television: Preparing for David Bowie's concert in Wellington (Wellington region). ref: TZP15136. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

24 November 1993

  • David Halls (Hudson and Halls) is found dead in his apartment (London, United Kingdom). Halls commits suicide after his partner Peter Hudson died from cancer a year earlier. Halls wrote "Without Peter I don't want to go on - he was my life, and I have no regrets. I love him now as much as I always did and I want to be with him for all eternity."
  • The Homophony concert takes place (Wellington). The concert at St Andrew's was part of the Devotion festival, and was organised by Matthew Soeburg and Gareth Farr. It featured Soeburg on the piano. Link: National Library

24 November 2009

  • The second and third readings of the Crimes (Provocation Repeal) Amendment Bill takes place in Parliament (New Zealand). The removal of the provocation defence - also known as the gay panic defence (Section 169 of the Crimes Act 1961) was in part due to a public outcry when it was used in a heterosexual context by Clayton Weatherston. He claimed he was provoked into stabbing his ex-girlfriend 216 times. He was eventually convicted of her murder. Parliament completes the Second Reading, Committee of the Whole House and Third Reading of the Bill in one sitting day. Links: Parliament, NZ Herald,

25 November 1980

  • Television news report: Elton John concert at Athletic Park (Wellington). This is John's third visit to Wellington, ref: TZP4787. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

25 November 1984

25 November 1992

  • The Hero Charitable Trust Incorporated is established (Auckland). The Trust's vision was: A community which, through creative expression and celebration: learns to love, care and support itself. The Trust's kaupapa was: HERO seeks to serve a community characterised by love - the love of a man for a man - the love of a woman for a woman. That service finds expression through creativity and celebration. Through the activities of Hero the mana, health and pride of our community will be strengthened. Link:

25 November 1993

  • Eve van Grafhorst's funeral takes place at St Matthew's Church in Hastings (Hastings). Nearly 700 people attended. The Dominion Post reported "Her small white casket lay covered in flowers, candles and one simple smiling photograph of the child whose short life became a symbol to New Zealanders of the fight against AIDS.". Links:, MTG Hawke's Bay

25 November 1995

  • The second annual HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). Broadcasters Anita McNaught and Neil Waka start the Walk from Victoria Park at 11am. The route goes up College Hill, along Ponsonby, K' Rd and Queen St to Aotea Square. Link:

26 November 1983

  • Television: David Bowie concert in Auckland drew a crowd of between 70 and 80,000 (Auckland). ref: TZP128043. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

26 November 1984

26 November 1998

  • The Government's Human Rights Amendment Bill is defeated (New Zealand)

26 November 2003

  • Television news report: mothers may soon be offered HIV tests (New Zealand). Interviewees include Annette King and Gill Greer. TV3 news, ref F61111. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

26 November 2004

  • Television news report: a man who is HIV+ is charged with criminal nuisance after having protected sex (New Zealand). One news, ref F84513. Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, NZ Herald

26 November 2007

  • The trial of Ashley Arnopp and Andre Gilling begins over the death of Stanley Waipouri. (Palmerston North). Arnopp and Gilling are charged with murdering Waipouri in Palmerston North on 23 December 2006. Link: Gay NZ

26 November 2020

  • Wellington High School is placed into lockdown following a threat from a student (Wellington). A parent and student later told media that the would-be shooter planned to specifically target rainbow students - although police later insisted this wasn't the case. Links: Pink News, Stuff(1), Stuff(2)

27 November 1978

  • Harvey Milk is assassinated (San Francisco, United States of America). Link: Wikipedia

27 November 1980

  • Television news report: Elton John concert causes crowd injuries (Wellington). Pyrotechnics caused nearly 70 people to be treated for eye irritations, ref: TZP4777. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

27 November 1984

  • Television news report: Dunedin Blood Transfusion Service campaigns against AIDS (Dunedin). ref: TZP153021. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

27 November 1993

  • The third Devotion dance party is held (Wellington). The party is held at Shed 21 on the waterfront. (Note there was no Devotion party held in 1994). Link:
  • The Love Parade is held as part of the Devotion festival (Wellington). People gather for the parade in Civic Square. Link: National Library

27 November 1998

  • Auckland City Council, under new Mayor Christine Fletcher, grants $15,000 for Hero Parade cleanup (Auckland)

28 November 1983

28 November 1986

  • Television news report: follow-up on Eve Van Grafhorst who moved to New Zealand earlier in the year (New Zealand). Eyewitness news, ref F58249. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

28 November 1993

  • Artist Arthur Tauhore dies (Wellington). The Devotion dance party was happening in Wellington at the time Tauhore passed away. Link: NZ AIDS Memorial Quilt

28 November 1998

  • The fifth HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). The Walk starts at 11am, leaving from Victoria Park. Link:

29 November 1906

  • Diplomat Alister McIntosh is born (Marlborough region). Link: Te Ara

29 November 1984

  • Television: playcentre mothers in Wellington donate blood for those with low risk AIDS (Auckland). ref: TZP16634. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

29 November 1997

  • The fourth annual HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). Link:

29 November 2002

  • The Select Committee reports back on the Prostitution Reform Bill (New Zealand). Link: Parliament

29 November 2004

  • Gay Eaters for Jesus call on Civil Union supporters to eat an extra portion of food at their next meal (New Zealand). The call comes following the "limited fast" undertaken by United Future MP Paul Adams and Baptist pastor Steve Trim as protest to Civil Unions. "We want to promote a positive message with our action", said Xavier Goldie, facilitator of GEFJ. Goldie went on to say that GEFJ were not promoting a lifestyle of excess. "After all, many gay, lesbian and progressive people realise the beauty of restrained minimalism - whether in interior decorating or one's political outlook, and we certainly wouldn't want to contribute to an expanding waistband.". Link: Scoop
  • Television news reports: Civil Union Bill may pass within the next fortnight, and AIDS in Thailand (New Zealand). TV3 news, ref F84523. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

30 November 1900

  • Oscar Wilde dies (Paris, France). Link: Wikipedia

30 November 1978

  • Diplomat Alister McIntosh dies

30 November 1996

  • The first annual Pride Weekend takes place (Auckland). The Staircase Nightclub hosts a Pride Party. A Pride Parade takes place on 1 December at 2pm - from Three Lamps Ponsonby to Western Park. It's followed by a Pride Picnic. Link:

30 November 2009

  • Glenn Mills is found dead in a remand cell. (Auckland). Mills was accused of purposely infecting a number of sex partners with HIV. He was awaiting trial at the time of his death. He faced 28 charges relating to 14 people. Links: TV3, Gay NZ
  • Television news report: Glen Mills dies while in remand (Auckland). Interviewee Bruce Kilmister. One News, ref F194982. Link: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

30 November 2012

  • Former MP Katherine O'Regan apologies for not including transgender people in the anti-discrimination measures of the Human Rights Act 1993 (Wellington). Link: