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Timeline: Auckland

12 September 1861

  • Painter Dorothy Richmond is born (Auckland). Link: Te Ara

22 April 1907

  • Bertha Victor appears in court charged with drunkenness, vagrancy, and using obscene language (Auckland). Link: Papers Past

17 December 1913

6 February 1915

  • Albert Edward McGurk is sentenced to 7-years imprisonment for committing an unnatural offence (sodomy) (Auckland). John Leslie Lander (24) testified against him. McGurk (34) would later testify against Lander - seeing him also convicted of an unnatural offence and sentenced to life imprisonment. McGurk was released from prison on 24 June 1920. He would later marry. Link: Papers Past

17 May 1915

  • Music teacher John Leslie Lander pleads guilty to committing an unnatural offence (Auckland). Lander was sentenced to life imprisonment, plus 10-years hard labour on a charge of indecent assault. He was imprisoned in New Plymouth Prison. Lander had earlier been the primary witness in the trial of bootmaker and vocalist Alexander Edward McGurk (34). He hadn't himself been charged until the NZ Truth began reporting on the incident. McGurk would later "peach" (inform) on Lander. Gordon James Cunninghame (18) would also testify. Lander was described by the NZ Truth as a dainty-looking "chappie" and the willing victim of the offence. Justice Chapman observed that "the prisoner was not a safe man to be at large in a free community." Lander would later die in jail. Links: Papers Past (1), Papers Past (2), Papers Past (3)

16 August 1919

  • A youth is arrested in female attire (Auckland). The Evening Post reports that Norman (last name not published) had been arrested in well-made female attire. The probation officer told the court that the youth who went by the name Ada Reeve "exercised a disturbing influence over other inmates in the probation home". Link: Papers Past

25 September 1921

  • Prime Minister Robert Muldoon is born (Auckland). As Prime Minister, Muldoon accuses MP Colin Moyle of having been picked up for homosexual practices. Moyle resigned from Parliament in 1977. Link: Te Ara

2 October 1925

  • Kenneth James Dell is arrested on Queen Street and charged with behaving in a disorderly manner (Auckland). Dell is seen walking on Queen Street wearing woman's shoes, a hat, veil and neck scarf. Link: Papers Past

3 October 1925

  • Kenneth James Dell is hospitalised on the morning of his court appearance (Auckland). Link: Papers Past

10 October 1925

  • NZ Truth reports on the court case involving Kenneth James Dell (Auckland). Dell had been arrested in women's clothing on Queen Street. Dell was hospitalised on the morning of the court appearance. Link: Papers Past

9 May 1929

  • The NZ Truth reports on a "man with female mentality" (Auckland). The news report documents the court case against Nikora Hune Haora. The prosecuting sub-inspector said to the court that Haora is actually wanting "an order to allow him to continue wearing female apparel". Link: Papers Past

5 July 1931

9 June 1933

  • Te Ahurangi Matene (a.k.a. Rosanna Laihae) appears in court charged with falsely representing himself to be a woman (Auckland). Matene's lawyer submits that Matene had every intention of paying money owing, and so therefore a fraud charge could not stand. The case is dismissed. Link: Papers Past

11 April 1935

  • Entrepreneur Tony Katavich is born (Auckland). Katavich would later create the OUT! business empire with Brett Sheppard. Link: GayNZ

15 April 1935

  • Eric Mareo murders his wife Themla Mareo (Auckland). Themla was also in a relationship with dancer Freda Stark. Links: Papers Past, Te Ara

26 February 1936

  • Eric Mareo is found guilty of murdering Themla Mareo (Auckland). Mareo is sentenced to death. His sentence is later commuted to life imprisonment on 5 August 1936. Links: Papers Past, Te Ara

26 September 1936

  • Phillip Stewart is arrested in an Auckland hotel "dressed as a girl" (Auckland). Link: Papers Past

29 June 1944

  • Journalist and media personality David Hartnell is born (Auckland). Hartnell is best know for his Hollywood gossip column, as well as being one of the first presenters of Express Report, the first weekly LGBTI rainbow television series in New Zealand. Links: Wikipedia,

24 September 1945

  • Police interview two women about their recent marriage to each other (Auckland). The Evening Post headline reads "Strange Masquerade, Woman as Man.". Link: Papers Past

