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On This Day: 5th November

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Thu 5 Nov 2020

  • 28% of LGBT Americans Voted for Donald Trump According to New...
    Links: Express

Tue 5 Nov 2019

  • “Bigger and Brighter” Wellington Pride Parade Returning in 2020
    Links: Express

Sun 5 Nov 2017

  • Body Double: Julia Croft and Karin McCracken
    Long before the hashtag #MeToo began and the dark underbelly of abuse of women in Hollywood came to light, two New Zealand women were exploring, for a theatre piece, women's sexuality in both negative and positive lights...
    Links: RNZ
  • Book review: The Sparsholt Affair by Alan Hollinghurst
    Alan Hollinghurst was born in 1954, so he is now in his mid-60s...
    Links: Stuff
  • Men’s Luxury Fashion Renaissance
    Links: Express

Sat 5 Nov 2016

  • “Pink-shirt-wearing homo” assault case closed
    The Blenheim man who was attacked by two men calling him a “pink-shirt-wearing homo” has decided not to make a formal statement to Police and the case has been closed...

Thu 5 Nov 2015

  • Details For 2016 International AIDS Conference Unveiled
    Links: Express
  • France Follows Netherlands in Removing Gay Blood Ban
    Links: Express
  • GABA November Mixer
    Links: Express
  • GABA Seeks to Change Name to ‘Rainbow Auckland’
    Links: Express
  • Houston Voters Reject Gay Rights Ordinance
    Links: Express
  • World Congress for Cunning Plans?
    As the Family First webpage tells us, Bob McCoskrie is off in Salt Lake City receiving the latest hit of US Christian Right antigay propaganda, tactics and strategy...

Wed 5 Nov 2014

  • A Guide to Dunedin Pride 11– 15 November 2014.
    Links: Express
  • New Zealand Olympic Rower Robbie Manson Comes Out as Gay
    Links: Express
  • Steve Jobs Memorial Axed in Russia Over ‘Gay Fears’
    Links: Express
  • Warning issued over 'miracle cure' bleach
    James Humble will front a seminar in NZ this weekend A warning has been issued about a chemical product a group which is about to visit New Zealand claims can cure HIV and AIDS, among other things...

Tue 5 Nov 2013

  • Pride Parade to be a walk through "Time"
    Richard Taki The theme for the 2014 Auckland Pride Parade will be “Time”, with its Director calling on participants to make it a representation of our past, present and future...

Mon 5 Nov 2012

  • Sacked teacher to speak at national marriage forum
    Nigel Studdart Sacked Northland teacher Nigel Studdart will be among the keynote speakers at a national conference to discuss the struggle for marriage equality, and the issues beyond...

Sat 5 Nov 2011

  • The Real L Word to dive into New York scene
    Whitney will be back for season three of The Real L Word The Real L Word has been renewed for a third season, in which it will cross the US to be set in New York...

Fri 5 Nov 2010

  • Phillip Sanders and David Galloway are found guilty of the manslaughter of Diksy Jones
    Galloway was [finally] sentenced to nine years imprisonment, and Sanders nine years and six months
  • The HIV Services Review - summarised
    At 60 densely packed pages of details, observations, recommendations and enough health-related acronyms to give the United Nations a run for its money, the long-awaited HIV Services Review has just gone public...

Thu 5 Nov 2009

  • US state of Maine rejects gay marriage law
    A referendum to repeal a newly-passed marriage equality law has succeeded in the small north-eastern US state of Maine...

Wed 5 Nov 2008

  • US election critical for LGBT Americans
    Today is the day America decides on its President – and a number of states also have important LGBT-related measures on their ballots...

Mon 5 Nov 2007

  • Victoria Uni law lecturer Dean Knight
    Dean Knight The New Zealand Centre for Public Law's Associate Director, University lecturer and law blogger Dean Knight says he maintains a keen interest in LGBT legal issues...

Sun 5 Nov 2006

  • Urge slave auction raises big money
    The Cartier Bereavement Charitable Trust will receive over $3,000 thanks to an amazing night of generosity by customers of Auckland's Urge Bar...

Sat 5 Nov 2005

  • Civil union numbers attacked again
    The discredited Maxim Institute has attacked the “low” number of civil unions performed in the last six months, despite the fact that around 4% of civil unions and marriages performed since April have been for same-sex couples...

Fri 5 Nov 2004

  • Attack of the Scary Parents
    The New Zealand Christian Right suffered a major setback when Judith Collins and Murray Smith failed to sabotage the progress of the Care of Children Bill last Thursday...

Wed 5 Nov 2003

  • Maori bishop suggests Euro-blame for homosexuality
    Eminent Anglican church leader Bishop Te Whakahuihui Vercoe has caused outrage with claims he made on national television that would lead people to believe that homophobia among Maori was justified because there was no cultural evidence to suggest that homosexuality existed in pre-European society...

Tue 5 Nov 2002

  • Chrissy Witoko dies (Wellington, New Zealand)
    Witoko owned (among other businesses) the Evergreen Coffee Lounge in Wellington.
    Links: Friends of Chrissy, Te Papa
  • First Kiwi medals won at Gay games
    New Zealand has won its first medals at the Sydney Gay games, with successes in in powerlifting and triathlon...

Sun 5 Nov 1995

  • Martin Dickson is licensed as a Presbyterian minister (New Zealand)
    Dickson is the first openly gay man to be licensed in New Zealand by the Presbyterian church. In 1999 the Sunday Star Times reported that despite being licensed as a minister, no congregation wanted him. "One thing I've learnt is people often have quite good intentions, but the last thing they want in their Church is conflict."
    Links: Sunday Star Times

Tue 5 Nov 1985

  • Parliament: Petition report back debate - Homosexual Law Reform Bill (5 November 1985) (Parliament buildings)
    Audio from parts of the debate on the report back of the petition against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, 5 November 1985.
    Features: Ann Hercus, Fran Wilde, Geoff Braybrooke, Graeme Lee, John Banks, Merv Wellington, Michael Cullen, Norman Jones, Philip Woollaston, Trevor Mallard, Winston Peters
  • Parliament debates the petition against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill (New Zealand)
  • Television news report: a review of homosexual law reform after the Select Comittee hearings (New Zealand)
    Eyewitness news, ref F88700.
    Links: Nga Taonga Sound & Vision, University of Auckland

Mon 5 Nov 1984

Tue 5 Nov 1912

  • Media reported on the death of Thomas Parkes (Dunedin, New Zealand)
    Parkes had just given birth and was found unconsciousness in their room with the baby nearby. The newspaper headline read "In male attire, sad case at Dunedin."
    Links: Papers Past (1), Papers Past (2)

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