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Timeline: Dunedin

17 June 1882

  • Plastic surgeon Harold Gillies is born (Dunedin). Gillies is widely considered the father of plastic and gender reassignment surgery. Link: Wikipedia

27 April 1909

17 June 1909

  • The marriage of Percival Redwood (a.k.a. Amy Bock) and Agnes Ottaway is annulled (Dunedin). Links: Papers Past, Te Ara

27 July 1909

  • Writer and poet Charles Brasch is born (Dunedin). Link: Te Ara

20 August 1909

  • Artist Rodney Kennedy is born (Dunedin). Link: Te Ara

5 November 1912

  • Media reported on the death of Thomas Parkes (Dunedin). Parkes had just given birth and was found unconsciousness in their room with the baby nearby. The newspaper headline read "In male attire, sad case at Dunedin.". Links: Papers Past (1), Papers Past (2)

7 November 1945

  • Garth Gilmour is arrested for breaking and entering (Dunedin). Gilmour is arrested dressed in female clothing. In a police statement Gilmour said it gave him a certain amount of satisfaction to dress in girl's clothes and he liked "flitting about from house to house.". Link: Papers Past


  • Television news report: an interview with Rewi Alley about China (Dunedin). Ref TZP454777. Link: TVNZ


  • Singer Shona Laing is interviewed about song-writing (Dunedin). The interview includes Laing singing Lady Dipton. The South Tonight, ref: TZP10295. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

29 June 1973

  • A Gay Liberation march and rally takes place at Dunedin Town Hall (Dunedin). The rally is part of Gay Pride Week activities. Link: National Library


  • Daybreak, New Zealand's first feminist bookshop opens (Dunedin)


  • Help End Repressive Attitudes (HERA) is formed (Dunedin). HERA is a support group for lesbians

5 April 1980

  • The 8th National Gay Rights Conference is held (Dunedin)

7 April 1980

19 May 1983

  • Television: Dunedin blood bank, concerned about AIDS, asks male homosexuals not to donate blood (Dunedin). ref: TZP136258. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

August 1983

  • The Gay and Lesbian Information Centre is formed (Dunedin). It is later absorbed by the Otago Gay and Lesbian Welfare Council in 1984

3 August 1984

  • AIDS Awareness Roadshow begins (Dunedin). Bruce Burnett from the newly formed AIDS Support Network begins a one person roadshow to educate at risk communities about HIV/AIDS. The roadshow lasts a month and covers Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Palmerston North(?), Rotorua and Auckland

27 November 1984

  • Television news report: Dunedin Blood Transfusion Service campaigns against AIDS (Dunedin). ref: TZP153021. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision


  • The Dunedin Gay Task Force is formed (Dunedin)

16 April 1985

  • Television: Norman Jones speaks to Otago University students about his opposition to homosexual law reform (Dunedin). ref: TZP123172. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

16 July 1985

  • Television news report: Former MP Marilyn Waring presents a seminar Women, Politics and Power (Dunedin). ref: TZP125107. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

1 December 1993

  • World AIDS Day is commemorated (Dunedin). The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is displayed in St Paul's Cathedral in Dunedin to mark World AIDS Day. The quilt remains on display for a week. Link: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

21 June 1995

  • The Dunedin Pride festival is held (Dunedin). The festival runs from 21 June - 15 July 1995. Link:

23 June 1996

  • The Dunedin Pride festival takes place (Dunedin). The festival runs from 23 June-6 July. The festival begins with a dog show and soccer match and ends with a Masquerade Ball. Link:

8 April 2018

  • The Dunedin Pride 2018 Hui Taurima Kahukura, Otepoti takes place (Dunedin). The festival is organised by *Q-Squared Trust, a new charitable organisation with a vision to "create an inclusive and affirming environment for LGBTQIA communities in Dunedin and surrounding areas."