22 November 1945

  • Two women appear in court after being found to be married and living as husband and wife (Auckland). The court orders both women to submit themselves to psychiatric treatment. Link: Papers Past

29 August 1946


4 May 1952

  • Politician Chris Carter is born (Auckland). Carter would later become the first openly gay Member of Parliament in New Zealand. Links: Wikipedia, Parliament

10 March 1953

16 November 1954

  • AIDS activist and educator Bruce Burnett is born (Auckland). Link:


  • Choreographer and dancer Douglas Wright is born (Auckland). Link: Wikipedia

9 January 1966

  • Carmen Rupe is arrested with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place (Auckland). The offensive manner was because Carmen was wearing female clothing: a black frock, black silk stockings and high-heeled shoes. "His face was made up with cosmetics and his hair was dressed in a feminine style.". Links: WorldCat, Google Books

24 January 1966

  • Carmen Rupe appears in court charged with behaving in an offensive manner (Auckland). The charge relates to Rupe dressing in female clothing in public. Rupe challenges the charge. Links: WorldCat, Google Books

26 January 1966

  • Justice McCarthy dismisses the case against Carmen Rupe (Auckland). Justice McCarthy's decision notes that he is "quite unable to find anything in our law which says that it is unlawful for a male to attire himself in female clothing.". Links: WorldCat, Google Books


  • Aquarius Inc. is formed (Auckland). The social group is established in the late 1960s (exact date unknown)

4 December 1970

  • Television news report: unsuitable books found in children's section of department store (Auckland). This Day, ref TZP86812. Link: TVNZ


  • The KG (Kamp Girls) Club is formed (Auckland). The KG is a social club for lesbians held in private homes

14 February 1971

  • Television news report: interview with Mayor of Mount Roskill Keith Hay (Auckland). Hay would later become a staunch opponent of homosexual law reform. This Day, ref TZP107523. Links: TVNZ, Wikipedia

25 May 1971

  • Television news report: a bust of Frank Sargeson is unveiled in Takapuna (Auckland). Ref TZP144400. Link: TVNZ


  • The University Gay Liberation Auckland group is formed (Auckland). The group diverged from Gay Liberation Auckland

May 1972

  • The group Gay Liberation Front Auckland is formed (Auckland). The group is later renamed Gay Liberation Auckland Inc

5 June 1972

  • A Gay Liberation Protest takes place in Auckland (Auckland). Link: Facebook

July 1972

  • The Broadsheet publication begins (Auckland). It was New Zealand's first feminist magazine

29 August 1972

  • Television news: (silent) footage of the first National Gay Liberation Conference (Auckland). Gallery, ref TZP87787. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive. Link: TVNZ
  • The first National Gay Liberation Conference is held (Auckland). The conferences are held every year until 1989 (except 1983). Link: TVNZ

5 July 1973

  • Television news report: review of Gay Liberation week (Auckland). On Camera, ref TZP126533. This item has been digitised and an online viewing copy can be requested from the archive. Link: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

March 1974

  • The first National Lesbian Conference is held (Auckland)


  • Auckland Gay Welfare Group is formed (Auckland). The group later becomes the Auckland Gay/Lesbian Welfare Group (circa 1984)
  • The Gay Publishing Collective is formed (Auckland). The Collective publishes New Zealand Gay News. It later becomes OUT! Magazine in 1976. Links:, LAGANZ


  • OUT! Magazine begins publication (Auckland). OUT! was mostly edited by Brett Sheppard and was published by Tony Katavich. Links:, LAGANZ

11 June 1976


  • Gay Liberation Auckland Inc. ends (Auckland)
  • Television: the resignation of Colin Moyle and the Mangere by-election (Auckland). ref: TZP27816. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

February 1977

  • The Auckland Gay Social Club is formed (Auckland). The club later becomes the Laetus Social Club in March 1978

22 March 1977

  • Television news report: By-election in Mangere after the resignation of Colin Moyle (Auckland). Ref TZP27818. Links: TVNZ, Wikipedia


  • Auckland Gay Rights Activists is formed (Auckland)

March 1978

  • The Laetus Social Club is formed (Auckland). The Club grew out of the Auckland Gay Social Club

25 April 1979

  • Television news report: a film crew flies to China to make two documentaries on Rewi Alley (Auckland). Ref TZP27535. Link: TVNZ


