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Timeline: 1900s

30 November 1900

  • Oscar Wilde dies (Paris, France). Link: Wikipedia

February 1901

  • Painter Frances Hodgkins leaves New Zealand for Europe (New Zealand). Hodgkins and close friend Dorothy Richmond would later travel through Europe together. Links: Te Ara, Papers Past

18 June 1902

23 December 1902

  • Civil libertarian Walter Scott is born (Canterbury region). Link: Te Ara

9 February 1903

  • Writer James Courage is born (Christchurch). Link: Te Ara

23 March 1903

  • Writer Norris Frank Davey (a.k.a Frank Sargeson) is born (Hamilton). Links: Te Ara,

17 June 1906

  • Writer Eric McCormick is born (Rangitikei region). McCormick wrote, among other works, biographies on Alexander Turnbull and Frances Hodgkins. Link: Te Ara

29 November 1906

  • Diplomat Alister McIntosh is born (Marlborough region). Link: Te Ara

20 December 1906

  • Bertha Victor (a.k.a Bert Rotciv) is arrested (Sydney, Australia). The NZ Truth headline reads "Boy Bertha, a Perplexing Puzzle.". Links: Papers Past, Te Ara


  • Katherine Mansfield has a relationship with Maata Mahupuku (Wellington). Mansfield also begins a relationship with Edie Bendall. Link: Te Ara

23 March 1907

  • The NZ Truth reports that Oscar Wilde's play Salome is prohibited in New York (New York, United States of America). Link: Papers Past

22 April 1907

  • Bertha Victor appears in court charged with drunkenness, vagrancy, and using obscene language (Auckland). Link: Papers Past

29 June 1907

  • The Girlhood of a Man by N. O. Body is reviewed in the New Zealand Herald (Berlin, Germany). The autobiography of "Nobody" was published in Berlin. It documents the life of Nora/Norbet who was born in 1884. Link: Papers Past

July 1908

  • Katherine Mansfield leaves for England (Wellington). Mansfield leaves shortly after her father reads Leves Amores. Links:, Te Ara

4 August 1908

  • The Crimes Act 1908 is enacted (New Zealand). Section 153-154 (p.598) states that everyone is liable to life imprisonment with hard labour if convicted of buggery, and upto ten-years imprisonment with hard labour for a male convicted of indecently assaulting another male. Link: Early New Zealand Statutes

28 August 1908

  • Dennis William Quill appears in court charged with being idle and disorderly (Wellington). Quill was arrested wearing female attire near Pirie Street. He assured the judge that he bought the clothing out of "sheer devilment" and was wearing them for a similar fantasy. The charge was dismissed. Link: Evening Post

16 April 1909

27 April 1909

17 June 1909

  • The marriage of Percival Redwood (a.k.a. Amy Bock) and Agnes Ottaway is annulled (Dunedin). Links: Papers Past, Te Ara

27 July 1909

  • Writer and poet Charles Brasch is born (Dunedin). Link: Te Ara

20 August 1909

  • Artist Rodney Kennedy is born (Dunedin). Link: Te Ara