  • Gays In Education is formed (Auckland). It is later renamed to Gays and Lesbians are Everywhere in Education (GLEE)
  • The group Auckland Gay Rights Activists ends (Auckland)
  • Bitches, Witches and Dykes newsletter begins (Auckland)

February 1980

  • The Auckland Gay Task Force is formed (Auckland). The group is formed as a result of the Westside Sauna raid. Link: LAGANZ

1 February 1980

  • Police raid Westside Sauna (Auckland). Eight men are arrested and charged. Link:

8 February 1980

  • 600 people march to protest the raids on the Westside Sauna and OUT! Magazine (Auckland). Link:

22 February 1980

  • Another protest march takes place against the police raids on the Westside Sauna and OUT! Magazine (Auckland)

August 1980

  • The Labour Party nominates Ian Scott as its candidate for Eden (Auckland). Out magazine reports in its August issue that "this is the first time an openly avowed homosexual has been selected by a major political party as its candidate for a a national election, anywhere in the Western world" (Robin Duff stood for the Values Party in 1975 and 1978 as an openly gay candidate)


  • The Young Gays Group is formed (Auckland). The group is formed circa 1981 and works closely with the University Gays Group
  • The Young Lesbian and Gay group is formed (Auckland)
  • University Gay Liberation Auckland ends (Auckland)

February 1981

  • Lesbians picket the Human Rights Commission office (Auckland)

April 1981

  • National Lesbian Mothers' weekend is held (Auckland)

14 August 1981

8 July 1982

  • Television: profile of the Topp Twins as they busk on Queen Street, and at their Auckland home (Auckland). ref: TZP358684. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

17 September 1982

20 June 1983

  • Television: Meetings between a massage parlour owner and his accountant bugged by tax inspectors (Auckland). ref: TZP107574. An official Inland Revenue Department inquiry into why Aucklander and massage parlour owner Ronald Kingnsnorth's meetings had been bugged by tax inspectors. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

17 October 1983

23 November 1983

26 November 1983

  • Television: David Bowie concert in Auckland drew a crowd of between 70 and 80,000 (Auckland). ref: TZP128043. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

28 November 1983

16 March 1984

  • Television: Queen Street in Auckland is closed off for Mardi Gras as part of Fiesta '84 (Auckland). ref: TZP105792. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

30 August 1984

  • Television: The Auckland Blood Transfusion Service say that all precaution is taken to prevent patients from contracting AIDS, but that they can make no guarantees (Auckland). ref: TZP130997. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

10 November 1984

  • The Auckland Gay Task Force is reformed to campaign for homosexual law reform (Auckland). The main spokesperson for the group is Peter Wall. Links: LAGANZ (1), LAGANZ (2)

16 November 1984

  • Television: Doctor Graeme Woodfield interviewed about AIDS and blood transfusions at the Auckland Blood Transfusion Centre (Auckland). ref: TZP115570. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

26 November 1984

29 November 1984

  • Television: playcentre mothers in Wellington donate blood for those with low risk AIDS (Auckland). ref: TZP16634. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision


  • Private video: Miriam Saphira talks about her submission on the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (Auckland). Ref F55555. Link: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • Private video: women talk about homosexual law reform (Auckland). Ref F55514. Link: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision
  • The Greater Auckland Business Association (GABA) is formed (Auckland). The Association later renames to the Gay Auckland Business Association
  • The group Campaign for Tolerance is formed (Auckland). The largely heterosexual group is set up to support the homosexual law reform campaign

12 February 1985

2 April 1985

  • Television news report: Auckland Blood Transfusion Centre evaluating new testing kits (Auckland). ref: TZP134241. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • The media reports the Auckland Blood Transfusion Service is sampling AIDS testing kits (Auckland)

12 April 1985

14 April 1985

19 April 1985

  • Television: supporters of homosexual law reform holding a meeting in Auckland Town Hall (Auckland). ref: TZP134473. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

24 April 1985

  • Television news report: Virologist Paul Goldwater interviewed on his return from an AIDS conference (Auckland). ref: TZP134526. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

24 May 1985

  • A rally in support of homosexual law reform is held in the Auckland Town Hall (Auckland). The event is emceed by a Topp Twin and features music, dance and speeches
  • Private video: a recording of a public rally in support of homosexual law reform (Auckland). The rally took place in the Auckland Town Hall and was emceed by one of the Topp Twins, ref F55516. Link: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

1 June 1985

  • AIDS activist and educator Bruce Burnett dies (Auckland). Links: PrideNZ, LAGANZ

10 June 1985

  • A public meeting is held to discuss homosexual law reform (Auckland). Labour MP Fran Wilde goes head-to-head with opponents of the Bill
  • Television news report: 800 people fill an Auckland hall to listen to debate about Homosexual Law Reform (Auckland). ref: TZP139255. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

11 July 1986

  • The Burnett Clinic is opened by Health Minister Dr Michael Bassett (Auckland). The Burnett Clinic is named after Bruce Burnett and is the first HIV/AIDS clinic in New Zealand

13 November 1986

  • The lesbian festival Celebrating Ourselves is held (Auckland)

4 August 1988

  • Photographer Brian Brake dies (Auckland). Link: Wikipedia


  • The Auckland Gay Men's Health Group is formed (Auckland)

24 March 1989

  • The National Gay and Lesbian Conference is held (Auckland). The theme of the conference is building bridges

23 April 1990

  • Singer Lew Pryme dies (Auckland). Pryme dies from AIDS-related complications. Link: NZ On Screen

18 August 1990

  • A lesbian ball is held (Auckland)

4 October 1991

  • HIV Alive '91 is held (Auckland). The two week event includes specialist workshops, seminars, celebrations and fundraisers. It also includes the first public unveiling of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

5 October 1991

  • The first unveiling of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is held (Auckland). The first unveiling is held as part of the HIV Alive '99 event. 88 Australian and New Zealand quilt panels are displayed at the Auckland City Art Gallery. In the three months leading up to the event the number of New Zealand quilt panels had grown from 8 to 32. Soon after the gallery showing, the quilt panels were displayed at the Aotea Centre. Link: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

February 1992

  • HERO 2 festival is held (Auckland). The festival includes the first HERO parade. Link: Wikipedia
  • Moving-image footage: Mika - Lava Lover (Auckland). Hundreds of dancers choreographed by Mika at the HERO party. Ref F62152. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

June 1992

  • The underground newsletter Bog Spy publication begins (Auckland). The newsletter is about sexual activity in Auckland's public toilets

5 August 1992

  • Former Prime Minister Robert Muldoon dies (Auckland). In 1976 Muldoon revealed in Parliament that prominent Labour MP Colin Moyle had been questioned by the police in regard to possible homosexual soliciting. Moyle subsequently resigned from Parliament in 1977. Link: Te Ara

25 November 1992

  • The Hero Charitable Trust Incorporated is established (Auckland). The Trust's vision was: A community which, through creative expression and celebration: learns to love, care and support itself. The Trust's kaupapa was: HERO seeks to serve a community characterised by love - the love of a man for a man - the love of a woman for a woman. That service finds expression through creativity and celebration. Through the activities of Hero the mana, health and pride of our community will be strengthened. Link:

1 December 1992

  • World AIDS Day is commemorated (Auckland). Since World AIDS Day 1991, 43 people had died in New Zealand from AIDS-related complications. Father Michael Bancroft leads the first ever AIDS requiem mass in New Zealand. Link: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt


  • Aphrodisia by choreographer Michael Parmenter premieres at the HERO Festival (Auckland)

1 February 1993

  • The HERO 3 festival is held (Auckland). The festival's theme is: a celebration of diversity

17 April 1993

  • The first national conference of the New Zealand [AIDS] Quilt Project takes place (Auckland). The conference is attended by committee members, volunteers and regional coordinators. Link: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

1 September 1993

  • Nicki Eddy becomes the first full-time paid worker for the New Zealand [AIDS Memorial] Quilt Project (Auckland). Eddy is the National Convenor for the quilt. Link: NZQP newsletter

4 September 1993

  • Darren Horn dies (Auckland). Horn was an early convener of the New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt. In 1992 he wrote "All the quilts speak of love, compassion and memories. Each is composed of recollection, sadness, acceptance and letting go. The quilts help us to learn and accept. They are a guide to the future of coming generations.". Links: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt, Te Papa

10 October 1993

30 October 1993

February 1994

  • The New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt is displayed at the Aotea Centre (Auckland). The Quilt is displayed for one-and-a-half weeks, followed by two days laid out on Aotea Square. Link: New Zealand AIDS Memorial Quilt

31 October 1994

November 1994

  • The first HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). Link:

24 June 1995

  • The first Man to Man Gay and Lesbian Writing Festival is held (Auckland). The festival is New Zealand's first gay and lesbian writing festival. It is held at the Auckland College of Education and features Paula Boock, Witi Ihimaera, Renee, Noel Virtue and Peter Wells. Link:

26 August 1995

  • The twelfth annual Auckland Lesbian Ball takes place (Auckland). The ball is held for the third time at the Hyatt Convention Centre. Proceeds from the event go to the support group LESO - Lesbian Education and Support Organisation. Link:

3 September 1995

  • Pianist Michael Houston performs a benefit concert for the New Zealand AIDS Foundation (Auckland). The performance takes place at the School of Music, University of Auckland. Link:

11 September 1995

  • The Auckland University Pride Week takes place (Auckland). The week is organised by a combined group from Unigays, Women loving Women, Dykes on Campus and Uni Goblet. It runs from 11 - 16 September. Link:

25 November 1995

  • The second annual HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). Broadcasters Anita McNaught and Neil Waka start the Walk from Victoria Park at 11am. The route goes up College Hill, along Ponsonby, K' Rd and Queen St to Aotea Square. Link:

1 December 1995

  • World AIDS Day is commemorated (Auckland). This year's theme is: shared rights, shared responsibility. In Auckland, the Quilt and Baton of Hope march is held. The Quilt is carried up Queen Street with 400 placards representing people who have died from AIDS related conditions in New Zealand. Events also take place in Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin and Nelson. Links:, New Zealand AIDS Quilt

3 December 1995

  • The Coming Out Day parade takes place (Auckland). The parade begins at 2pm from Three Lamps Plaza, goes along Ponsonby Road and ends at Western Park. The 1994 parade attracted approximately 3,000 people. Links:, Wikipedia
  • The AIDS Media Awards take place (Auckland). The New Zealand AIDS Foundation event is hosted by Ginette McDonald and Anita McNaught. It also features Michael Parmenter performing a dance from his work A Long Undressing. The event is held at the Sheraton Auckland Hotel and Towers. Link:


  • Patrick Clotworthy stabs Wayne Cowan six times while shouting anti gay comments (Auckland). Clotworthy later pleads guilty in 1997 and was initally sentenced to a 2 year suspended sentence but this was appealed by the Crown. In June 1998 his sentence was increased to 3 years imprisonment. Link: Sensible Sentencing Trust

8 February 1996

  • Pride Stories our Mothers never told Us takes place (Auckland). The event is organised by the Pride Centre as part of the HERO Festival. It takes place at Footsteps Nightclub and features Mary O'Hagan, Clare Bear Reader, Robert Leak, Karin Kahurangi and Frankie Hill, poet and activist Uma Kali-Shakti, and comedian Philip Patston. Link:

19 April 1996

  • The Pride Centre opens at its new premises (Auckland). The Centre is located at 33 Wyndham Street,between Albert and Hobson St, inside the Peoples Centre. Links: (1), (2)

23 November 1996

  • The third annual HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). The Walk leaves from Victoria Park. Broadcaster Anita McNaught announces the start of the walk. Link:

30 November 1996

  • The first annual Pride Weekend takes place (Auckland). The Staircase Nightclub hosts a Pride Party. A Pride Parade takes place on 1 December at 2pm - from Three Lamps Ponsonby to Western Park. It's followed by a Pride Picnic. Link:

2 January 1997

  • Morals campaigner Keith Hay dies (Auckland). Hay took a lead role in campaigning against homosexual law reform in 1985/86. Link: Te Ara

February 1997

  • Television coverage: 1997 HERO parade (Auckland). Edited coverage of the 1997 HERO parade (22 February), featuring Anita McNaught, the Topp Twins, Petra Bagust, Jon Bridges and Nathan Rarere. TV3, ref F29050. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

7 February 1997

12 February 1997

  • Best Mates: Gay Writing in Aotearoa New Zealand edited by Peter Wells and Rex Pilgrim is launched (Auckland). The book is launched in the Wintergardens at the Auckland Domain

22 February 1997

  • The HERO parade takes place (Auckland). The parade runs from Crummer Road, into Ponsonby Road and then down to Three Lamps. It's broadcast on TV3. Link: New Zealand AIDS Quilt

May 1997

  • Patrick Clotworthy pleads guilty to assaulting Wayne Cowan in a side street off Karangahape Road (Auckland). Clotworthy stabbed Cowan six times in 1996 while shouting anti gay comments. He was initally sentenced to a 2 year suspended sentence but this was appealed by the Crown. In June 1998 his sentence was increased to 3 years imprisonment. Link: Sensible Sentencing Trust

September 1997

  • Auckland City Council refuses to fund the Hero Parade (Auckland). The organisers had asked for $32,000 to crowd barriers and cleanup

29 November 1997

  • The fourth annual HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). Link:

5 February 1998

  • The HERO festival takes place (Auckland). The festival runs from 5 - 21 February. Link:

21 February 1998

  • The HERO parade takes place (Auckland). The parade begins at 8.45pm and runs along Ponsonby Road. It includes 60-plus floats. Links:,

22 February 1998

  • The HERO parade is broadcast on TV3 (Auckland). The parade happened the day earlier in Auckland and is broadcast nationally on Sunday at 9.30pm, ref F35117. Links: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision,

July 1998

  • Camp Mother (a.k.a. Lynda Topp) announces that she will run for Mayor of Auckland (Auckland). Topp decides to run against Les Mills who was against the HERO festival. She withdraws two weeks before the election

27 November 1998

  • Auckland City Council, under new Mayor Christine Fletcher, grants $15,000 for Hero Parade cleanup (Auckland)

28 November 1998

  • The fifth HIV Walk for Life takes place (Auckland). The Walk starts at 11am, leaving from Victoria Park. Link:

February 1999

  • Documentary: Follow The Yellow Brick Road (Auckland). The Auckland HERO parade. Includes interview material and footage of the parade. Produced by Triangle Television. Follow The Yellow Brick Road, ref F48156. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision
  • Television feature: coverage of the HERO parade (Auckland). Coverage of the HERO parade, with Mika, Hori Ahipene, Georgina Beyer and Louisa Wall. TV3, ref F40007. Link: Nga Taonga Sound and Vision

17 February 2001

  • The final HERO Parade is held (Auckland). The parade is held along Ponsonby Road. This would be the last HERO Parade. A smaller march happened in March 2002, but it wasn't until 2013 that another large scale pride parade occurred. Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, Wikipedia

23 March 2002

  • The HERO Pride March takes place (Auckland). The smaller march follows the demise of the HERO Parade in 2001. Links: NZ Herald,

9 August 2002

  • Auckland police senior sergeant Mark Richards resigns after a newspaper "sting". (Auckland). Richards resigns despite being cleared of any criminal wrongdoing after he discussed drug use with a newspaper reporter. The Sunday Star Times headline read "Senior policeman at the centre of sex and drugs investigation resigns before facing internal charges". Link: Queer News Aotearoa

21 August 2002

  • The Hero Incorporated Society is wound up. (Auckland, United States of America). The Society was responsible for Auckland's Hero parties and parade. Link: Queer News Aotearoa

20 September 2002

  • Countrymen's Institute sauna closes. (Auckland). The sauna was established in 1988 by Glen Morris and Lawson Bracewell. Link: Gay NZ

20 July 2003

  • David McNee, an interior designer and former television host is killed (Auckland). The provocation defence was later successfully used by Phillip Layton Edwards who was found guilty of manslaughter. Edwards was sentenced to nine years imprisonment. He was due for release in April 2012

5 March 2005

  • The Green Party supports the Don't Hate, Celebrate event (Auckland). The event is held in the Auckland University Quad in response to Destiny Church's planned Defend the Legacy march. Green Social Services Spokesperson Sue Bradford said "We have proudly supported the Civil Union Bill, the Prostitution Reform Bill, and the Gender Identity Bill. We likewise support the message of this event: that all New Zealanders - no matter their sexuality, gender, race, religious belief, relationship or family status - should be treated with respect.". Link: Scoop

1 December 2005

  • The first ILGA Pacific conference is held (Auckland). Link: ILGA

2 May 2007

  • Broadcaster Henare te Ua dies (Auckland). Link: NZ Herald

7 May 2007

  • The Charlotte Museum Trust is registered as a trust (Auckland). Link: Charlotte Museum

15 April 2008

  • Singer-songwriter Mahinarangi Tocker dies (Auckland). Tocker dies following a severe asthma attack. Link: Wikipedia

19 June 2008

  • Dr Matt Wildbore dies (Auckland). Wildbore supported many HIV positive men during the 1980s and 1990s. Links:,

10 September 2008

  • Composer Chris Gendall wins the 2008 APRA SOUNZ Contemporary award (Auckland). Chris receives the award during the APRA Silver Scroll Awards event held in Auckland. Link: RNZ
  • The Topp Twins are inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame (Auckland). The Topp Twins receive the honour during the APRA Silver Scroll award event in Auckland

10 July 2009

  • Ferdinand Ambach is convicted of the manslaughter of Ronald Brown (Auckland). Ambach is initially charged with murder, but the charge is downgraded after Ambach's lawyer successfully argued the provocation (gay panic) defence. Ambach is sentenced to twelve years imprisonment with a minimum non-parole period of eight years. Links: Stuff, Nga Taonga

27 July 2009

  • Author Chris Brickell wins the Best First Book Award for Non-fiction at the Montana Book Awards (Auckland). Brickell wins for Mates and Lovers, a History of Gay New Zealand. Link: Tararua District Library

30 November 2009

  • Glenn Mills is found dead in a remand cell. (Auckland). Mills was accused of purposely infecting a number of sex partners with HIV. He was awaiting trial at the time of his death. He faced 28 charges relating to 14 people. Links: TV3, Gay NZ
  • Television news report: Glen Mills dies while in remand (Auckland). Interviewee Bruce Kilmister. One News, ref F194982. Link: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision

13 February 2011

25 June 2011

  • Sitaleki Koloamatangi attacks Trevor Kaukau leaving him severely brain damaged. (Auckland). Koloamatangi is later sentenced to 12 months imprisonment. Links: GayNZ, NZ Hearld

12 February 2012

  • Andreas Derleth wins Mr Gay New Zealand 2012 (Auckland). Link: GayNZ

11 August 2013

  • Police search for Phillip Edwards after a child is abducted. (Auckland). In 2003 Edwards was found guilty of the manslaughter of interior decorator David McNee. Link: Gay NZ

31 August 2013

  • An event to honour Peter Taylor is held at St Matthew-in-the-City. (Auckland). Taylor, who has been unwell for a number of years, tells media that he will stop medical treatments after the event. Link: Gay NZ

3 September 2013

  • Phillip Edwards is arrested after a child was abducted in August and later found abandoned. (Auckland). In 2003 Edwards was found guilty of the manslaughter of interior decorator David McNee. Link: Gay NZ

16 September 2013

  • Peter Taylor, a well known Auckland personality dies. (Auckland). Taylor died shortly after stopping treatments for long-term HIV and leishmaniasis infections. Links: (1), (2)

27 September 2013

  • A national conference on HIV is held. (Auckland). The conference heard about the growing evidence of links between HIV infection and sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhoea and the HPV virus. Link: Gay NZ

28 September 2013

30 September 2013

  • A public meeting is held to discuss safety on Karangahape Road. (Auckland). The meeting follows an increase in violence towards rainbow people in the Karangahape Road area. Link: K Road Community Safety

17 October 2013

  • Geno Sisneros' complaint against the Anglican Church is dismissed by the Human Rights Tribunal. (Auckland). Sisneros complained that the Bishop of Auckland had prevented him from becoming a priest because of his sexuality. Link: Gay NZ

10 November 2013

  • The first Gay wedding expo takes place in New Zealand (Auckland). The expo at the Ellerslie Event Centre showcases over 150 wedding professionals. Link: Gay Wedding show

27 December 2013

  • Entrepreneur Tony Katavich dies (Auckland). Katavich created the Out! business empire with Brett Sheppard. Link:

7 February 2014

  • Auckland Pride is held. (Auckland). Link: Gay NZ

15 May 2017

  • Vicki Letele dies (Auckland). Letele, who was serving a prison term for fraud, was denied parole in October 2016, but was released on compassionate grounds in November 2016 to spend her final months with loved ones. Link: GayNZ

21 May 2017

  • International AIDS Candlelight Memorial service is held at St Matthew-in-the-City (Auckland). This is one of only two memorial services held in New Zealand

16 June 2017

  • Mika X is confirmed as The Opportunities Party (TOP) candidate for the Auckland Central Electorate (Auckland). TOP was founded by philanthropist Gareth Morgan in November 2016. Link: Scoop

23 July 2017

  • Auckland Pastor Logan Robertson calls for gay people to be shot (Auckland). During a sermon at the Westcity Bible Bapist Church, Past Robertson states he isn't against homosexuals getting married "as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss...that's what should happen". Excerpts of the video sermon are then uploaded to Youtube. Links: NZ Herald, PrideNZ

18 August 2017

  • Police say Pastor Logan Robertson committed no criminal offence with his hate speech (Auckland). In a sermon on 23 July, Robertson from the WestCity Bible Baptist Church in Avondale said "I'm not against [homosexuals] getting married as long as a bullet goes through their head the moment they kiss...that's what should happen". Police issued a statement to Newshub stating "no criminal offence has been committed". Link: Newshub

12 October 2017

  • The immigration and protection tribunal grants residency to a trans woman on exceptional humanitarian grounds (Auckland). The tribunal decides she is safer to remain in New Zealand rather than having to return to the United Kingdom where she has suffered years of persecution. Link: Guardian

2 February 2018

  • The Auckland Pride Festival takes place (Auckland). The festival runs until the 18 February. Link: Auckland Pride Festival

17 February 2018

  • The Prime Minister marches for the first time in the Auckland Pride Parade (Auckland). Featuring more than 50 entries the parade will "march for peace, love and unity at a time of escalating global unrest, when human rights are increasingly under attack all over the world." The parade begins at 7.30pm at the north end of Ponsonby Road, near the Tole Street intersection, before progressing south along Ponsonby Road, and ending just past Western Park. Although former Prime Minister's Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley had attended previous parades, Jacinda Ardern was the first to march in one. Link: Auckland Pride Festival

8 September 2018

  • Activist Chelsea Manning holds a speaking engagement at Q Theatre (Auckland). Manning is interviewed by Georgina Beyer. Manning toured both Australia and New Zealand. Links:, Think Inc

8 November 2018

  • The first Government and Partners Rainbow Conference is held (Auckland). Co-organiser Theresa Peters said that "the audience is mostly staff and government agencies. The Rainbow community will be presenting to us; it's about how we review our practices and policies to do better for Rainbow communities."

9 November 2018

  • The Board of Auckland Pride confirm their position that the New Zealand Police will not be marching in uniform in the 2019 Auckland Pride Parade (Auckland). The Board said that community feedback "indicated that whilst there is goodwill towards the NZ Police, as an institution they do not currently meet the degree of safety and awareness of intersectionality required by our rainbow communities.". Link: Auckland Pride

14 November 2018

  • Choreographer and dancer Douglas Wright dies (Auckland). Link:

19 December 2018

  • The Auckland Pride Board announces that it is working towards a grassroots-led Pride Parade (Auckland). The Board said that "with a more community-based funding model, we have the challenge and opportunity to be creative on what the actual proceeding will look like.". Link: Auckland Pride

1 February 2019

  • Auckland Pride Festival takes place (Auckland). The festival runs from 1-17 February. Link: Auckland Pride

9 February 2019

  • The first #ourmarch attracts an estimated 3,000 people (Auckland). The #ourmarch grassroots event replaced the Auckland Pride Parade which had been held annually since 2013. The march followed the "graduation route", from Albert Park, up Queen Street to Myers Park. Link: Gay Express

10 February 2019

  • The 20th Big Gay Out takes place at Coyle Park (Auckland). MP Tamati Coffey announced at the event that he and his partner Tim Smith are expecting their first baby in July. Links: (1), (2)

18 February 2019

26 July 2020

  • The web series Rūrangi has its world premiere (Auckland). The premiere takes place at the ASB Waterfront Theatre. Link: Rūrangi

3 February 2021

  • Auckland Pride takes place (Auckland). The festival runs from 3-28 February. Link: Auckland Pride